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" please stop doing qotw, thanks "
yeah i would not shed a tear if they made up a new segment of some kind instead of qotw. I dunno like "funny box art", or "fan art", or "video game songs", or "old game review", or something. just something different. whatever I am not getting paid to think here! but this was like the first qotw i ever saw that i thought was even good, i hope they end it on this high note!
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Wow, gotta admit, that was pretty good. Nintendo should just take this and air it.
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Not many people have the time to do something that complex, given 3 days to do it.  Doing it right would require space to jump around, and a lot of other people to do it with.  It's a good premise for a question of the week, but not reasonable for people like me who are on the last leg of the school year.

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I blame the fact that Spring Break is coming up, meaning that teachers want to cram tests in. Either that, or people being lazy. Still, "the one" was pretty good.
I would like for us to give the guys a question and see what they do with it. I can't remember if they have done that before, but it still might be interesting. Then again, at that point, what would the point of the question be anymore? Isn't it suppose to help get the community more involved with the site, while possibly providing a bit of entertainment?

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Nice video.

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" this video is awesome.  what's even more awesome is introducing  Los Campesinos to me! "
My work here is done. 
Buy their albums. See them live. They're amazing. 
I'm both amazed and super happy at how much Los C! love there is in this comments section. That alone makes me glad I made the video.
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Man if I had the ability to do thease I would. I still love mondays.

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Man now I need to buy a Wii to get this awesome game.

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For some reason I feel like I should buy something in the Wii Shop...hmm.

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" @jmrwacko said:

" "watch I love Mondays... if you care anymore"  It's the beginning of the end for QOTW :-( "

YAY!! now we can move on to something actually good "
Yeah, 'cause the "make the community do the work" segment is soooo time-consuming for them. Imagine all the extra time they'd have to do other features if they discontinued the feature that requires the least effort.
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Yea thanks, that dude.

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That was pretty funny - "If this only had a bigger screen so I could see"

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I also agreed that this question was damn fine. Nonetheless, an excellent submission indeed.

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Oh man...it was one submission, but it was fucking good. I actually laughed (out loud)

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I can't believe there was only 1 submission! I expected a lot of stupid videos in response to this question of the week lol. Thanks to "that dude" for providing some laughs.    

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1 good > a lot of bad ones
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" 1 good > a lot of bad ones "
Too bad there wasn't one...
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I know I'm ridiculously late, but Los Campesinos! :D

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Bahaha, I loved Ryan's reaction at the end :P 
"Watch I love Mondays... if ya care anymore... pfftt"