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Posted by DirtyEagles

nice video, i dont really care about the wii

Posted by flasaltine

Ryan needs to shave and get a hair cut.

Posted by Kraznor

Aw, sorry Ryan. Despite my lack of talent and editing abilities, I will submit something this week. I promise.

Posted by Toxin066

Yo one dude, amazing submition.
Also, Ryan's hair looks exactly like Tim Schafer's.

Posted by deadly_polo

best question, one answer, damn

Posted by Bunnyman

I salute the one. Keep QOTW alive!

Posted by andrewf87462

Wow, only one vid, that sucks. I like QOTW, shame there was only one video for this one though, thought there would be a few crazy ones sent in.

Posted by Oriental_Jams

This makes me realise how awkward it would be if no one replied.

Posted by Jedted

They should just fade out the QOTW all together since it was pointless segment from the beginning.  Atleast stop calling it "QOTW" since they've become more like community video assignments. 
Posted by Anlino

I'd take one awesome video over three mediocre any day of the week. Nice work, guy!

Posted by nail1080

well at least the lemon gimp didnt show up
this waas the best qotw yet, hopefully next weeks will be even better with no submissions!

Posted by faustyn

los campesinos on giantbomb. my mind is dead.

Posted by asdfghasdf

Los Campesinos! Awesome!
A rather amusing video too. :)

Posted by Demonstride

Seeing as I didn't submit a video I don't know if I have any room to talk for other people, but I will. For shame GB Community, for shame. :(

Posted by Regal

Good concept, but QOTW has always been my least favorite "segment" of Giant bomb. Turns out there is a reason why the community is the consumer of content and not the creators of it - because we, the community, suck at it.  
No one would cry for QOTW if it were to... disappear. 

Posted by dancinginfernal

*hums the Shop theme*

Posted by Getz

Quality over quantity is exemplified here. This was one of the better answers to the question of the week. Also, most of the time they aren't even questions, so maybe "User movie of the week" or something would be more apt.

Posted by jmrwacko

"watch I love Mondays... if you care anymore"
It's the beginning of the end for QOTW :-(

Edited by trophyhunter
@jmrwacko said:

" "watch I love Mondays... if you care anymore"  It's the beginning of the end for QOTW :-( "

YAY!! now we can move on to something actually good
Posted by xXtyskenXx

Oh my, Los Campesinos I see...

Posted by YetiAntics


I care Ryan I CARE

Posted by Majkiboy

Awesome clip. Man, I almost feel bad for not having a camera :( This one would have been awesome fun to do!

Posted by Brunchies

The Wii clock looks like a new revolution in gaming!

Posted by Crono

@Super Man 64:  Fun not included INDEED.

Posted by Lambert
I wouldn't mind if "I love Mondays" was discontinued, especially if there was another weekly segment that was better.
Posted by RE_Player1

I like question of the week but if its taking up valuable time I say drop it for more quicklooks or a new endurance run.

Edited by DiGiTaL_SiN

DAMN, just one? I feel bad, it really was a good QOTW idea.

Posted by Metroid545

sweet only one guy submitted one but it was the best yet by far

Posted by bonbolapti

Dude... How is this?....
I mean.. what?
are these QOTW going to need better explanation for people?

Posted by Zajtalan

wtf is this shit

Posted by JJOR64

That fucking funny.  One guy?  I thought the concept was great as well.  I wanted to see some guy jumping around playing Wii Sports Resort.

Posted by themangalist

this video is awesome.
what's even more awesome is introducing  Los Campesinos to me!

Posted by Olimar_91

What's the song that starts at :54? It sounds really familiar...

Edited by themangalist
Posted by Brackynews

Unanimous Win By Default!  Great Success!
And it made me smile. But I'm waiting for New Super Wii Clock with motion plus support.

Posted by Mordi

Im glad that was the only one, because it wasnt bad. The other would have been bad if there were any.

Posted by Tally_Pants

this was def the best QOTW video i'v seen yet! 
and i all of a sudden have this overwhelming urge to buy from the WiiShop Channel.
Posted by teh_destroyer

They should air that shit on tv.

Posted by Scratch

See now that was a good one. Even if it was just one, atleast it was better than other QOTWs.

Posted by Themanohall

I thought that was a really good question, too, but at least the one video was awesome!

Edited by gexecuter

Can anyone link to the QOTW that didn't get any entries? i am very curious to see that :D

Posted by Bov11

i hope they don't stop doing these because of the lack of entries...

Posted by MormonWarrior

Dang it, if I could have gotten ahold of a Wii remote or two I would have done one.
Oh, and I always thought that blonde girl (shown on the video thumbnail) in the early Wii stuff is way way hot. Just sayin'.

Posted by BagSquad

please stop doing qotw, thanks

Posted by Klaimore

I care about mondays just not enough to make videos

Edited by WaywardGamer

What was fantastic, and absurdly accurate about this is that not only was Los Campesinos! used, but they play what seems to be perfect advertisement music for Nintendo products. Well done on the video and on liking cheery Welsh rockers guy.

Posted by Capum15

Oh wow. It seems like all the ones with promise are almost never acted on.
Good one though.

Posted by munnyman5
@maxiwelli said:
" Holy crap, that felt awesome.   It was such a good question too, I thought we were gonna get showed up for sure! "
That video was a mindfuck. But a GOOD mindfuck! REMEMBER TO BUY LOTS OF NINTENDO DOO-HICKEYS!
And trust me, had it not been exam season, I'd have had the time to write up something and act it in front of a camera, and that would've been awesome since I'm not nearly as pretty as the Wii commercial actors! I could not, unfortunately, give y'ass a run for your money because I simply haven't got the time. Maybe later?
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