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"So essentially, i am talking to you via a mirror"


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Ha, I love that last one, because it's so true.

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Yea getting out of bed is the hardest achievement there is.

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Saved the best till last, very good.

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I have to say, most of these were actually pretty clever. I especially liked the J Allard and Persona videos.

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that was alright...

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Kill a man
-5 points

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cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttt thhheeee muuuulllllleettttttttt

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Haha! Toilet seat slam!

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fun times

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That last one was completely badass.

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The rediscover the sun one was pretty awesome, made me chuckle.

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"50G  - Edited Question of the Week video" Hmm hope that quote wasn't aimed at my video for changing the music. It was a good song!   -500G!!

Here's the real untouched rare exclusive special edition video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOFifEgsdMg

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Oh hey mine made it. Hopefully you pplz liked the pianos.

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The last one is so true. I almost fainted when I saw the sun for the first time in months during summer, after staying in my house playing games all day.

Very hilarious.

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Cool vids once again !

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Very funny, lol. TheBee's was great, as always. I loved the dramatic music haha.

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Rediscover the sun. lol.

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Lol really funny, my favorite was The_Bees haha

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Velvet room music was great and last video was painfully close.

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@MoeB: nicely played dude, i enjoyed even if none of these suckers did :P
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Playing the Velvet Room music and Rediscover of the Sun are the best..Probably the 1st spot goes to the Velvet Room simply because ED ROCKS!

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The kid from 2:40 to 3:54 looks like a younger rich Gallup lol

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Beautifully played MoeB, I love the velvet Room music

And also, the last one was so hilarious XD

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Man, these were awesome.  "rediscover the sun" and the velvet room music kicked ass definitely.  I also found the "talk to a friend through" a mirror strangely hilarious, mostly because they had to explain so much of it, lol.

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I liked rewcastles "get out of bed" bit best.
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Edit: "Do something about your long filthy hair"


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I like the achievement the guy gave himself for getting his wife pregnant.  I got that achievement, as well.  I also got that rare secret achievement where I got all my other wives pregnant.

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nobody actually put 'get an achievement' as an achievement.

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Jacki's, Rediscover the Sun, Velvet Room, and the Get out of Bed one's were the best.

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Great job, none where so  cringe worthy!

love that jump in the last one :D
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Loved The_Bee's entry.

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Velvet room music. Awesome. 

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TehBonerer said:
cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttt thhheeee muuuulllllleettttttttt
YES! Someone else knows my eclectic taste in music! Mr. Willis, you will sorely be missed.
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Rediscover The Sun is AUTOWIN!!!

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Achievement Unlocked: Realization that most users aren't funny. 10 points.

Achievement Unlocked: Never watching QOE videos again. 15 points.

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Only liked the Zune one.

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I really enjoyed that one. Was it just me, or is there a missing QOTW? About our reactions to 3D realms closing?

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Wow, that was epic. Congrats to everyone on their achievements!

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Great entries this week. Rediscover the sun was amazing. It's so relevant.

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Achievement Unlocked: QOE > QOW or QOTW...douche. - 0 G
Achievement Unlocked: Alienating himself - 0 G

Great entries as always...I laughed more than once! Especially liked Velvet room, and the toilet slam was righteous. 
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very nice @  "rediscover the sun"

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Best QOTW yet. Most of them were actually fairly entertaining. Love the Champions League music in the last video.

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Props to the dude who played Aria of the Soul.