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This was very ... interesting...

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The first guy was hilarious, he gets in.

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The first dude was pretty awesome

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???????? :O

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YAY, TWO count them TWO submissions! Go giant bomb!

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Oh she died...  lol

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That second video was epic.

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What is the Juggernaut if not the ultimate COG soldier?

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Is the picture in the background that dude in Seinfeld wearing a Gears of War suit?

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Real good though lemon

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Second one was epic.

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LOL i loved those last 2 guys that was f'ing hilarious

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I don't have enough faces or palms for these submissions..........

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The first one sucked but the second one was pretty funny...

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That was pretty damn entertaining. Being able to run like a bitch is pretty important, as far as I'm concerned.... because when shit gets thick, I will leave your ass.  I need someone who can keep up.

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first one was hilarious, good one lemon

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Those first two guys were great, and two submissions, awesome!

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If the QOTW thing doesn't get too many entries, I suggest that the question be posted on the main page as well. You know, like on the side somewhere...this week's question or something.

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Good sexy Jeff at the end there.

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man people are crazy on this site.

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Me being a Latino heartily lol'd at lemon's submission.  2nd one was epic.

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2 videos and they were both great. Lemons videos are always weird but they always make me laugh too and The_Bee is always submitting awesome stuff.

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Stella, nice

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first one lasted about an hour. 

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Both of those were pretty good.  Thanks for entertaining me for 4 minutes, guys.

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Lemon and Dirty Dan need to give up. They aren't funny, and they suck at making videos.

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The_Bee always makes the best videos. "Let's get that shit!"

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The first video was o_O
Second video was funny....  

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First one was hilarious.

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stereotypes...just priceless :p

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Lemon's was pretty good for once =D

Although The_bee wins.

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...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead are winners.

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@Toms115 said:
"...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead are winners."

Yes!! this is the best community EVAR!
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that last one was awesome!

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lol @ Jeff

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the_bee makes some good shit dude

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Jeff looks overly excited for two videos haha

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The notebook the bee uses in his video is the same hp model I use to repair for a living now.

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@CowMuffins said:
" Lemon and Dirty Dan need to give up. They aren't funny, and they suck at making videos. "
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Dom hows your girl?!

Oh she died...
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@TheMustacheHero said:
" @CowMuffins said:
" Lemon and Dirty Dan need to give up. They aren't funny, and they suck at making videos. "
cue eff tee
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both were pretty cool

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The Bee and D were awesome, lemon and dirty dan... sorry not so much... no not really.. not at all...

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Scary Jeff manz

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New week inc.

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Those were good!

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first guy was pretty awesome.

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hire the first guy

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That was awesome!