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Posted by jakob187

Lemon and Dirty Dan actually made a TOPICAL video this week!!!  OMG!!!  And it was pretty good!!!

Also, The_Bee continues his consistently awesome streak of awesomeness.

One day...oh one day, when I get a video camera...
Posted by wolf_blitzer85

I can make tacos too...first one is the funnier one in my opinion...david beckham taking the latin heat...lol

Posted by sloppyjoe

yea the first guy was good.

Posted by MeatSim

Tacos are a necessity on the battlefield.

Posted by Azteck

Jeff was the best one out of those, HE'S SO STOKED!

Posted by Parsnip

chest high walls

Posted by GamerGeek360

Great stuff guys!

Posted by dbz1995
@CowMuffins said:
" Lemon and Dirty Dan need to give up. They aren't funny, and they suck at making videos. "
Could I see you make one? I thought the same thing, until I realised how goddamn hard it is on the spot. Try it, seriously.
Posted by Jack_Daniels

Stella Artois... nice.

Posted by Invasionone

The use of ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead in the second one was awesome.

Posted by Oni

Only 2 videos huh? Well they were both alright.

Posted by CowMuffins
@dbz1995 said:
" @CowMuffins said:
" Lemon and Dirty Dan need to give up. They aren't funny, and they suck at making videos. "
Could I see you make one? I thought the same thing, until I realised how goddamn hard it is on the spot. Try it, seriously. "
Sure, I'll make on next week if I like the question.
Posted by KnifeySpoony

Wow, limited amount of entries, but at least they were both quality products.

Bee, you have not missed the bar in any of the QOTW I have seen your videos in, keep up the good work mate.

Posted by El_Rickhead

Jeff was brilliant in this QOTW and my fav vid was deffo the 1st one, made me chuckle a couple of times

Posted by BenderUnit22

Where yo curley mustache at, Dom?

Posted by Gamer_152

Only two videos but they were both good.

Posted by Mouth

Lemon was funny, but I gotta hand it to The_Bee and D to make a choice between the Map pack and MvC 2. Great job Lemon/Dirty Dan/The_Bee/D.

Posted by Jimbo_N

Lemon & Dirty Dan was actually really funny. These things usually arent.
Man I could use someone who can make Tacos like THIS on the battlefield =D

Posted by vgmkyle


Posted by imayellowfellow

LOL lemon and dirty dan was hella funny

Posted by pirate_republic

These videos are getting too long! They should be lots of quick vids.

Posted by Matfei90

I was hoping to see some guy wearing a grey bandana doing a bunch of Marcus impressions.

Jeff was the best part of this.

Posted by YoConraaa

Is that George Constanza in the background?

Posted by DavidSnakes

Sorry, but these are consistently not funny

Posted by Teaspoon83

I laughed my hispanic ass off. Lemon, you are right. Can't go wrong with tacos brother on the battlefield.  The others were pretty good as well.  To all the people screaming "Not funny" and "Jesus, only two submissions," I have to argue that they tried or we wouldn't have a QoTW.

Posted by FunExplosions

yeah first guy was actually pretty funny. surprising.

Edited by Mattalorian

Surprisingly, I thought the second entry was partially amusing.

Posted by GeekyDad

The first one was friggin' hilarious! Loved that shit.

Posted by Termite
@MistaSparkle said:
" Is the picture in the background that dude in Seinfeld wearing a Gears of War suit? "
I thought the same thing. It looks an awful lot like Jason Alexander.
Posted by Reverseface

Bottles of Stella CLASSY REAL CLASS.....also jeff was embarrassed so he pretended he pre recored it so he couldn't be held on counts of quality.

Posted by Floppypants

I really liked the second video.

Posted by Renegade

I liked the first two videos, but the rest were horrible!

Posted by sneakysnake128

Second one gets my vote

Posted by Bombermckee

First guy was the best who doesn't want a taco making soccer player in the next gears!!!!


Posted by Cirdain

Anything happening today or what

Posted by jamescheong

I approve of keeking the sheet out of theengs.

Posted by Death_Unicorn


Posted by Tommygun141

The first guy is fucking hilarious.

"I can almost do the MC hammer"

"I can kick the shit out of things"

Posted by addictedtopinescent

The_Bee wins here, let's get that shit ! 

Great stuff
Posted by Gibbs_Acolyte

Really Enthusiastic

Posted by Media_Master

both were great but the second vid wins

Posted by thedj93

Liking the kill bill music at the end of that first one.

Posted by scottp

Lemon and dirty dan stop making long ass videos...

Posted by Colin
@Discorsi said:
"I don't have enough faces or palms for these submissions.........."

Best line ever.
Posted by Charon

'I can run like a bitch'

I died laughing
Posted by RVonE

I really liked the first submission. The second one I liked mainly for the music at the end.

Posted by dirtydan


Posted by artofwar420

Lol , Jeff.

Posted by Green_Incarnate

Yo, I watched The_Bee and D's part liked 5 times. Hilarious.

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