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Posted by TyphoonSwell

They all sucked.....

Posted by Zlatko
@Renegade: There was more than 2 videos submitted this week? The video only played 2 for me. The two friends who always submit and the buzzed head dude who always makes me laugh. Oh well if the others sucked at least I saw the only two that mattered lol.
I feel so ripped off having gotten Dark Corners without knowing the SP portion would take me about 8 minutes with my buddy. That's the only reason I got it was for the SP portion, because I figured you can't screw up DLC for SP considering that the MP for Gears 2 is still broken as ever. Well Cliffy B proves to me once again how retarded he is at anything game related and how dumb I am to not get MvsC instead.
Posted by RedRoach

i have never liked dirty dan and lemon's submissions

Posted by Johnny5

Both were great.  Hells yeah keep em coming.

Posted by JeffGoldblum
@Jason_Bourne said:
" i have never liked dirty dan and lemon's submissions "
Then send in your own.
Posted by RHCPfan24

I loved The_Bee's video...as always. And boy did Jeff have some enthusiasm at the end!!!!