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Posted by Killroycantkill

Well we all know that knowing if half the battle, but... i don't think these videos help me about learning the other half of the battle LOL.

Posted by Sweep

haha The_Bee cracked me up so much

Posted by Ineedaname

Dana, Will and Anna that was incredible.
Also The_bee every week you make an awesome video.
I didn't think much of that last one though.

Posted by NoXious

I just realized the dude in yellow is violating the child o.O

Posted by Codeacious

Remember kids, huffing paint is always the better alternative to crack.

Posted by Dany

Boy Howdy....really brad?

Posted by Daryl


Posted by PeasForFees
@Daryl said:
" yawn "
@Dany said:
" Boy Howdy....really brad? "
Posted by Scooper

The_Bee's video was great. I liked the Doom music in the last one.

Posted by Themanohall

Hahaha, KommanderCevins was awesome.

Edited by Andborn

Not a ton this week. The_Bee's was great. Also liked the Doom music in the last one.
Ok me and the Scooper agree. Almost word for word. Odd.

Posted by strangeling
Posted by KnifeySpoony

Woop Bee, well done again.
Also good to see others try out a QOTW this time.

Posted by nrain

The first one was so lame. Rapping is not funny :/
Posted by JJOR64

I think I learned something today.  Never drink or I might end up watch P.S. I Love You.

Posted by Baggykins

And once again Tentacle Rape Monster saves the world

Posted by Metiphis

Sweeet mine made it in!  I did the Chopsticks one.

Posted by some1

As always, The_Bee never fails to entertain.

Posted by CashBailey

That last one was some funny shit!!
Hat's off to you, guys and gals.

Posted by tekmojo

The_Bee wins again.

Posted by MeatSim

Every bodies a winner this week!

Posted by buzz_killington

The_Bee was fucking awesoome.
Posted by ReFracture

I have three explorer windows open, all of which are doom related, with a high quality flac copy of the doom sound track on my winamp playlist, and another firefox tab open browsing doom world, and now I find doom at my giant bomb.

Posted by MrMiyagi

The_Bee is the greatest.

Posted by Cirdain

The_Bee = Awesome

Posted by ashbash

I almost had GB withdrawal symtoms from not getting any GB videos yesterday!

Posted by Arjuna

If you 'really' want something to laugh at, go check out the new G.I. Joe movie!  ahhahaha!  What a joke!

Posted by SinGulaR

Hey.. the last one wasn't a public service announcement. If you notebook ever makes you any trouble send it to me the_bee and I'll screw it open and repair it :D
Posted by Mezmero

American Cartoons - Bad guys struggling to beat the good guys and always losing.. 
Japanese Cartoons - Good guys struggling to beat the bad guys and eventually winning. 
Thats where I draw the line, so give Cobra a chance.

Edited by Evilsbane

The_Bee = Pure Win that was awesome totaly unexpected! 
Was that ... Doom music I heard on that last video ?
Posted by ZmillA

surprised they let all that footage play at the end

Posted by Kinggi

i laughed my ass off at The_Bee one. Everyone's was pretty good though.

Posted by FunExplosions

i hope ur all joking
Posted by dietmango

Lol The_Bee was funny.
Posted by Dr_Feelgood38


Posted by mustachioeugene

Is that first kid's video filmed inside his panic room?

Posted by GamerGeek360

Once again The_Bee made a great one and all the other ones were pretty good.

Edited by HT101

That last person is a frakking lib and deserves to be punched in the face.  If global warming is here, why has Kansas seen it's coolest summer in at least 10 years?  Answer me that you lib communist.

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

Now I Know!!
Posted by armaan8014

haha .. awesome

Posted by FlipperDesert

To both overdubs: That was magical.
"Who are you to juuuudge me?!" "What?" "Chopsticks!"

Posted by W0lfbl1tzers
@HT101:  Because the heat is melting the ice caps and evaporating water all over the world. The evaporating water the make rain clouds and brings in cooler weather, or thats how it was explained to me by my chemistry teacher three years ago. It may be cool in Kansas but it is Hot as fuck in California. It ninety five where I live, and thats about as cool as its gotten in the past three months. Its been up near 112 most of the time. 
Posted by joelalfaro

Loved Danna, Will, and Anna's...

Posted by RoyaleWifCheese

I always look forward to The_Bee's awesome QOTW videos. This one was awesome.

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@HT101: Where I live the gulf stream keeps this place warm despite it being colder just about every place else.  We live on the coast which lets us take full advantage of the gulf stream, while people just a bit inland get a lot harsher winters.  
Lately it's been getting cooler, even here.  I figure it's too early to tell, but that may be the gulf stream switching due to the ambient sea temperature changing.

Last I checked, a lot of conservatives are on board with the science behind climate change; I can't tell if you're being sarcastic.
Posted by GeekyDad

I always knew Cobra was a closet tree hugger.

Posted by Metiphis

I'm Dana, and thanks for the positive comments guys.

Posted by supalink

HAHA @ the dana one, in tune w/ the gi joe parodies all over youtube

Posted by Will_3rd

the bizarrest thing I ever did see

Posted by CynageN

They were all hilarious this time, well done guys.

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