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Edited by picklecannon

EDIT: poor piggy indeed

Posted by Twentydollar

you are

Posted by one_2nd
@picklecannon said:
" first? "
Edited by Teaspoon83

Yay for being the first in the video.  

Posted by MistaSparkle

I'm not...

Posted by tineyoghurt

Poor piggie :(

Posted by Contra

More minecraft players needed

Posted by natedagr811

Oh thanks, Ryan. All I need to boost my ego after Piggy died is you telling me I have issues. :c

Posted by SomethingClever

Oh God Piggy!

Posted by jim_dandy

More minecraft! :D

Posted by Godot

Thank god Piggy died; he was all "I got the conch ain't I Ralph? I gots the conch!" All. The. Time. Couldn't stand it.
Oh wait, wrong Piggy.

Posted by Heliosicle

I havent kept myself from playing civ 5 is the answer, 25 HOURS IN 2 DAYS :O 

Posted by Moloney

Posted by Ravenousrattler

so no bondage, no fake gore like chopping off your hands, hey does screened have qotw week? There has to be some aspiring filmmakers over there right.

Posted by Don_Cohones

Why piggy why?

Posted by Azteck

Last one was actually kind of amusing.

Posted by metalsnakezero

Teaspoon83 - Person playing Minecraft #1, and nice choice of french Bread.
stevemanu - RIP dude.
Unknown person - Thats a good reason.
natedagr811 - Person playing Minecraft #2 and poor piggy ;_;

Posted by Vinchenzo

I usually shit talk the QotW but I actually liked nate's.

Posted by Frostler


Posted by RobotHamster

MInecraft = GOTY!!!!!!!!

Edited by ashbash

The first HD QOTW! 
Also Minecraft is awesome. That last submission was great.

Posted by Teaspoon83
@metalsnakezero:  Yeah, threw in the French Bread for some Bombcast humor. If you are a fan of the site, you know what I'm talking about peoples!
Posted by Phantomvirus

Piggy will always have a place in all of our hearts...

Posted by Mikemcn

I think Minecraft is the only game that can truly rival Civ 5s addictive properties.

Posted by Raymayne

Some good Minecraft ads there ftw.

Posted by Aronman789

"I don't understand why people would play Civ 5 when Minecraft is out." 
Wow.....just wow.......

Posted by natedagr811
@Aronman789: For the record, Civ 5 is addicting as hell. 
Posted by Aronman789
@natedagr811: I know it is, I was responding to the fail that is thinking minecraft rivals it
Posted by Xeiphyer

Fuck yeah minecraft!

Posted by csl316

remember piggy

Posted by MeatSim

I know what Minecraft is yet every time I see that name I think RTS with miners.

Posted by stevemanu

I meant to say Civ 5 i said sid v

Posted by Ventilaator

Pigggggggggggggggyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy = (

Posted by commandercup

Nooo Piggy!

Posted by 1p

Poor Linux dude. Sucks to be him.

Also, fucking Minecraft is EVERYWHERE.

Posted by Teaspoon83
@Bib: Accept it into your heart!
Posted by turilas

I demand  Dave to be in the inevitable Minecraft QL.

Posted by Halberdierv2

how tokeep myself from playing Civ V... simple. my computer can't display the text, and ive never played a CIV game before, so since i cant cee what im doing, i cant play.

Posted by ThePhantomnaut


Posted by Garris

There are some sick Civ 5 non players, worries me for the people that are atually playing.

Posted by Vorbis

I have a strange urge to play Minecraft.

Posted by Toxin066

Where's Lemon's entry?

Posted by His_lane

Piggy Pigs?

Posted by Tearhead

R.I.P. Piggy :'(

Posted by JeffGoldblum

I want to play minecraft, but I can't buy things through the internet. 

Posted by Colin

RIP Piggy you wil be missed .:(

Posted by Phoenix0010

Wooo... Minecraft.

Posted by Ooame

Pigs are such derps in minecraft. Such ... lovable pigs ;_____;

Posted by enemymouse

Hey linux guy, Civ 5 actually does run on linux. I got it to work through wine. Good luck avoiding it now, Mwahaha!

Posted by Rox360

Ah yes. Minecraft. I bought that a few months ago. And someone gifted me Civ V on Steam last night.
... My life is over.

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