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Edited by ESREVER

very nice  
I expect my eyes to melt from all the cuteness!  
Kitties are always cute. They should have been prohibited from the QoTW for more uniqueness. 
However, after looking at the other submissions, that would probably be a bad idea. 
Also, yarn murder is not cool. :[

Edited by grhud5194

That first one was pretty doggone impressive.

Posted by AnotherDuder

What the fuck is yarn?!

Posted by Mikemcn

Too many cats, cats cannot be trusted.

Edited by Legend

Some of those were more scary than cute..
Also, the ending is fucking brilliant, Vinny! XD

Posted by kollay

Posted by Hamst3r

Haha... That dog looked demented.

Posted by artofwar420


Posted by warxsnake

omfg aren't these supposed to be a minute long or whatever and not Lord of the Rings episodes

Posted by Mystyr_E

animals = cute
rest = ......uh.........okay?

Posted by Gamer_152

Yes, cats!

Posted by DBagalot

the beginning and the ending were the best parts.

Posted by Jayross

2nd to last guy is an ASSHOLE...

Posted by Wunder_

I stopped watching QOTW for a while... How come there are no member names for each video now?

Posted by This_Dude

wow,  the yarn phone calls were painful.   and that corgie looked like it had just been beaten. 

Posted by Baggykins

that dog was scary

Posted by Osaladin

Only the cat videos where good.

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

I don't see how Jewish yarn abuse is cute in any form.

Posted by Death_Unicorn


Posted by Milkman
@Wunder_ said:
" I stopped watching QOTW for a while... How come there are no member names for each video now? "
If you made one of these videos, would you REALLY want everyone to know your name?
Posted by DominatingFrance

The dog was the ender of all enders.

Posted by Milkman

It's probably not a good sign when Vinny is the best thing about QoTW.

Posted by demontium


Posted by Falconer

God damn it Vinny...

Posted by griefersstolemykeyboard

Who makes these videos? Like why would you do this.

Posted by Guyzea

Always with the violence.

Posted by Khalen

Need more cuteness!

Posted by CptChiken

Are the jews the new version of that mitchel kid ( or what ever his name was) you know they really unfunny person who make like a 15 minute response to "are your parents ready for the zombie apocalypse" and other questions ?

Posted by Jayzz

first kitty and vinny's ending were good. rest of them  .....

Posted by metalsnakezero

Pretty much the videos with animals in them were good and cute. Everything else was a bit off.
Last video: creepy.

Posted by KaiserZephyr

HAH, nice Silent Hill screech Vinny!

Posted by Buck

I recognise that sound at the end from Red Dead Redemption, those elks... making that ridiculous sound.

Posted by Ravenousrattler


Posted by RageGummy
@ESREVER: Yes it is, I murder yarn!!
Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN


Posted by blaakmawf

I loled at the ending.

Posted by Rox360

Heh. I love the whole source code thing. Way too long... but great.

Posted by Brackynews
@Milkman:  Infamy without the fame?  What is this, the internet? ;p
Much like my term papers, I have to wonder if the quality of QotW would improve with longer deadlines.  Or will saying "try a one week delay" get me skewered? :)
Posted by zkillz
they did that with the ass creed qotw and i don't think it really changed anything tbqh. qotw vids are always interesting nonetheless. 
Posted by Vigorousjammer

lmao, the prank calls in the last one were hilarious!!

Posted by Sephiroth9997

Posted by sissylion
@Vinny: The video description breaks the margins in the Recent Videos tab. May want to add a few spaces in there. 
Posted by Kralle

Those jews again

Posted by El_Derrico

Oh, that last one had me laughing. That's what I like: commitment to the gag. Loved the straight face through it all. Well done. Well done, indeed.

Posted by Rampage


Posted by D_Man_Taylor

Always can trust Vinny to deliver a kick ass ending!

Posted by lightsoda

The description for this video really effed up the recent videos list.

Posted by Duivel

Brilliant. lolzz Corgis.

Posted by Griddler

Sometimes I dislike the GB community, only 2 of them were actually what was asked for. Also the 3 minute long video at the end only needed the last 5 seconds.

Posted by dorilla
@sissylion said:
" @Vinny: The video description breaks the margins in the Recent Videos tab. May want to add a few spaces in there.  "
what she said... eyesore
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