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Posted by Erik

I don't remember what the QOTW was...

Posted by Dyram

Go Brad! Commit! 
Seriously, though... Bravo, everyone!

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Alllllrrrriiiggghhhtt  giggity
Lol I love you guys!  OOOoooooOOOOO WOooaAAaa

Posted by ToxicFruit

Wow amazing !

Posted by MeierTheRed

My god that sounds horrible. Props goes to Brad he clearly has talent. Also where the fuck is Dave?

Posted by JohnnyAutoFire

OMG, Brad wins!

Posted by supermike6

I had no idea Brad's voice could go that high. Kinda creepy. Actually, it reminds me of The Beegees. I like how Vinny barely even seems to be trying. This is what all QOTWs should be like!

Posted by Seraphim84

Brad's really into it/inebriated?

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Posted by Tru3_Blu3

The last background was... interesting.

Posted by Oriental_Jams

Brad and Jeff need to teach Ryan and Vinny a thing or two.

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Wow...Brad. Your voice... I'm at a loss for words here. >.> I didn't know it could go so high. So dreamy. I give credit to Ryan for at least trying. Vinny...Vinny, Vinny Vinny. *facepalm*

Posted by Donkeysraliens

...and the award goes to helium filled Brad! bravo sir, bravo!

Posted by Bubahula

i am at a loss of words....AMAZING

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Nice background guys.

Posted by Berkie

Oh, Brad....amazing!

Posted by Pie

Brads real voice?

Posted by kollay

THE best QOTW.

Posted by CandleLightCat

wow this is amazing lol.  Brad was great lol

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Posted by Themanohall

Brad is epic.
This was the best QOTW ever.

Posted by TobyD81

Brad's vocal range is amazing! Have you ever considered a career in opera?

Posted by MasonL87

Well that was............ill advised.

Posted by KingOfIceland

Epic backgrounds+Epic-er singing= Epic-est video ever... for now.

Posted by Tearhead

Add this to the "Why Giant Bomb is Awesome" list.

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What was with all the Palahniuk books?

Posted by Ladnar

this seriously made my weekend, no week, no probably year!

Posted by Teptom

Holy shit! I didn't expect that from Brad.
And Vinny didn't seem like he tried at all. Come on man!

Posted by Somadude

Major respect to brad... epic.
Posted by yoshimitz707

This is the best thing ever.

Posted by listerfeend

Jeff fucking DISPASSIONATELY shaking the microphone.

Posted by Griddler

Who'da thought Brad could reach the high notes?

Posted by Flatlander

I know it's been already said, but props to Brad and his Falsetto.

Posted by MetalGearSunny

That. Was. Epic.

Posted by MetalR

Brad was fucking awesome!

Posted by Light_Bahamut

Confirming what we always knew: Vinny cannot sing to save his life.

Posted by Arjuna

Timbre.  I suspect that most of y'all are more comfortable in the baritone range; your attempts at mezzo-soprano were valiant.  Might I suggest something like The Doors, a vocal range most grown men are comfortable with.  Then again, if your purpose is a lighthearted attempt at clownery, then...  as you were...

Posted by CaptainMax

Is this some sort of tribute to chuck palahnuk? Whats with all his book covers in the background. Dont get me wrong, its awesome.

Posted by Turbo_Toaster

The last one creeped me right out, lol.

Posted by get2sammyb

Brad is actually REALLY good.

Posted by TheYear20XX

This is the best video.

Posted by DJJoeJoe

I can't wait for what the explanation for this is on the podcast :S lol

Posted by ZeForgotten

Can I hire you guys for my birthday party in December? 
So what if it's in Denmark. I'm paying with beer or whatever the heck I have

Posted by Myrmidon

Brad is surprisingly good at singing.

Posted by Woocifer

Maybe.........maybe don't do that ever again, ya?

Posted by RagingLion

Brad.  I salute your falsetto.  I did not expect that to be possible to come out of your vocal chords.

Posted by spiceninja

You'd be surprised how high we deep voiced people can sing.

Posted by zappolynk88

great voice Brad , Jeff ... singing is not your best talent