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@ImperiousRix said:
" @NoXious said:
"Lemon & Dirty did it again.  "
This QOTW was pretty good. Laughed quite a bit during D&L.
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Wow, Lemon and Dirty_Dan, you guys did awesome.

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@Gamer_152 said:

Wow, Lemon and Dirty_Dan, you guys did awesome.

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Going to be having nightmares of being molested by spirit fingers for quite some time.
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@PantyshotMQN: You missed something pretty sweet then. The one after was EXCELLENT

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Somebody needs to learn the difference between 'your' and 'you're'.  Or maybe I've just been trolled by Lemon & Dirty_Dan lol.

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This is the most perverted thing i've ever seen.

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Good to see Lemon and Dirty Dan back.
..kind of

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Props to all submissions especially lemon & dan. I burst out laughing at the end out of sheer ridiculousness.

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Lemon & Dirty_Dan are instant win IMO.

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" @MAN_FLANNEL said:
"QOTW needs to die.  "
I agree. "
Me too.
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Every time I check out the QOTW I check and see whether Lemon & Dirty Dan submitted an entry; my day has now been made

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baller last vid guys, awesome job

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L&D, foofin awesome.

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The Bald Guy was hilarious.

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The creativity is too good! They came up with such an elaborate lyrics and did the whole video within a weeks time, quite a commendable work you did my friends!

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lemon and dan deliver again.

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Great entries this week.

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Epic last video!

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On behalf of Daniel and I, Thanks for all the lovely comments. And for the nay-sayers out there. I want to "hug" all of you. "Hug" you all

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@Lemon: I want to hug you.
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Goddamn that last vid was one of the funniest things I've seen on GB.

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last video was great!

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lol nice shout out to Tiger at the end >.<

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