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Posted by Otacon

This is a really good idea.

Posted by Kane

YES, this is a really good idea, but i would just put this on the podcast? or not

Posted by TripMasterMunky

This is...awkward. And makes me feel awkward for being older and liking games. G4 was always awkward too when they did this on one of their shows. Personally I feel this stuff should be left for youtube or something. Maybe have written responses instead? I don't know. I care more about the Giant Bomb staff itself. If the community likes this stuff though then keep it goin' I guess.

Posted by Player1

First off I'm on the exact same page as JensonB. I mean, I really only started hearing about this game in early Jan. so there isn't to much hype. Though the demo did blow me away, and I'm really looking forward to the game.

Secondly, his voice in no way shape or form matches his body.

Posted by MeatSim

The exploding bomb transition is the best.

Posted by joslop500

I agree with mastermonkey, watching this is a little awkward; but hey, if the community likes it then  I guess it'll do okay.

Posted by mrfluke
nah dont put this on the podcast this should be more of a biweekly or monthly thing though so that you guys have more time to do endurance runs of old games like persona 4 or even quick looks on games
Posted by Drebin_893

Jiseppie nailed it to the wall

Posted by imayellowfellow

yea definitely although i think this is a cool idea, i really like stuff focusing on the staff more, if this doesnt eat time into quick looks or indurance runs then sure, but if it does i wouldnt mind if u scrapped this idea

Posted by WholeFunShow

2nd the awkward, slow critics, some kind of graphic of a Yes VS no ticker would make it more exciting, but alls the same I like the general idea. Is Giantbomb going to be a vlog site now too? Because I'm violently ambivalent about that.

Posted by Rinkalicous

I agree with the view that is too weird/awkward to watch. Especailly when this site is so focused on the staff (and how goddamn awesome they are), REAL people just can't live up to that... Because you guys are all synthetic... right?

Posted by SoulEdgeSlayer

I prefer all of the Quick Looks, Reviews, and even the Endurance Run much more than this.  I agree with TripMasterMunky in that this feels very similar to G4, which is not a good thing.

But so far, this is the only video that I didn't care for.  If you still want QofW's, just ask the question then ask people to email or make an audio recording that you can add to the podcast, just dedicating the last 5 minutes of the email section to this.

My two cents.

Posted by Shinryu

lawls at Jensonb

Posted by Bucketdeth

Fuck I was to slow, I was just going to make my video, oh well.

Posted by CitizenKane

This is a really cool idea.  Thanks guys.  :)

Posted by Oriental_Jams

Liking the idea, would think it be better as a podcasty thing though. Probably.

Posted by DavidSnakes

I love you like a father, Jeff, but I'm also with TripMasterMunky and his posse.  This feels like a collection of assy YouTube webcam videos.

Posted by SidVicious

not feeling it.. :(

Posted by F1

Halo 2 and 3 were big disappointments to me (except multiplayer), that's partly why I didn't get hyped for Killzone until I played the demo. Really fun game! I personally think I might like it more than the last two Halos, judging by the demo.

Oh and sorry for being the 100,000,000,000th person to compare a game to Halo! It's just that Halo:CE is one of my all time faves, and no other shooter has impressed me to that degree since it came out.

Posted by RHCPfan24

I like the idea, but the video is not that interesting to watch, honestly. I found it a bit boring and the whole personal cam footage was sort of the same. Still, theres always room to improve.

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Well, Halo is probably the most revolutionary modern FPS ever.

1. Dedicated grenade button
2. Recharging health
3. Melee attack
4. Vehicles that actually work
5. Two weapon limit
6. The de facto standard console FPS control scheme.

No other shooter has done nearly as much.   Maybe Call of Duty with iron sights, but that's one thing.

Posted by MadExponent

Here's whats good about Killzone 2....its a mesh of Halo 3 and COD4.  Guaranteed the guys at Guerilla played those two for inspiration of a good FPS.  Halo 3 was definitely not my fave FPS, that would be COD4.  Anyways,  from what I played in the demo...thats definitely what it reminds me of.  Is the game worth getting a PS3 for...no.  I got a PS3 for MGS4 and I still feel like that was a mistake even though I am a huge MG fan.  Not even gonna go into how dissapointing that game was for me.

I'm excited about getting something new for PS3...got that shit on reserve.

Posted by Kohe321

Great idea! All this new video content you guys are coming up with is

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im fine with the user e-mails being read during the bombcast, thank you. i don't really care much for this video thing, it seems too played out. besides, seeing some of these guys talk makes me angry for some reason.....

anyway, my thoughts on this topic: after playing the demo, seeing gameplay footages online, reading TONS of reviews, and listening to Jeff talking about it during the bombcast, i can say that YES, KZ2 will live up to the hype. (will it be a system seller for the ps3? who knows, but it all lies in the hands of the Sony Marketing Team)

Posted by kingmasters

that third guy is really effeminate 

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Heres my 2 cents on this segment, I think it is a good idea with bad presentation.  It needs to be more statistics, like "Most people agree that  the graphics live up, but also feel that sony should've done a better job marketing" or even a simple "40 percent say it wont live up, (list reasons), and 60 percent say it will, (list reasons)" then show a select few clips that prove those points.  I dont think this should be a stand-alone segment, it should be an add-on to the Week in Giant-Bomb video. So you are going over last weeks answers and then giving the next question. I dont think the key to this is showing as much video as possible, its getting as much opinion as possible. I dont really like the idea of doing it in video at all, because it limits to people that have the means to. I have a webcam, but it is no-where near quality enough to submit to you guys, so i am left out of the fold. I think it would do a lot better as a hosted segment instead of just having Jeff go "HERE ARE YA ANSWERS!!!"

TL;DR: Good Idea, Bad Execution, Less Video, More Opinion, More Statistics, Less Raw Data,  I think  we want to know what the community thinks as a whole not what a handful of people say.

(in retrospect the statistics thing would be a lot of work, but i still think it would be the best way, to do it as a poll maybe in the forums or something, instead of a video segment..maybe both? give out the question on the video, have people answer in the forum poll, embedd their videos in the responces if they have them. and go from there)

But, now to the actual discussion, I think killzone 2 will kinda live up to the hype, but, name a game that HAS lived fully up to its hype? there are very few games that fully live up to all the hype companies give out.  The nature of video-games is to talk and talk and talk, its kind of a means to motiviate yourself. Just like Guerilla said they made that trailer so that they had the high-water mark to work up to.
Posted by Tarsier

that was bad

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well also the thing that giantbomb missed here is that
we don't care what other normal assholes think we care what giantbomb things
because if we cared we would just turn to a friend and say what do you think instead of being here

Posted by Phished0ne

"well also the thing that giantbomb missed here is that 
we don't care what other normal assholes think we care what giantbomb things
because if we cared we would just turn to a friend and say what do you think instead of being here" 

Tell that to all the people that discuss things in the forums man,  This site isnt here just so Jeff an' the guys can act like dancing monkeys for us, its supposed to be a community, and part of community is the exchange of ideas.
Posted by kingmasters

lol you don't know who I am

Posted by HatKing
Posted by coco_bagel

killzone 2 will sell crazy mad becasue of 3 reasons

1. High production values
2. Bad ass guns
3. Space marines

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I err...I err, Fine! i Partly agree with kingmasters. I hope that doesn't bite me in the ass, but yeah.

This is why i never liked podcast phonecalls XD (i feel like a bad person now)

I do tell a lie because i like to hear what other people think, but i dunno, something ain't gellin'.

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no thanks

I'd like it more if it was the staff reading the comments

Posted by Tearhead

You say you want to hear what "giantbomb" has to think, but we are ALL part of giantbomb, we all contribute to the site so you ARE listening to what giantbomb has to say; if you mean you want to hear from the staff only, fine.  Giantbomb is heavily influenced by the community (you and I), so it's natural to have these videos.  If you don't like them, don't watch them.

Posted by TomA

Why all the hate? This site is supposed to be about the community contribution,that's why it's a wiki.This is probably the most significant community thing GiantBomb has done so far,and it's great.It seems as if most of you have gotten into the mindset that the GB crew are somehow more important than you.They are just regular people,and while I admit that it seems they are sort of a last bastion of hope in the growing corporate world of video games,the thing that will help the video game community to be a more positive place to hang out and talk to people in,is user contribution.So this video idea is great,it shows that most thery're are people out there other than the staff on GIantbomb who care about the true roots of video games,and we should be embracing that,not condemming that because we recognize who the people in the video are,or because they might not have the same opinion as the GB guys.So keep this up Giant Bomb,and ignore the haters,despite what they think,it's a good idea and will ead to more positive feedback in the future,and will show that you guys do care about the community,and treat the users of the site as people with opinions and feeings,not just as text in a comment section for the start of a kick ass video series!

Posted by Infocom
Ugh. Scrap this idea guys.  Just sayin'
Posted by Phished0ne


I dont think the vast majority of people are hating against the idea of sharing of ideas, the idea is to try and make the segment bettter, suggestions like mine, like making the it a hosted segment isnt because i dont like seeing/hearing other peoples opinions, its to try and make the segments more interesting for everyone
Posted by TheWiFiJedi

umm,yeah those were awkward.

Posted by Razor


TripMasterMunkyis online
on Feb. 15, 2009
This is...awkward. And makes me feel awkward for being older and liking games. G4 was always awkward too when they did this on one of their shows. Personally I feel this stuff should be left for youtube or something. Maybe have written responses instead? I don't know. I care more about the Giant Bomb staff itself. If the community likes this stuff though then keep it goin' I guess."

Edited by LiveOrDie1212

im sorry, but watching these vids makes me feel like im watching X-Play, and i kinda hate X-Play (especially when they show this kinds of stuff). thats why im happy with the user e-mails and i don't mind listening to user phone calls if they ever decide do one.

Posted by Scooper

No more of this please.

Posted by Standing_Gopher

Tearhead's response was great. HOLY SHIT.

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The hate! :S We are doomed as a species.

Posted by Shadow71

hah, cool stuff...I like everything but I'd prefer shorter excerpts from each person, so more of just a quick concensus, 15 seconds per person or something, to get the general idea of what the responses were, rather then hearing someone ramble.

Posted by iamthemoneyj

im really sorry but please don't do these any more. it makes me feel like a nerd.

Posted by Daveyo520

Ya I'd have to agree, this isn't the best segment to keep around.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

I think I should also add that, in general, Giant Bomb is fun. What I mean by that is the way you guys cover games and put out videos. You give legitimate opinions, commentaries, interviews, etc while remaining fun. This seems more serious, more of the 1up vibe. Some people like this, but I prefer the Giant Bomb style.

Posted by Meteora

It's a good idea but it was not quite executed the way that felt right to viewers.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

This segment kind of scares me. I think it would be better if the videos were just short 15 second at most clips. I laughed at the machima though.