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Gears of Japan

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wow, this looks generic.

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Looks god awful.

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Looks like a mod someone made for Gears of War.

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That didn't look too great.

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To match this game I expect Gears 3 to have Dom launching capabilities.

Posted by Raven_Sword

the game looks like it might be fun, but it just looks generic.
Posted by Olivaw

This is the most Gears of War Gears of War that ever Gears of War-ed.
Gears of War.

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If Gears of War was being developed in Japan for the PS2, it would look like this.

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Wow! They managed to make Gears even more uninteresting and bland as it already is.

Posted by TheYear20XX

More like Gears of Poor, am I right?

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wow...they really have absolutely no shame at all, do they?

Posted by Veektarius

Maybe Dom will have the ability to launch his wife's corpse.  

Posted by handlas

yeeeep.  About as blatant as Dante's Inferno from the looks of it.

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@Metal_Mills said:
" Looks like a mod someone made for Gears of War. "
that is what i was thinking until the girl showed up. which was interesting for a second until it turned into you throwing her as an attack rather than her being a playable character.
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Those are some ugly ugly textures. What kind of art design went on?

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Anime Quick Time Events of War

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wow I remember actualy looking forward to this game, wtf was i thinking

Posted by IronRinn

Well that was underwhelming.

Posted by ZeroCast

Quantum Theory is an ugly, ugly game...

Posted by stinky
@MisuseOfLasers said:
" More like Gears of Poor, am I right? "
*high fives*
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'Greys of War' was bad enough (admittedly Gears 2 was better), but this game takes brown and grey and dumps the rest of the colour pallet in the nearest bin. Good job.

Posted by Griddler

This looks extremely dull.

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Hey, guys, we heard you like Gears of War. 
So we made it Japanese. 
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Gears of War with animu characters.
Not sure if want...

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@Veektarius: someone had to say it, and you did.  Bravo sir, bravo.
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@ZeroCast said:
" Quantum Theory is an ugly, ugly game... "
lol i see what you did there ^^
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i am very tired of cover mechanics in games... its supposed to make it more "realistic" i think, but AI of the enemies is broken in this type of game generally, the enemies never seem to be afraid of being shot, i would like to see a game where you shoot one guy and the others actually like back off and are like "F that i dont want to get shot", and they take cover to actually hide and protect themselves; but you take cover in these games and enemies just walk out at you, (gears, matt hazard, this, etc....) bullets should HURT!

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Gears 3 looks worse than Gears 2.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

So they made Gears of War but better? Cool.

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Dude i played Gears of War last year!

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Wow, looks like they literally copied both Gears of War and last years Prince Of Persia at the same time. That's quite a feat.

Posted by Milkman

Oh my God....Those graphics are SO bad.

Posted by PJ
@Milkman said:
" Oh my God....Those graphics are SO bad. "
O thank god! I thought it was just me. That game looks seriously horrible.
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@Hector said:

" Gears of Japan "

But do the bad guys in Gears of War EXPLODE?!?!   EVERY TIME?!?!
....thought so
Posted by MildMolasses

I remember when this was a PS3 exclusive, and PS3 fanboys would go apeshit if you even insinuated that this game was similar to Gears. I'm glad that it's multiplat now, so that we can all join together and rag on it for being creatively bankrupt. 
And as an odd aside, this is somehow making me not even want to play a GoW 3. Thanks a lot Tecmo. Dicks
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It looks like Gears with Japanese game design and Prince of Persia princess to toss around.

Posted by punkxblaze

This trailer makes me want to go piss in a toilet and then proceed to drown myself in it.

Posted by ryanwho

Gears of Throwing Bitches at Dermons

Posted by kagekage

I thought this was gameplay of the Wii's version at first, not joking.

Posted by RTSlord

this just looks like an awful game. Im sorry, but there isnt a single fiber in my body that thinks this game should exist, it looks THAT bad.

Posted by Mawryk

Looks good for a Wii game. 

Posted by ProlificShadow

Maybe they could...no that wouldn't happen....they could always.....no......maybe it's.........no that's not true.....if they just............no that wouldn't help......................................Please tell me this is a joke. 

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360 needs a God of War and PS3 needs a Gears of War.
360-Dante's Inferno, PS3-Quantum Theory. fair trade.

now we need to trade an Uncharted and Halo. somebody get on that.

Posted by Afroman269

Hmm well they copied the mechanics but as for the graphics.......not so much, this game looks bad.

Posted by ryanwho
@kagekage said:
" I thought this was gameplay of the Wii's version at first, not joking. "
A lot of those areas looked like they didn't even have textures. Maybe its, uh, early.
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