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Probably the best QL in months. Not since Roscoe and Big Jeffery have I been this entertained.

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@hedfone said:

...James Bond

Or "Lames" Bond by the looks of this game.

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Five minutes in and Jeff, rightfully, calls out Everything or Nothing as the best Bond game.

Holy Shit! There's a game reviewer out there who gets it!

This will be a greet Quick Look. Trash this cheap, unfinished Call of Duty clone, Jeff & Vinny! Btw, does Activision know that Casino Royale was a reboot, and was Bond's FIRST mission? Flashing back to the previous movies as Daniel Craig's Bond makes no sense whatsoever. The ONLY mission's he's been on were Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall (and if you want to count the video games, than Blood Stone and MAYBE the Goldeneye remake, if you want to move that into current continuity). They should have just done everything as "period pieces", and let you play as the different Bonds.

EDIT: Gotta love the exchange at 35 minutes in. "You killed my clone army!" -- "That's racist" -- "Is it? They all look the same to me". lmfao

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"I'm inducing rem sleep over here". Hilarious quicklook. Jeff + Vinny best combo.

Game looks pretty shit, so shit that they were able to have lots of fun making fun of it.

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this doesnt look all that bad.....mehh

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Naughty Dog could make a cool James Bond. They could just do Uncharted and make it a little more stealth based.

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I'm with Jeff, they need to stop chasing Goldeneye. Everything or Nothing was okay on PS2 and at least 3rd person

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That guy had martyrdom... Mwahah!!

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Your knowledge of Bond movies are astonishingly bad to be reviewing a Bond game. Was there no one with more knowledge in the GB staff?

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I'm kinda digging this. Bit worrying at first but good to see it's not 100% shooting. Maybe 95% shooting. Though I agree with Jeff, there's so much more you could do with a Bond game it's a real shame no-one is interested in trying.

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truly a disgrace.


the gold is green.

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I'm glad at least someone remembered the famous six-armed-Bond scene.

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"If you and I were Bond fans, we'd be like, 'This is disgusting!'"

A-yup. :/ This is p-retty gross. :/

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Whenever this hits twenty bucks I think I'll pick it up. Seems serviceable for a bit of Bond nostalgia.

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I had forgotten all about Everything or Nothing... that game was a freaking blast. Too bad this one is so crappy.

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This was a great Quick Look.


"Daniel, how bout another take?"


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Didn't look too bad to me. It's like the Wii Goldeneye but with a huger twist of CoD which is a bit of shame. It's also coming to PC so hopefully it will be available for like 30bucks of GMG or some such. Looking at the comments I'm glad to see a lot of people see Everything or Nothing as the amazing game it is. Still waiting for the spiritual successor to it. Blood Stone was sort of on the right track but I'm guess how well goldeneye sold on Wii the "The FPS Bond" seems to be the right Bond in the eyes of Activisions sales team.

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Remember liking one or two of the James Bond games on PS2, can't remember if it was Nightfire or what.

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One hundred and forty billion dollars! Ten times what's in Kentucky. Fort Knox? HA! It's for tourists!

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"Don't like jets? Don't eat."

Man, I love this place.

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Oh wow...watched the "Of Orcs and Men" QL earlier than I had planned and almost thought about doing the same with this, but...that duration! This one I'll have to save for later.

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Call of 007?

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@claudius said:

Man, I really liked Everything or Nothing.

Me. Too. Is it weird that I'm surprised to hear that Jeff liked it? That game was rad.

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Fort Knox was surprisingly unprotected. I mean isn't the real Fort Knox's security so tight that you'll be killed by something before you even get close to getting inside? If the enemy removed all that junk then you've got a really stupid enemy.

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Man, I really liked Everything or Nothing.

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"Operation Grand Slam: I'm going to design a breakfast."

Thanks for that, Vinny. XD

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I'm 45 minutes in. I cannot imagine how they keep doing this for another 30 minutes.

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Ok, now I'm rewatching the last two movies to prep for Skyfall. Marketing goal achieved.

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All this makes me want to do is play Alpha Protocol again.

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I like the implications here, that MI6 just kinda says fuck it to the whole spy thing and starts fucking up shit.

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Everything or Nothing was and is my favorite James Bond game. It is amazing and was everything you wanted out of a Bond game.

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Jeff made a great point about Goldeneye ruining Bond video games. Goldeneye is the better game, but Everything or Nothing was the better Bond game, and no one played it.

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"it looks like a mix between daniel craig and chris waters"

i almost shit with glee

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This game looks SO bad. Someone really needs to get this license away from Activision, ASAP. I'd even trust EA more with it. At least they had the balls to occasionally do something a little bit different, such as Everything or Nothing.. In fact.. Can we just have Everything or Nothing 2 now please? Pretty please?

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Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey! I am a massive James Bond fan! I have seen every single movie....

...and this video made me lose my shit laughing. Amazing stuff! xD

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I'd like to see a spy game where you have to liaise with contacts successfully. Kind of like some sections of Assassin's Creed 1.

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Damn. Finding the gold would've been the perfect place to end the QL.

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I'm sorry to say this looks pretty dumb and most of all, pointless.

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This is now one of my favourite quick looks. Thanks!

Though, I do wish you had kept going for the illustrious gold.

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Looks like a reskinned CoD... so it's looks like shit but atleast cod have a decent UI

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Hey look, it's modern looking Daniel Craig with all these people with hairstyles and clothing right out of the 70s and 80s.

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Ten minutes in and I'm already expecting "If you and I were Bond fans, we'd be like, 'This is disgusting!'" to be the hardest I laugh all night.

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@Nicholas said:

The Quantum of Solace movie IS SO BAD! OH MY GOD!

Okay, Ryan Davis.

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@GBH said:

bond james bond


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ugh. dreadful

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@jmic75 said:

@YoVideoGamesAreSerious said:

This is so transparently a Bond game in the COD engine. My god.

The fonts and way point markers even look the same.

I think they made this entire game so that when you kill someone with that asian guy's top hat and it shows the 'this person <weapon image> other person' in the corner, they could put in a picture of the hat.

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The Hitman games are more James Bond than James Bond games are James Bond.

SWEET door opening QTE right there.

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I wanted to see the gold too.

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