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Posted by dagas

I would suck at this. I don't follow pop culture at all. Only thing I stay current in is computers, video games and world events and politics otherwise I mostly know history stuff.

Posted by roofy

Death From Above 1979 baby!

Posted by growl

its new scotland  ... god!! I live there

Posted by bozosc

you guys do know that they werent in the mob but in the audience

Posted by MacedoniaMafia

You guys ended the quick look right when you got chosen to be in the Mob!  You were in the crowd before.  You could have actually won some microsoft points if you stuck around.

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You know what? I think this game actually looks better than I was expecting, even without all the live announcer stuff. Of course, a live announcer would still be awesome, and I hope they'll make it an always on thing when this game gets out of beta (P.S. Why is it in beta in the first place? A) it looks pretty done to me, and B) it's free to subscribers anyway, so they're allowed that "open beta" leeway for bugs).

Edit: I think this could become a whole genre in the future. I guess gameshows in real life have been sort of leaning towards this for awhile now, getting people involved online and w/text messaging.

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 Oh, Canada! I love it there, Calgary was where I visited last. CanadianDracula looked like a rather mean kind of Saskatchewan guy. :P Hilarious social commentary from the team, I'm sure all the ribbing of Canadians is in good spirits. :)

Posted by trophyhunter

dude that was awesome you guys playing this or other gameshow games should be a weekly feature

Posted by nywt

I actually was over at a buddies place last night and we decided to play this with the aid of a few drinks. I have to say that we had a total blast playing. We started out doing pretty well with the questions but then it just devolved down into shouting at the one to go for the mob and then cheering like crazy when the one lost.

I think that the fact that this is free to gold members and there seem to be quite a few prizes to be won will make this into something that I will regularly tune into.

Posted by JustinHopewell

It's a shame you guys ended the quicklook. You were in the audience for the first three games. Then on the last one, you got picked for the mob and ended the quicklook. : /

For anyone who's still a little confused, here's a breakdown:

- the "one" is the main contestant

- the mob is the 100 players the "one" player is competing against. They're the ones who end up getting rewarded with microsoft points when the "one" answers a question wrong. They have a status light behind them to indicate if they're still in the game or not.

- the audience is everyone across the room from the mob. They have color-changing horizontal lights behind them.

- the top three players out of everyone (the one, the mob, and the audience) get prizes.

Posted by dsplayer1010

I'm pretty excited for this now. This looks fun.

Posted by KingOfIceland

+1.000.000 kool points for the Trivia robot references.

Posted by the_purgatory_station

haha that was suprisingly a really good quick look. 

a lot of those questions i would've got wrong.  ryan made a nice save.  that morrissey question, i didn't even know that happened.  snide knows music.

Posted by IzzyGraze

There's Newfoundland which could be new land but nah Nova scotia definitely New Scotland. There's a freakin' Glasgow here.

Posted by Not_Rage

Why is this beta only available in Canada?

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Hell Yeah Trivia Robot!

This was a really good QL!

Posted by mrsmiley

dude you win actual points!? that's crazy!

Posted by CoinMatze

This video is racist! RACIST I say!

Posted by Winternet

You're guys are awesome.

Great QL

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Oh man.. I didn't want it to end. It was exciting watching it.. I'd totally watch a show where the giant bomb crew play this if it aired once a week or something. D:

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Pretty neat. If you can win things that would be awesome, that alone would convince me to play.

Ryan, you sick? Not feeling so great. Hopefully its just the lack of sleep getting to me, or at least it won't last long!

Posted by Moeez

At 22 minutes, was Jeff talking like the TRIVIA ROBOT?!

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Man! you guys know a lot of cinema...

Posted by gingertastic_10

this might be my favorite one in a while

Posted by steelurpewps

best quick look ever

Posted by Sarumarine

Heh, that was an awesome quick look. What's probably the most interesting is the prize aspect. When it comes out for real, will they actually have real microsoft points? That seems like it could get expensive fast.

Anytime the contestant in the tux showed up, it was good times.

Posted by sublime90

i want this and to win lots of microsoft points

Posted by I2v2nr20I

Jeff Gerstmann and his incessant Sifl and Olly references...

"I'm gonna be the next Canadian Dracula"

Posted by Jawshua

My new favorite QL!

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

if they give out actual MS points for this game, i so want it. i would play it every day

Posted by NinjaSquirrel

Hahaha! Shut up, Chris!

Posted by Afroman269

Looks interesting as long as it stays for free.

Posted by Skillface

To everyone saying this must be expensive:

The beta takes place around 2 hours once a week. Although I guess even then it would still be pretty expensive..

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Of course I'm Canadian, dude I got Canadian right in my name.

Edit: hold on hold on, I for got to say something.... 1 dollar!
Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

So yeah, the only questions that weren't completely obvious were the ones related to bottom-of-the-barrel pop culture. Also joke answers in a 3 choice setup. Jeopardy this ain't.

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Cmon now, the Canadian jokes were getting old. And why did you pick a Saskatchewan postal code of all places? (no offense)

Posted by SuperJoe

Canadian Dracula always leaves prints at the scene with his fingerless gloves.

Posted by LiquidPrince

This looks pretty awesome!

Posted by Inertia

Bwahahhahahha Canadian Dracula ... BLAAAAH!

oh and .... BLAME CANADAAAAA! etc.
Posted by Darknesszora
That was a Friken funny quicklook
oh man this is gona be so sweet
Posted by JunkanooPunch

ummm wow... this actually looks pretty awesome.

Posted by Player_4

Sounds awesome that you can win Microsoft points :D

Posted by TomA

Fuck ya, go Canada!!!!

Posted by TomA

And seriously, Jeff and Ryan stop being so fucking inconsiderate towards Canadians. You can claim it's a joke all you want but believe it or not things you say can actually offend people.

Posted by BlackPuma

hey! this look skinda neat!
Is this coming to europe aswell?

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LOL how did you get that Scot question wrong.

+ this looks awesome.

Posted by TheHT

lol that was really entertaining.

Posted by Psych0Penguin

How did Jeff or Ryan not make reference to Darth MacLeod being Marlon Brando in the Godfather! That was annoying me all throughout. Good QL though. 

Also, be awesome if you do actually win MS points. Looks like a cool feature for LIVE - Just hope it works well.
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Sounds like Jennifer Hale is the voice of the announcer.

Posted by PeasForFees

Making fun of Canadians is not racist it is called discrimination, and everyone does it in some kind of way, same as how some Americans think that British people speak likeDick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins (Hint: He is American) , so don't go talking how Jeff and Ryan are being Racist because they aren't, any all of you commenting that they are are most probably racist or discriminate, or even are prejudiced in some for or way.