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edit: OH SWEET GLORIOUS SUBSCRIBER DAY! now time for this quick look.

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Alright, got it!

edit: crap!

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best game.

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This has all the quality of a Kongregate game, IMO.

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Jeff/Vinny? Hell, it's about time

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been interested in this for some time. but not enough to actually look up what its about.

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This game consumed my weekend. You honestly cannot go wrong with this game for £3.

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Might get this on iOS now - looks better than I thought.

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Posted by Willza92

This game was really good, loved playing it on my iPhone when I just woke up. 

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Thanks guys! I was looking at the slight sale it was on and wondering if I should get it, seeing as I had about $5 sitting in my Steam Wallet. This seems fun enough for the price.

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Posted by LobsterMobster

This game's music is pretty great.

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Posted by Benny

Hell of a game, I played this an entire day while waiting for surgery and recovering before going home.

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14 minutes of Jeff and Vinny? At least it's something.

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Posted by Morningstar

This game is just so much fun =)

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Posted by weslash

i'd prefer random pc game or something rather than these non-game quicklooks

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Posted by Clarke

Maybe this will satisfy people whining about Patrick.

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This game is awesome, but I'd far rather play this on iOS with the slide mechanic.

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I'm going to rip this off and release the game "9999999.9999..." which is legally, but not mathematically, distinct from 10000000

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@weslash said:

i'd prefer random pc game or something rather than these non-game quicklooks

STFU with your "non-game" bullshit. If you want to be more of an asshole about it then almost no video games are games.

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Posted by Larsa

This was a fun listen-to-podcasts game.

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Posted by Buckydude

Don't buy many iOS games but this one was a winner. Ton of fun, great music and art too.

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Hah, this looks so much fun! Dumb fun, but i like it.

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Posted by JayCee

Oh, that song. Loved this game when it came out on iOS last year.

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@mbr2: How about you let him say whatever he wants? This ain't China.

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That looks alright but i can definitely see the benefit of playing with a hand on a screen over mouse controls

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This Quick Look cost me four dollars, and that's totally okay. It's a pretty rad game.

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Not as good as Puzzle Quest nor Jewel Quest 2.

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 I liked the QL this much.
 I liked the QL this much.
Game tripreport:
 Loving it. The price could be considered kinda strange of course but eh, master platform.
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Why are they charging $5 for a port of a $1.99 phone game?

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@JetForceGemini said:

Why are they charging $5 for a port of a $1.99 phone game?

Whatever they can get away with on the platform.

They talked about this on the Bombcast this week. It's so hard to charge anything above like $2 on iPhone.

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Looks like a lot of fun & glad it's on steam as it does seem that Jeff is right on a small screen for this being a bad thing over ipad/pc.

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Posted by warxsnake

Vinny in a quicklook makes my day better.

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Posted by recroulette

This game was addictive as hell when I bought it. I just wish I didn't beat it in 10 days. Really fun though.

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Just bought the game on Steam and I cant stop playing it now, damn you Giant Bomb!

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Posted by AlmostSwedish

I don't get this game at all. I mean, it's terrible. It looks shitty and the gameplay is boring beyond belief. The upgrading doesn't matter since the monsters level with you. It's just one long level grind.

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Vinny? YAY! And also for Jeff

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Posted by PhantomGardener

The music in this game is soooo good! And the game itself is pretty awesome as well!

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Posted by algertman

Game looks awesome. Also iOS and being cheap does promise sales at all. I know Gunman Clive has sold more on 3DS than on iOS.

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Posted by chaiHazuki

Amazing game.

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Posted by mixmixmixmix

@AlmostSwedish: same, this was hyped on toucharcade. I played for an hour and deleted it, I suppose there are gamers who just want that addicting puzzle formula.

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I've been hearing about 10000000 for a while now, but never decided to look it up because it was iOS which is a platform I do not game on.

After seeing the gameplay in the Quick Look and learning that the game is available for PC, Giantbomb has helped me find a game that fits my interests very well. I guess another sale can be attributed to the Quick Look.

I personally like it when a developer can take a hackneyed concept and add compelling features to make the concept enjoyable again. I've seen other match 3 RPG types, but 10000000 has a certain appeal that is compelling me to play.

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Posted by MeatSim

Keyboards are obsolete now clearly, but how do i type with my mouse??

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Posted by ChrisTaran

This looks like it would play much better on an iPad than on a PC.

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Posted by Sticky_Pennies

10000000 is awesome!

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Posted by Bane

There is a game similar to this (match three RPG) on Android and iDevices called Dungeon Raid. I played the crap out of it when I had an Android phone and it's an easy recommendation.

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Posted by Sunjammer

As a game developer this game is really inspiring. Not really so much for the design (which is just plain solid) but more about the art and music. It is so easy when working on a game to grow overly worried that your game doesnt look or sound good enough, but this game is a great reminder that the real key in the end is a good piece of design and solid execution of it.

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Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

@MeatSim said:

Keyboards are obsolete now clearly, but how do i type with my mouse??

Windows Virtual Keyboard.

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Posted by gbrading

Nice stuff. Looks like it probably would control better on iPad but still worth a look in.

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Posted by BoFooQ

I really enjoyed the game but after the week or two it took me to beat it, I never went back. maybe I'll go back now restart the whole thing over again.