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Next Breaking Brad please.

Posted by totheteeth

So psyched about this game.

Posted by r3d_zombie

video juddering for anyone else?

Posted by AMyggen

video juddering for anyone else?

Seems to be working fine here.

Posted by GValo

@r3d_zombie: I thought maybe it was my iPod since its on iOS 8 but I stopped it and resumed and it worked fine after that.

Posted by r3d_zombie

@gvalo: i think its the HTML5 playback, it seems fine through Progressive or Streaming.

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Look at all dem spikes!!!

Posted by afabs515

video juddering for anyone else?

Streaming it in chrome and it's working fine for me.

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I bought the original version of this on XBLIG ages ago. And for the record no, I didn't finish it.

Good to see it's back out there with a few new upgrades.

Masochists will love this one!

Posted by Eaxis

This seems like my kind of game. I'll accept the challenge as long as it's on the EU e-shop.

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So...Is this game breaking Brad with its hardness?

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You. Are. Dead.

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I know emphasizing the H in 'while' is just part of Brad's natural accent, but I still can't shake the feeling that he's doing it on purpose rather than out of habit.

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@mooseymcman said:

So...Is this game breaking Brad with its hardness?

It sure is. And I was mistaken earlier, Jeff would make a fantastic breaking brad co host.

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Errrrr... You are dead

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Gotta love the sheer joy Jeff seems to have when watching Brad die over and over again. Great video and game.

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This is a pretty sharp tagline.

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YOU ARE DEAD......and I want this game.

Posted by bboymaestro

I found myself simultaneously rooting for Brad, and hoping he would die again and again. Yep, video games made me a sociopath, the media was right.

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what's up with BigSky Infinity being on that ps4??? it's a ps3/vita game

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I've heard if you already own a Nicalis game on the 3DS, this game is discounted to 10.01 for you.

I appreciate that.

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Fuck shit fuck fucking shit fuck fucker fuck shit fuck.

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@bboboo: This would be the best, but I think Brad said on his tumblr that he was getting kinda fatigued with the feature and would wait a while before a new one. Here's hoping.

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You Are Dead

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Uh oh, another 8-bit indie. I'm out.

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A jerk game for jerks.

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You are dead

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Noooooooooope. Not happening, not for me. I do not need the stress, I'm not one of those "games are too easy these days" kind of guys. I grew up in the 8 bit era, aka OLD ;), and while I definitely appreciate the ascetic, I'm good. I don't even enjoy watching this being played...except for the music, the music is pretty awesome :)

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This game fulfills the stereotype of an indie platformer.

- Retro graphics.

- Retro music.

- Surprisingly (if ineffectively) story-based.

Posted by RockyRaccoon37

Holy shit this game seems amazing.

And everyone should watch the brothers McElroy play this on Polygon as well-- it features a Dracula cameo as well.

Posted by broletariat

Jeff's gleeful laughter as Brad succumbs to the game's sadism is so good

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Hnnng this music is nice.

Posted by Brettuss

This was great. Is it bad I enjoy watching Brad suffer? Sorry Brad.

Posted by Brad3000

@onlineatron: Big Sky Infinity is on that PS4 because somebody is in the PSNow beta. BSI is one of the Now games available in the beta and when you launch a Now game on PS4 it puts that games icon in your menu.

Posted by MrAbomination

It's like someone sat down and designed a game that's everything I dislike. But it looks like it's well made and people dig it, so good on 'em.

Posted by BoneChompski

Hey @Patrick we have a new game for you stream from Chicago.

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I'm going to guess the Adventure character is an exclusive one to Sony platforms. Looked like Nathan Drake to me.

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This game looks like a motherfucker. Great QL!

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I live in Europe and own a PS4. How do I buy this game? Thanks in advance.

Posted by Bill_P

I enjoyed this QL almost as much as Brad playing Demon Souls. Man I just need it.

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The pacing of the game looks like it would be great for the Vita.

Posted by Grondoth

Brad confirmed to be better at games than Griffin McElroy.

Posted by Mr_Creeper

Can't say I'm excited for yet another roguelike, but this game looks cool.

Posted by HammondofTexas

Jeff saying "You are dead" every time had me laughing so hard I was crying!

Posted by MEATBALL

@mr_creeper: this isn't a roguelike, levels are specifically designed and you're not dealing with perma-death. It's just a hard-as-fuck platformer.

This video's thumbnail had me pretty skeptical, but watching the Quick Look pretty much sold me. Seems a perfect game to buy for my Vita.

Posted by Jackvanburace

Art style on this one reminds me of La Mulana, but in a good way. Looks frustrating as hell.. but.. uh.. I'm kind of psyched to play it myself, haha.

Posted by whatisdelicious

@brad3000 said:

@onlineatron: Big Sky Infinity is on that PS4 because somebody is in the PSNow beta. BSI is one of the Now games available in the beta and when you launch a Now game on PS4 it puts that games icon in your menu.

Oh man I'm glad you explained that because I dropped the sandwich I was eating while watching that and go "oh shit did they just accidentally break embargo?"

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@mr_creeper: Masocore is the term you're looking for.

Posted by Mathey

It appears that you may be deceased.