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For a second when I saw the title I read "A Boy and his Blowjob". O_o
This game oozes with charm. As for that hug button? EVERY game should have one.

Posted by Seedofpower

I saw a "Bob and his Job."

Posted by DarkPants

I <3 my blob :)

Posted by iAmJohn

Hardcore blob hugging action.  Better age-gate this ish, son.

Posted by thecleric

Game could easily be GOTY

Posted by dbz1995

Lol at the Ocarina of Time reference.

Posted by wrecks

Fine! I'll get a God damn Wii already. Fine!

Posted by GregIsRad

It almost looks like they were trying to take A Boy and his Blob's game play and emulate Braid's art style/vibe with it.
I mean, the two games are vaguely similar.

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This game looks pretty neat. Very Maple Story styled graphics.

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I feel like I've been waiting for this game longer than it's actually been in development.
I don't believe I'll be disappointed. :)  Moai head!! Sweeeet.  
I hope they'll put the NES version on VC soon.  Business was Milon's Secret Castle hardcore.

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This definitely looks like a game to play with a girlfriend or something. super cute!

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fuck this game looks like fun

Posted by RichieJohn

Looks great... Love the animation... Another mark for the Wii in my decision on getting one of them or a PS3...

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New drinking game. Take a shot every time Vinny says "aww" and try not to get alcohol poisoning.

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I just keep imagining this as a 2D version of The Maw. That's a good thing.
And it just makes me want to shout in a high pitched voice, "Blob? BLOOOOOOOOOOOOB!"

Posted by Yelix
@MattBodega: More like The Maw is a 3D version of A Boy and His Blob.
Posted by PJ
@ryanwho said:
" New drinking game. Take a shot every time Vinny says "aww" and try not to get alcohol poisoning. "
Impossible my good sir!
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okay so the blob boy is brother to Sophie from the lucidity-Nanna game and Tim from Braid is their adoptive parent?

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I can't believe someone decided to remake A Boy and His Blob, one of the worst games of all time. A real good example of the half-assed flood the market with anything nature of the 80's, the soundtrack of the game even featured an astoundingly long pause between the looping of its grainy beeping off-beat jumble of sounds. Why anyone would think to touch this game again, I don't know. But I have to say, it does look charming.

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When he hugged the blob and Vinny exclaimed I lol'd so hard. hahahaha

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I like it.

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That hug is adorable.
Riding the anvil was pretty damn easy to figure out, so God damn thank Drew for being there...what would GiantBomb be without him!?
i feel like getting this, my Wii collection is so damn small.

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I love the art style of this game.

Posted by DudeSupreme

Every game now needs a Hug button.

Posted by Digbert

I really want a hug right now

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Hug button should be in all games now and into the future. . . Playin some Gears? Go run up to a locust and hold the bumpers down BOOM give him a huge that makes him EXPLODE!

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This is a great Quick Look.
That blob is some kinda cute.
The black stars remind me of Mario Galaxy.

Posted by Derecto

It seems very hard for those clumsy wii controller, better played with analogs sticks , i guess. 

Posted by RanchLizard

Awesome quick look.  LOL @ goo gone.

Posted by Dandy

i wanna hug the blob

Posted by FlipperDesert

I kept changing between the extremes of "Aaaw! this game is adorable!" when the characters hug, and "OH GOD THIS GAME IS FUCKED-UP D:" when the boy fell to his death.
It looks like a good game, if I ever get a Wii I'll have to hunt it down.

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This game is sooooo racist.

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ok sorry but awwww

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I think this game gave me diabetes.

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Looks great but it's a shame it's only on the Wii. If it was on the 360 I would buy it immidiately...

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Man, every game needs a hug button.

Posted by Urmean

Game is absolutely adorably beautiful.

Posted by supermike6

It looks  very nice, but the gameplay seems like it would get boring and frustratingly slow quickly

Posted by Sarumarine

I remember playing Boy and his Blob on the NES. That game was really hard from what I can remember.

 But the Hug Button was my favorite. Vinny's reaction was priceless. And any talk about the blob really. 
"You don't understand the physical properties of the blob."

Posted by Nictel

I wasn't sure about the game. Then I saw the hug. MUST BUY.

Posted by gingertastic_10

Looks good.

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OH MY GOD! this game is soooooo soooooo cute. I am so getting it. Just going to spend all my time hugging the blob.

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Looks really good

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Holy hell, this looks great.
This brings the total of Wii games I want to play to an amazing total of 2. 
Keep this up and I might find even find myself a friend who owns a Wii!

Posted by Tuggah

online for this game is everyone runs giving each-other hugs.