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Posted by Morningstar


Edited by Bobafeet

Looks Interesting!

Edit: Dammit, totally thought I got the quest.

Posted by Laini

Curious about this, the info on Steam has me interested.

Posted by zyn

Looks cool.

Posted by VanNuys

Awesome...might need to check that out

Edited by kortex

The music is so Mario. At least in certain parts.

Posted by Turkalurch

Oh man that coop made me tear up from laughing so much.

Edited by Baal_Sagoth

That sure are some surprisingly clever mechanics to enhance a very tried and true formula. It looks like it could be quite a bit of fun.

Posted by outerabiz

solution, multiple circuits

Posted by DarkbeatDK

Oh god I hate Pipemania. I like this game's art direction though, but I'd never want to play it.

Posted by AlexanderSheen

You know, QLing puzzle games is not easy.

Posted by Undeadpool

How weird is it that within months of one another, two games came out where you play as an entity inside a computer named Tom?

Posted by SmilingPig

10$ seems a bit expencive for a haking minigame, looks cool...looks 3$ cool.

Posted by CornBREDX

Not really wanting another Pipe Dream 
I'll pass. The Quick Look was funny though. The face the little nanos make when you get close to each other in multiplayer is funny.

Posted by prestonhedges

I like how the cutscenes have this "city of the future" Jetsons look to it but once you get in the game it looks like hot garbage Matrix rip-off bullshit.

Posted by MattBosten

Certainly some interesting concepts to the usual pipe mini-game, but incredibly frustrating to watch (as most puzzle games are).

Posted by dcgc


Posted by Matterless

That guy that fires people looks so familiar...

Posted by Moncole

I have this and its a lot of fun. Its fun to play Vs mode like Bomberman.

Posted by gbrading

Pipe Dream by any other name. I played enough of this in BioShock 1 & 2.

Posted by Cribba

Couldn't care less about the game itself but soundtrack is awesome.

Posted by Quantical

Nope, brain broke.

Posted by MeatSim

I don't need more hacking mini-games in my life.

Edited by K9

The music in this game is very reminiscent of Tekken 4 soundtrack:

Posted by Wandrecanada

4 Greens means 2 sets of charge.

Posted by gakushya

i like how a bunch of video games and movies have equations that float around in the background. honestly what is the point? its obviously just a bunch of random equations only selected cuz they look bad ass. how is any one impressed by that? thumbs up if your like me and pause the video every time to see if you can recognize the equations! oh wait this isnt youtube...

Posted by wumbo3000

Those keys are sticky!

Posted by Fascismo

I've heard the name of this game a few times before and kept thinking it was that "Thomas Was Alone" game they quicklooked a few weeks back. Now I feel silly

Posted by zaglis

Coop looked like friggin fun!
Lack of online is a bloody tragedy.

Posted by JJ_FIGGY

Esurance the game

Posted by MajorToms


Posted by Bummey

"It's like Pipe Dreams"

"I don't think people know what that means"

I really hope everyone knows what that means.

Edited by theimmortalbum

@Bummey said:

"It's like Pipe Dreams"

"I don't think people know what that means"

I really hope everyone knows what that means.

Pipe Dream was such a great game.

Edit: And throw in Chip's Challenge, Jezzball, SkiFree, Rodent's Revenge, and Life.. which I never understood until years later in my career as a programmer. Conway's Game of Life!

Posted by deerokus

If people don't know what pipe dreams is then I will feel old and sad.

Posted by ArrrCee

@deerokus: Well then prepare to put on a frown and a diaper!

Posted by dietmango

@deerokus said:

If people don't know what pipe dreams is then I will feel old and sad.

I know what it is! It's that one Bioshock minigame, right?

I kid. It's a great game :)

Posted by redelectric

@gbrading: You didn't play this in Bioshock 2.

Posted by doe3879

even Vinny and Ryan can't make this 1 trick pony interesting to watch

Posted by BigDaveisCheap

This is an absolute gem of a game. Well worth the money.

I find it really strange when people say, "Oh this looks like X other game I played once and therefore I will not play it." Video games are about iteration of ideas. Just because someone innovates a style of game doesn't mean that it is therefore the ultimate version of that style of game. We have Super Meat Boy because we once had Super Mario we have Borderlands because we once had Doom we have Slydris because we once had Tetris this is how gaming works.

A Virus Named Tom has mechanics you have seen before but offers a fresh take on those mechanics wrapped up in a new package of co-operative and competitive multiplayer and an amazing art style.

Obviously I am a fan of this game, yes I am biased, so don't take my word for it that this game is wonderful. Download the demo and try not to be charmed by this game, I dare you.

Posted by TheHT

Looks fun! Got some alright humour in there too.

Posted by Homelessbird

I'm into this game's sound design.

Especially the laughing noise the exploding spiders make, it reminds me of Ocarina of Time

Posted by ajamafalous

Oh god damn, just got to the puzzle at like 14:40 and as soon as he started turning them I realized he fucked it up just barely. Wondering how long it's going to take before he realizes it. Ughhh he already messed up lighting it up twice but not realizing that he needed to go vertically on the outside diamonds god damnit this is going to be mega frustrating isn't it.

Posted by ThatPrimeGuy

Ryan "CPT Irreverent " Davis and Vinnie The MasterMind.

Posted by dropabombonit

The music in this sounds dope. Ryan seems like the worst guy to play multiplayer with

Posted by leebmx

I keep hearing the Bombcast music in the background to the vs mode...

Posted by Glottery

Got my fill of hacking mini-games from the Ratchet & Clank collection, ugh...groovy music still, though.

Posted by Tordah

I'm liking the art style and music in this.

Posted by Etrips3

I love the music in this!

Edited by The_Nubster

The in-level music is fucking sweet.

@gbrading: Bioshock 2 didn't have any of this kind of stuff. It had the ticker, not the plumbing.

Posted by aceofspudz

The control method here seems...sub-optimal.

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