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Ah, Edgeworth.  I love how he can rock a cravat.

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Looks good.

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Is it wrong that it really annoys me how the top and the bottom of the DS is cut off ?   : /

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I'm already in the second case. This game is completely different from other AA games, but it still kicks ass.

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Objection! Hearsay! Lawyer talk... see... I could be an excellent lawyer.

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Eff those Saturday morning cartoons.
Welcome to 2010, where Saturday mornings are run by Quick Looks!

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I love them weekend quick looks!

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God bless Giant Bomb

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1.6 km Edgeworth

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Damn quick looks, I need to do school work but you pull me away from it, WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Ha, there's a steak n shake right down the block from me.

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I'm surprised Jeff had trouble finding this game in stores, the first Gamestop I went to had it.

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I could read the text just fine with the window at normal size (full screen pixelates it). But Jeff's reading was entertaining nonetheless.

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Very nice Of Mice and Men reference, Ryan.

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now that's how I like my Quicklooks. I laughed my ass off

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Aw how could you press the "Present" button instead of holding "Y" and shouting Eureka into the DS?!
You shame the Ace Attorney name!

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@ScottishGamer said:
" Is it wrong that it really annoys me how the top and the bottom of the DS is cut off ?   : / "
Watch the Phantasy Star Zero quick look to see why this is a perfectly acceptable compromise. 
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Brilliant quick look, really made me chuckle :D 
Lol the commentary is great! :D

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Awesome quicklook and awesome looking game. I may have to get this when it's released in Europe.

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I found that really boring. :/
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"im the worlds best at shooting punks like you"       -Jeff Gertsman

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Why must they hate on the awesomeness that is Gumshoe? :(
Good game, currently playing the last case. Starts off a little slow, but picks up as it goes along. No epic court scenes has stopped it from reaching quite the level of awesome that other Ace Attorney games reached though.

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@StrikerTheLizard said:
" I'm already in the second case. This game is completely different from other AA games, but it still kicks ass. "
Indeed.  I kind of miss the court moments, as those were pretty awesome, but it's impressive how everything happens in a different setting now.
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and then when Virgil went to WCW, they changed his name to Vincent because hurf durf Vince McMahon

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This looks pretty cool, but without the court moments I'm not sure how great it'll end up being...
if they made an ace attorney game that was half crime scenes like this and then half court cases, I think it'd be an epic win.

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This quick look was slightly irritating for the sole fact that we can clearly read the text.

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I was rather surprised that you guys made jokes about his name being 'Buddy Faith' and then didn't notice at all how the guy called him 'Jim'. That seems like a pretty big deal. You know, for the case.

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Funny that I was trying to watch the Phoenix Wright quicklook when this got uploaded. Game looks kind of cool really. Reminds me a bit of the CSI games.

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I love Quick Looks. Casual, yet they do more for a game then a review ever could - you've hit upon a great formula here, let's hope it stays this strong.

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For some reason this vid doesn't fill my screen when I use full-screen. Kind of a misnomer. You guys experimenting with Flash properties to maybe one day not need the borders to be part of the video (reducing overall size)?
Anyway, this Quick Look had me laughing pretty much the whole way through! One of the funniest.

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i love how their fake enthusiasm sounds like real enthusiasm at the same time... its probably a mix of both :D

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Full screen mode looks really gross and stretched. But not like, smoothed... it looks all pixelated when you go full screen. Like you resized it in a really old version of MS Paint but the aspect ratio was incorrect.
It's been that way since GiantBomb first launched.

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@CaptainObvious: awww man! HAWT!
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God, that's a small screen.

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Dick Gumshoe is a great name.

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Edgeworth could put Carmen Sandiego's ass in prison. 
The Power of Collar Ruffles COMPELS YOU.

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Does it look squished to everyone else?

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A new DS quicklook! 

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Dude, if your birth name is Dick Gumshoe, you really have no choice but to be a detective.

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Can't wait to pick this up.

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Holy shit.
Who wants to get some Steak 'N Shake?

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Finally, an anatomically correct game, where people have logic buttons on there heads. I was beginning to worry that I had some sort of deformity.

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that was  soo great im still dieing

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According to my count, this is Ryan's 100th Quick Look! Nicely done, Ryan.

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I don't like the DS quick looks... the screens are way to small. 
Besides that, I'm not sure if Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney is up to par with the rest of the series. Too bad we didn't get to see inside the courtroom.

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Steak N Shake=Better In N Out