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wow shooty, but dull

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damn it!!!

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Ill look at this later

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damn where did ryan and jeff find mithssiles?

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Picked this game up. The only bad parts about it are the parts where you're in a helicopter.

Edit: It doesn't seem right for that flight mode to exist at all. Flight Controls should always be set to original so that you can roll.

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Ace Combat Assault Horizon.

This title just sounds like 4 standalone words plopped together.

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So how long before Galaga is this game in the timeline?

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This game looks really janky.

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I've always wanted to get into Ace Combat, but the demo was fucking terrible. Looked like garbage, controlled like there were no physics whatsoever and had too many on-rails sections.
Curious to hear what the crew thinks of it.

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Man, this is a huge fucking disappointment. I really used to love the Ace Combat series, but the last few have been lackluster. This one doesn't help.

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Oh and a "sortie" is a term the military uses for a flying mission. Why it's used the way it's used in AC, I have no idea.

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Really disliked the demo. This sounds stupid but they ruined Ace Combat.

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Warwolf? That's an enemy in city of heroes, and all I can imagine is a giant werewolf packed into a tiny jet cockpit.

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Quick Looks FTW.

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I like me some pre-Bombcast quicklook.

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motion sickness- this is your game

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At the risk of sounding like a snob, I don't think I can go back to arcadey flight games after playing the brilliant DCS sim series. Looks somewhat interesting though, maybe I'll pick it up on the cheap later.

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@PrioritySeven said:

Oh and a "sortie" is a term the military uses for a flying mission. Why it's used the way it's used in AC, I have no idea.

"sortie" is also "exit" in french. the more you know.

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Is Jeff getting more obnoxious, or am I alone in noticing this? Keep it classy, it's getting embarrassing.

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@nervesnormal said:

@PrioritySeven said:

Oh and a "sortie" is a term the military uses for a flying mission. Why it's used the way it's used in AC, I have no idea.

"sortie" is also "exit" in french. the more you know.

Didn't know that. And knowing is half the battle.

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Man, when Jeff hates a game, he really hates a game.

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check out my sweet warwolf tshirt

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Looks alright to me. I got tired of Jeff's complaints rather quickly though. Whiny Quick Looks are never appealing.

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@jking47 said:

damn where did ryan and jeff find mithssiles?

They told you, from the Robot Lady...

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I would like to play this game but just watching the quick look made me motion sick.

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"That guy sortied his last sortie."

that made me burst

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Jeff is getting more and more annoying. Does he even like games anymore?

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oh well, as long this game is fun, I'm still getting it

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Warwolf sounds way too much like waldorf.

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For as cool as that looked aesthetically boy did it seem boring.

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bad ass kill at 14:52. games kinda nauseating to watch someone else play. also, the mission probably wouldn't take so long if you focused on the enemies with the red TGT on them. :P

looks like ace combat, with a new chase mechanic. if the crazy jet fighter drama is still in this even though there aren't made up nations, i'm down.

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A lot of unneeded crap inside. Just give me the music, ridiculous story, and bat shit crazy behemoth super-structures.

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Jeff was kinda disrespectful in this one. People spent thousands of hours creating this and all he does is openly mock it for the entire duration of the quick look. It's one thing to be funny about it, but this just came off as crass and rude, I'm a little disappointed in him. It seems like he's becoming overly jaded and cynical about games - just remember why you were first enamored with them to begin with. Sometimes you lose sight and it's easy to pick apart games needlessly. I love Jeff normally and hopefully he was just in a grumpy mood. Anywho, keep up the good work.

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As a huge fan of this series, I think people are being kind of dumb regarding the changes. Of course, "it's different now it sucks" seems to apply to everything these days, I guess.

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Game looks pretty good really, shame they didn't show the bomber or ac130 gameplay. We haven't seen much of that shown.

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@MiniPato said:

Man, when Jeff hates a game, he really hates a game.

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I am really disliking the dumb "pulled from the headlines" setting, seriously?

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Wow, Jeff was kind of a nit-picky asshole on this one. I couldn't even really notice the "shakiness" the graphics and animation looked fine. Also, is it just me or have quick looks been having more and more moments of long, kind of awkward silence in them?

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I really don't like all the military stuff I've seen in this. It seems like they still have some of that overly dramatic and sincere tone in this but the real world stuff doesn't really mix with it.

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Looks pretty bland and boring, which feels really weird to say because it's a game about flying jets really fast and shooting tons of shit

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Ass Combat: Accault Horizon

Edit: Wow, lots of awkward silence in this quick look. I think I've come to Giant Bomb at like a bad time or something.

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Finally, someone's making some goddamn sense here.

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@Origina1Penguin: Yep he needs to take a break for real Jaded as fuck

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Demo was okay apart from the heli bits. Hate controlling those things.

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Having played the demo and being a big fan of Ace Combat games, I cannot wait to purchase this. It can get a bit old to watch after a while, but it is constantly engaging when you're playing it, and the helicopter and other vehicle sections are very different.

So the setting is modern day earth instead of Anime Earth. Who cares? I've heard tell this game gets super ridiculous!

Jeff is a pansy for being motion sick, I says. Give me more of this insane nonsense!

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I think grumpy Jeff is simply a reaction to the state of games. I prefer grumpy Jeff to placated anyone else. Just because someone is willing to call bullshit faster than before doesn't mean they hate games.