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Edited by Nasos100

lolz came second, but i already have the quest so no big deal

Edited by endaround

Well it was a miss-still don't understand flight "sims" for handhelds.  Flight sticks should weigh like 15 lbs

Posted by KarlPilkington


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01:26...  Yo, that looks like a dong.
Also, I will never get tired of Ryan's rave impression. Ever.

Posted by Zanny

Doesn't a wingman fly beside you in a seperate plane? Or am I getting my terminology wrong here?

Posted by MrHammeh

Love it when there is something out early for us East Coast fellas, thanks.  =)

Posted by Chris2KLee
@endaround said:
" Well it was a miss-still don't understand flight "sims" for handhelds.  Flight sticks should weigh like 15 lbs "
I'd hardly call Ace Combat a flight sim. It's pretty arcadey in play style, and the story is even more ludicrous and convoluted than a Tom Clancy novel.
Posted by metalsnakezero

Wow, the best flight game for Ryan is on the PSP, excellent.

Posted by 234r2we232
@Nasos100 said:
" lolz came second, but i already have the quest so no big deal "
thats kool bro
Posted by Dizzyhippos

I love me some ace combat but they need to make it on consoles

Posted by S0ndor

Awesome online menus!

Posted by shiro11

The music in this game is amazing

Posted by Depth

So, are the ace combat console games any good?

Posted by AndrewB

"I can't just knock missles out of the air with my... hand... hand of god..." 
No, but Chie chan can.

Posted by RoyCampbell

Final lap keep going!

Posted by MysteriousBob

Air Combat games have plots?

Posted by Malphye

I mean its f'ing big bro. Great stuff, your quick looks don't disappoint.

Posted by fedorajay

First one was pretty good, might have to check this out sometime.

Posted by CreativeColossi
@Chris2KLee: Tom Clancy is much worse. Ace Combat goes crazy in a made up world, so I can deal with that. Tom Clancy just goes crazy.
Posted by BulletproofMonk

''I don't fly jets. Anymore.'' -Ryan Davis

Posted by Landmine

Ice T references make everything awesome.

Posted by drag

Sweet-ass menu screens.  
Man I love AC so much, I'll be so so happy when the new game comes out, back on home consoles at last.

Posted by Scooper

No more jet flying quicklooks, please!

Posted by Terjay


Edited by Ronald

Why not just crash the giant flying fortress into Tokyo? The thing is about the same size as the entire city, and the destruction would be the same.
And is that Jaoquin Phoenix after the green man in the mission loading screen?

Posted by PosableActionFigure

"Hey guys, let's back out of the single player that looks pretty cool to check out the multiplayer that no-one cares about!" 
Sounds like a plan.

Posted by Johnny5

One of the funniest quick looks in some time.

Posted by Chris2KLee
@CreativeColossi said:
" @Chris2KLee: Tom Clancy is much worse. Ace Combat goes crazy in a made up world, so I can deal with that. Tom Clancy just goes crazy. "
True, but he doesn't have half the mellow drama that an Ace Combat game has. The last one on 360 had my eyes rolling at every cut scene. Like a high school production of Hamlet...
Posted by Roger_Klotz

I'm going to joint ops with joint assault bro.

Posted by CreativeColossi
@Chris2KLee: Even fans regard that game as a horrible abomination, there's no denying that. But there's a french smelling brand of Tom Clancy bad that is more and more annoying to me. 
Also it's "melodrama." Not trying to be an ass, just saying. 맞지? ;D 
Posted by kollay

If there is one thing  the Ace Combat series has that the H.A.W.X. games does not, it would be an amazing music score.

Posted by bcjohnnie

This QL makes me think how much I would like to see them try to make a flying combat game in the Valkyria Chronicles universe.  I generally have no interest in flying games, but given the right setting I might dig something like that.

Posted by HowDire

Dude. That music is AWESOME

Posted by Livebythesword

haha i love Jeff's interpretation of Danger Zone during the replay mode

Posted by CreativeColossi
@bcjohnnie: Sky Crawlers for Wii is pretty damn close to what you seem to be looking for. ;D
Posted by gbrading

The commander is called Burford. I can't take it that seriously since that's the name of a small town not too far from where I live. Extremely dramatic music. For a PSP game, pretty good.
Posted by eccentrix

Ace Combat: Something Something

Posted by MeatSim

Giant air fortresses are totally practical.

Posted by Cazamalos

I've been playing this, and i think that X2 is probably the best modern ace combat and it only have just one stick , got me hyped for assault horizon

Posted by Majkiboy

I get Lylat wars feelings!

Posted by RVonE
@Depth said:
"So, are the ace combat console games any good? "

If you're into Japanese storytelling then yes.
Posted by Jolt92

Dang that's some sick ass music.

Posted by Cloneslayer

Ace Combat 7 please

Posted by CreativeColossi
@Cloneslayer: Assault Horizon? 7 is as mythical as fairies and dragons, bro.
Posted by SunKing

I want a fighter sim with the sense of speed of Burnout but more open-world-y than Afterburner. Can someone do that, please?

Posted by Jayzilla

actually, your wing man is in another plane altogether. i do however enjoy the sarcastic gay undertones.

Posted by AleeN634

Doesn't look to bad. Can't wait to finally get my hands on it.

Posted by RaidenMGS

I had no idea my family had a PMC

Posted by Sarumarine

Oh my god. Ryan and Jeff talking through the mentality of the Giant Airship crew is hilarious.
"Naw dude... Whatevs."

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

Draw distance is balls, but it's a PSP game so whaddyawant.

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