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Arrrgh, my aliens are sooo angry!

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What's that smell?

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It's time travel.

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Doom: The Movie: The Game.

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I'll just imagine this is the epilogue to his Fast Universe escapades.

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This looks pretty good in a really mindless way.

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Looks like my kind of game.

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I believe the voice actor is Brian Bloom. He's been the voice of Horner in Star Craft as well as various incarnations of Captain America.

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Man, City Interactive, they've come a long way. They used to just put out a tooooooooon of dumb mindless Call of Duty style military shooters that were all varying from bad to mediocre. Now it seems like they're at least making them something other than military shooters and they're actually above average. Of course, space marine alien shooter isn't very imaginative either, but it's something else. They're also making a similar WWII one man super spy army type FPS that's coming out sometime next year. This looks like the right kind of dumb mindless shooting fun, the main dude seems like a perfect dumb loud bro space marine.

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This looks okay. I'll pick it up in a Steam sale some time.

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Alien Rage > Alien Colonial Marines

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Looks like an average shooter selling at a reasonable price. I suppose if you've got nothing else to play, it could be worthwhile.

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I believe the voice actor is Brian Bloom. He's been the voice of Horner in Star Craft as well as various incarnations of Captain America.

I knew he sounded familiar.

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OMG, was that Steve Blum announcing your killstreaks?


Wow, this actually looks kinda fun.

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F***ing Silly! They nabbed the lady from Blood Dragon. Jeff missed some ammo by the first Kung Fu Alien. I might get it.

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@lazyaza said:

@the_ruiner said:

I believe the voice actor is Brian Bloom. He's been the voice of Horner in Star Craft as well as various incarnations of Captain America.

I knew he sounded familiar.

He also did Varric in Dragon Age 2, and Jackie in The Darkness 2.

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There isn't a game out there that so neatly encapsulates all of the visual and mechanical traits of the modern FPS. Plus its better than Aliens Colonial Marines

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Was he playing this on a gamepad or keyboard and mouse? If keyboard and mouse then he needs to learn to move better, lol. The stuff in the mp was kind of funny.

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@jabronie said:

Looks like my kind of game.

You would say that, wouldn't you?

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The mechanics in this look surprisingly good for a generic space marine shooter game that no one cares about.

Edit: Welp, not so much in the multiplayer, considering how good the shotguns are.

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I... might actually play this. Looks fun.

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Despite all my alien rage I'm still just a rat in a cage.

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This.. looks strange.

Actually after watching this it just looks meh. Not bad but not amazing.

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Got to be said, for a budget game this seems great. Looks pretty, plays fine, seems good. Everything is does is very "video-gamey" but it delivers what it promises. Jeff died a lot but it seemed to be mostly his sloppy playing.

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I love Bulletstorm

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Oh man, that might have been the first time I've seen Jeff get jumpscared and it was hilarious!

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I saw this game on Steam. And now there's a quick look, yhes :D

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That standard UE3 netcode. Man, it's so bad.

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Saw it on Steam a while ago but held off on it seeing it was made by City Interactive who has a spotty track record at best - but this seems like it could be pretty fun, actually. I'll pick it up.

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In the future, orange and teal are the only colors that exist.

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This seems decent for $20. I might have to get it when it comes to consoles. Looks generic as hell, but sometimes I just want a game where I just...shoot a lot of shit for no reason, and this seems like that.

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I don't normally like FPSes, but this looks rather fun.

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Looks a lot better than the incredibly generic name would imply.

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this seems completely decent for the budget price, will pick up on a sale

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For games like this, I wish they'd play a little bit in advance so we'd get to see what the perks are like.

This seems alright for the price.

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This looks surprisingly not terrible.

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If you had a electric whip, this game would be perfect.

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I wonder if the company was aiming for a $20 release, or had higher ambitions that went south.

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These budget quicklooks have been fairly enlightening. Both this and Marlow Briggs look quantifiably better than, say, Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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So it's basically the budget gamebaby of Quake 4 and Bulletstorm minus the dick jokes, swearing, and cool guns.

Seems decent for launching at $20 when considering it'll be on deep discount at some point or put into an indie bundle.

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So is this some kind of Bulletstorm total conversion?

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Please for the love of god play games like this with a mouse and keyboard. Its pretty obvious that this game was designed with that kind of input in mind so it makes sense to demo a game using it. I'm not anti-gamepad or anything but I think it makes sense to use the input that best suits a game if you are trying to show it to an audience.

About the game I think it seems like a fun and challenging little game. Finally a budget fps that gets the basics right. Thats enough for me to overlook the slightly dodgy level design, complete lack of narrative and repetitive environments. I really like that both you the player and the enemies are very deadly thanks to powerful weapons. It means you can shred enemies quickly but they can do the same to you. I think this lends the game a nice risk and reward balance leading to a nice adrenaline rush and many close fights.

Posted by Atwa

I will never understand why Jeff prefers to play first person shooters with a controller.

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@atwa said:

I will never understand why Jeff prefers to play first person shooters with a controller.

Because preferences? Because controllers are more comfortable?

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Never expected a "we're all in the same gang" quote, even if it was off slightly