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sweet. Drew!

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Oooooh, this should be interesting.

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awesome I've never been first before : )

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ive noticed the sites vids arent running as well on my computer for some reason

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Hrmm...looks a little clunkier than I had hoped in terms of movement and frame rate.  However, I'm still psyched about the potential of the other multiplayer modes. 
Consider me a little less psyched now, though.

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bitching, good sir

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@Snipper138 said:
" ive noticed the sites vids arent running as well on my computer for some reason "
It's the Genophage, it only makes 1 in 1000 videos viable.
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Can this be like Natural Selection please?

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Everyone with a computer should buy this by the way.

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Well I'm pretty sure I need to go watch Alien now.  Fuck I love the first two movies.  I'm also like Drew played the shit out of AVP2, probably played with him and didn't know it.  I knew exactly everything he was talking about.
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i just played this, ehhh, I'll have to play more to get a better feel but so far it seems pretty average, not too bad but nothing great.

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@TheHendenpeter said:
" really?  awesome I've never been first before : ) "
And you're still not.
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Seems Drew is replacing Brad in all fronts.  All fronts!

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@Milkman: haha
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I, like Drew, played the hell out of AvP2 and since a few days ago it was the only AvP game I had played. It's one of my favorite games. I just recently played the first (got it on Steam for $5) and it's not as good as AvP2.

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Corin Nemec Can't Lose!
I wish Parker Lewis was doing better. Professionally. He was also in Operation Dumbo Drop.

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Drew is a man of few, but high quality, words.

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no ones playing this on PS3..wtf it wont find any matches

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Remember fondly in the first PC AvP game where the hiss/taunt was great in the single player, always fun to take out all the lights, hide in the corner ceiling & start hissing then the AI people would either start crying in the corner or shooting each other.

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haha ryan's a terrible predator.  :P
an awesome game though, i'll be picking this up on the PC for sure (and dedicated servers confirmed for the final retail too!)

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@PlasmaBeam44: Haha me too. I'm still having fun with the first one though.
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Cold fusion, man. Read your bible.

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OMG! OMG!  QL banter...!

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game over man! 
Sorry just needed to.

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I just got done watching aliens in its entirety for the first time before seeing this quicklook was up

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Also why settle for just Batman vs. Predator when you can have

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Is there even any point in playing a marine in this game,  seems to be vastly underpowered lol.

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Marines should not be killing other Marines!

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Its not working on PS3 for some un to god known reason.
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After playing this for awhile on PC watching it being played on a 360 is almost painful.

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Holy shit, Ryan sure mashes those thumbsticks around.

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I've only gotten into one game on the PS3. Don't really have a want to play more

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This was probably the worst mode to have put out for this game. Love watching the vid, but the game seems so lacking because the melee looks so bad. Half the time you seem to die from out of nowhere ... kinda making most of it pointless.

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Game Started.

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Looks like there might be more to this game that the QL doesnt really get across.

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@Marz said:
" Is there even any point in playing a marine in this game,  seems to be vastly underpowered lol. "
yeah, Ryan has played FPS more than most, and he only did middle of the pack as the marine, but then he switches to a CRAZY-motion sickness-odd controlling alien, and its so over powered he does pretty darn good his very first time. I mean he even had to look up what the controls actually were.... why would you ever be marine? (although the all marines vs predator mode sounds sick!)
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Batman'll totally destroy 5 predators.

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@august said:
" Drew is a man of few, but high quality, words. "
As Robert Ashley would say, he's got an economy with words. Just like any good silent protagonist, when they speak up everybody shuts up, because they know that dude's about to say something worth hearing.
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Well, I've actually played the demo, and the one match I played as a Marine, I took first by a long shot.  You've gotta keep your head on a swivel and utilize his block and melee attack more than you'd probably want to.  Not to mention his clip-size on his default gun allows for some serious bullet spam.
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I thought this was AvP, not Doom 3?

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I've been playing the demo a lot today, and have had a lot of fun with it. Obviously it's hard to say anything about balance so far since everyone are still garbage at the game, but it seems pretty decent. I've won a few rounds with each race, but I feel the most comfortable with marine due to the motion sensor and ranged weapons - though I have the most fun with alien.

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Ryan kind of sucks as the predator. Interesting Quick Look though.

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The tagline for this video is amazing!

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"Expect to see some gruesome deaths... like this one"

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why not team deathmacth?