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This was scary.

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This game is supposed to be played in the dark with surround sound. Playing with 2 other guys in the room cracking jokes kinda destroys the atmosphere. 
Anyone who is interested, theres a demo on steam. It's fucking terrifying.

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Yeah Dave!

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I've been interested in this game, so it's nice to see it in action.

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 heh, I loled at the grue comment

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Most scariest game ever - System Shock 2

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I think i peed my self O_O

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A GB style quick look could never do this game justice, but I'm glad it's being showed anyway.

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I'm too squeamish to play this, but it looks cool. Also, NICE Total Recall references Vinny.

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I hate scary games and movies. I don't like to be scared. It's unpleasant... I love to be miserable thought.

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i knew you guys were gonna do that after like 4 seconds passed and the video still wasn't over, lol 
this game looks amazing...just like the penumbra games 
can't wait to play it

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Amnesia, FTW!

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Penumbra was fascinating, but I only played the first one and it wasn't very refined. It had that "this then this then this NO DEVIATION" feel to the puzzles. Maybe this is better?

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Amnesia looks interesting but I'm not quite sure about it yet. I only dabbled in the Penumbra games although they had a lot of cool features too.I actually envy your ability to deal with all the weirdness and clunkyness of obscure games, Dave! Nowadays I rarely get into the super obscure ones as much as I still like enigmatic and arcane game gesign.

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@Sweep: That's the only way I'd be able to play it. 
Otherwise I'd be weeping like a little girl in the corner.
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Is it just me or are quick looks getting shorter on average? :/

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Trust me. This game gets damn scary. 
More obscure PC quicklooks, please!!!!!

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They should have shown one of the monster parts. Tense atmosphere is one thing, but running from monsters you can't defeat is the actual stuff of nightmares.

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More QL with Dave!

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Not so scary as I expected... Still the scariest game on PC I think is Silent Hill 2

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Leaving all my journal entry's in one place is way to inconvenient!

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dude, I wanted to see a monster

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Sup with Brad's voice today?

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Love me some Dave!

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I started watching this and I threw up. 
1. Because the camera angles made me nauseous. 
2. Because I'm hungover. 

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So it is a PC only game?  Damn.

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One of the scariest demos I've ever played. However, it doesn't work as well with the GB crew...

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downloading demo now

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Been playing it with a buddy and its scary as hell.

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Hey I live near Dover and Canterbury! Never seen this place though...

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14 minutes? :\

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Something about the atmosphere reminded me of the unpredictability of Condemned: Criminal Origins and immediately, I know it would be too scary.

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Welcome back, Dave!

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I've been watching a playthrough since I can't run it myself, and wow does it ever get tense later on. I wonder if I'd even be able to finish without freaking out.
If there is one game that does scary right, this is it.

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YAAAAAAAAAAAAY, I was really hoping for a quicklook of this game. 
Also, I thought there were definitely some parts of Dead Space that were scary. It was the scariest game I have ever played. Whenever I think of a scary part in a game, I think of near the beginning of Dead Space. There is a part where there is a monster on the floor of a hallway that is easily mistaken for already dead, especially after you just killed a few of them in that general area, and once you walk near it, it pops up and starts attacking you. When I first encountered that it scared the shit out of me. Also, I think Dead Space used the music and darkness really really well. There were definitely times in that game where I would walk really slow and constantly be looking behind me.

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Haha, I knew that end bit was coming. Good one.

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Sweet! I just started watching Hamst3r's awesome playthrough yesterday (fucking water monsters had me losing my shit) and was hoping the crew would do a QL soon.

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They didnt really get to the monster parts. Those are by far the scariest fucking things I have ever played. 
If you ever liked an adventure / horror game. Buy this!

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All you said and showed reminded me of Penumbra.

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Cool to see a quick look of this. The demo was a lot of fun. Well, maybe fun is the wrong word.

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Interesting delving into Vinny's gaming psyche there.

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Darn it,  why did this quick look have to end. I want more!