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Posted by Venatio

Doesn't work

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Yes it does and it's awesome.
My only complaint about the new video player is that it doesn't save your settings.

Posted by Kibblez

First 360 game I rented. Pretty good.

Posted by ooofafa

it works for me

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I love the new player, but I miss "Duder"
edit: my eyes just melted

Posted by RoadCrewWorker

New player is broken in both opera 10.10 as well as 10.50. Love the choice of streaming vs progressive though.

Posted by masterpaperlink

dammit the tab doesn't dissapear instantly when i take the mouse of. 

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Posted by Yodzilla

Yeah the new player doesn't seem to work in Firefox 3.6. Neither does the "follow this person" link in someone's profile.

Posted by Vinchenzo

Amped 3 is a great game.

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Sweet, most of my fond memories of the early life of the 360 come from Amped 3. Never thought I would see the Giant Bomb guys take it for a Quick Look drive. It will be a lot of fun to jump back into that insane world. 
Edit: Simply awesome. I'm sad they didn't strike up a new game and show the sequence before you create your character. Otherwise a complete package.

Posted by masterpaperlink

also were ma SSX?

Posted by KingOfIceland

dude, WHAT!!

Posted by PhatSeeJay

hahaha oh god those cutscenes!

Posted by tomu86

Yeah, less and less of this site works for me in chrome and opera and firefox.. now I can't click any of the links to any of the tabs like Quick Looks or even change any options on the video or play any videos.. the only way I can watch the videos is to download the flv... :(

Posted by Supersoulman

This proves how amazing giantbomb.com is.  I literally have no interest in Amped 3 (I rented it when I first got my 360 and thought it was meh), but as soon as I saw this quick look posted I knew there were going to be some good times had.  You guys are great!

Posted by DemiGodRaven

I miss Duder, as well.

Posted by Wes899

Oh my god. What is this? How did I miss this game?

Posted by wapostyle

I can't get it to work in Firefox 3.6 either. Seems to be ok in Chrome and IE, although in Chrome about 1 minute in the page did some kind of auto refresh and started the video over.

Posted by shway

Doesnt work for firefox it seems

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One of my 1st 360 games, and actually a pretty damn fun snowboarder. Think I'm pretty close to an S rank in it too... hmm, maybe I should head back to the mountain.

Posted by tgammet

Doesn't work in Firefox for me either :(

Posted by GilbertMordinAndSullivan

It's Cinco De Mayo at Giant Bomb!

Posted by Osaladin

Works for me in firefox.

Posted by VicRattlehead
@shway: im using firefox and watching it.... so you know... it does....
think theres a problem with adblock plus or somthing
Posted by Brazzle

I had no idea how insane this game was.

Posted by PlasmaMachine

So it's a snowboarding game, and a storage of pilots for Adult Swim.

Posted by InFamous91

great timing

Posted by Jimi

Now i want to replay amped 3 >_<

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Doesn't work in Firefox 3.6 and I only have IE6 here at work. this effing sucks.

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Wow! back from the sorta dead, this game was pretty sweet, more than that, at least in terms of all the crazy cutscenes. Total nostalgia if i played this game and aint even that old.
And yeah i've heard that music around a lot too. i always know it as Amped 3 music.

Posted by evilboy2000

Doesn't work in firefox for me

Posted by brocool

finally broke it out! nice

Posted by Zanetsu

Is it just me or do those anime mechs look a bit like geth?

Posted by louiedog

If you can't watch this in Firefox, it's probably because you're blocking ads. Why would you do that at Giant Bomb? They're unobtrusive and it keeps the guys fed and sheltered.

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

Something tells me it's a slow day at Giant Bomb dot com.

Posted by twelve1784

I had this and sold it.  Boy do I regret selling it.

Posted by MikkaQ

An hour of Amped 3? WHYYY? 
Oh well no complaints about the awesome contained within.

Posted by Hot_Karl

Wouldn't this be a Quicklook Throwback? Or is it still "new" enough to be considered just a normal "Quick Look"?
@wapostyle said:

" I can't get it to work in Firefox 3.6 either. Seems to be ok in Chrome and IE, although in Chrome about 1 minute in the page did some kind of auto refresh and started the video over. "

Do you have Adblock on? Put Giant Bomb on the exception list.
Posted by Branz

It wasn't working for me because I had adblock pro on, disable it for giantbomb.com and it should work for you.

Posted by Venatio

I must get this game, it's gotta be cheap somewhere

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Those mechs looked like geths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! could this be mass effects past
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Argh the video isn't working for me in Safari. The play button isn't acknowledging my click.  
Edit: Turned off AdBlock. Works now. Might want to slap a warning on the UI or something.

Posted by MisterMouse

Man the new player looks great, and it is working wonderfully for me (working on it from Safari)

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God, I totally missed this when it came out. I actually saw it a couple of months ago at a yard sale for cheap. I mean really cheap. So cheap I can't bring myself to type it because I feel like a bonehead for not getting it. I didn't realize how awesome it is. I figured it was just a snowboarding game I wouldn't play.
 Also, here's Ryan's original video review: 

Posted by Rhaknar

what the fuck is going on in this video... am I high?

Posted by Termite

Oh God.....
Thank you Giant Bomb.