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Awful game.

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I suck

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Alright been waiting for this!

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Posted by FUMN

O JOY 1st hand look!

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Finally! Thought I could manage to watch it before work, but alas, just got home basically, perfect timing.

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I heard this game was total shite.

EDIT: Yeah, this is no good. Marchello notwithstanding, it's Deadly Premonition without the personality.

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Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

One hour? Whoa. *gets breakfast*

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Posted by Daiphyer

Early Quick-Look of the year?

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I had never even heard of this game before this QL.

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I've been waiting for this. Bad reception from critics, but it looked interesting beforehand, I need to know what's up.

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@Tuggah said:

I suck

Awwwwwwww. : (

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Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish

They couldn't pAY ME to play this. 

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Posted by Evilsbane

Two Hour Long Videos HOT DAMN!

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Huge QL.
Crappy Game.
All units.

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I really really do not like the art oh god.

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Awesome, here's my dinner eating entertainment for this evening.

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Posted by EightBitShik

oh my god one hour of Vinny!

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"That's an upside down V. This game is made for me." Sir Vincent Caravella, Italian Philosopher.

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I don't really know why, but I feel the same thing is going to happen to I Am Alive, looks interesting in preview coverage but game is royal garbage

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If you're going to try to sneak away from a monster. Don't wear heels doing so.

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An hour long Quick Look of Amy. Holy shit!

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I was really pysched for this but after playing it, what a let down >_<

It looks nice, when the engine can keep up but it plays like a poor PSX game.

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A "half life sign" is a lambda

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This is going to be good.

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Man, this game looks terrible. Reminds me of Deadly Premonition.

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@benson said:

A "half life sign" is a lambda

I think a "Half-life sign" might be an indicator that someone didn't pay much attention in school... :-)

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@alibson said:

Man, this game looks terrible. Reminds me of Deadly Premonition.

yeah, though DP at least had some charm to it.
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Dig deeper into Amy...not...cool.

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Vinny has the best Christopher Walken performance!

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OMG, that clown...

Also, dat framerate!

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Posted by AlexanderSheen

@vmehnert: You have a dirty mind.

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Be aggressive...

be-e aggressive.

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Posted by AndrewB

I'm continuing to notice this trend in 2012 where any quick look with Vinny in it is golden.

This is exactly what I wanted when I heard about Amy.

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Posted by TehJedicake

Was really excited for this game until I played it, I was really really really hoping it would be like Silent Hill Shattered Memories, no combat whatsoever, but nope.

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Posted by laini

@AndrewB: Only 2012?!

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@Cypher said:


Danger zone...

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I feel this game would have made a great Endurance Run

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imagine the size of his balls.........

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I first heard of this game a week ago, and it never looked even interesting. It looked like a badly made survival horror game. Guess what? I was right.

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Posted by 234r2we232

Darn it. Was hoping Patrick was being limited to Endurance Runs I don't watch :|

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I think the reason why Lana encourages AMY so much when she does something like push a button is because AMY is autistic.

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The conductor guy wasn't there when I played the trial either. And I never reloaded it, so that's some good work.

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Press X to Amy

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Posted by Klei

*insert random hate comment towards the game to be cool and rad like most users*

Except I can't, I kinda like this game, even if it has tons of problems. I still dig it.

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Near future, upside down lambda, riding train and train station intro, chubby Italian, faceless security police that kills everyone. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HL3 GABE!??!?!

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