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Can think of few game styles that go together better than tower defense and Rainbow Six.

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Good for you RustySpoon

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Man, I have quick looks to catch up

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So many colons.

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Right in time for lunch, I love it!

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earf is a pretty big place for a warzone

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Been looking forward to this ever since I heard about it on Ars Technica.

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Ryan, you should go play old school Rainbow Six, it's a great game.

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APC = armored personnel carrier... C&C :)

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That game uses the word jabronie (jabrony?)? AWESOME! 

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Seems pretty neat

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"That's U2"........or is it INXS?

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man, that looks cool! i think i'm going to buy it later.

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@mortal_sb said:
" man, that looks cool! i think i'm going to buy it later. "
Same here! This was unexpectedly awesome-looking.
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Unlocks in an hour it looks like on Steam. I'm going to buy this, looks fun

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A lot of tower defence games over the years, but a reverse tower defense game? That's weirdly compelling. Will have to check it out.

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thought that was a full price game at first glance. i'm always in for some 10 bucks gaming!

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Looks quite interesting, I think I might get this soon :)

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Looks cool, reminds me of the old CnC.

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Who the fuck cares if they just send one dude to save the whole world. Just do it Vinny, JUST DO IT!!!


 DAAAAAMMMMMMN   !!@!!!#!!!@!!!@@@!!!!

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Hmm I may have to get this, I am a sucker for games like this. 

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Also coming to the ipad and iphone. Looks like it'll be great touch based.

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Thought to myself, "Hey this is totally an iOS game" meaning it's super simplistic. Then I got terrible feelings that it's actually going to happen, all these amazing popular games on iOS are not only continuing but are going to 'infest' other gaming platforms. But then I realized that it would be cool if games made years ago, that are simplistic in design as an iOS game could be made today and be popular again, games like Black & White where the controls are also 'just a mouse' and easy to port to a touch screen.

So this is a thing now, I'm not sure how I feel other than left out. It's been a while since I felt gaming was moving in a direction specifically 'for' me and now those cool gaming moments are few and far between.
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Looks awesome. 

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I'm British, and I endorse Ryan Davis English accent.

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Reverse tower defense is a Clever Idea.

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Looks scawcha'.  Will probably get this. 

Defense Grid is great if anybody is looking for some reverse reverse Tower Defence.

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Know your role, jabroni.

Er, I mean, this looks much better than the reverse tower defense game within Dead Space Ignition. 
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"Does this town also need an enema?"  I love you Vinny.

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This actually kind of makes me think of a Crysis tower defense game. Maybe it's the guy that sounds like Psycho or the radial menu or maybe it's the guy running around in a crazy suit.

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Wow this actually looks awesome ill be picking this up.

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I just went on Steam to buy this game after watching the QL, and it won't release for another two hours.

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Never heard of this game before, but seems quite cool!

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I'm interested. Glad I saw this, with that title I would have breezed right past it on steam.

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NICE QL, BUT! Where is yesterdays TNT?

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'Get you butts onboard so we can pop this joint'?! No British person has EVER SAID THAT. Other than that this game looks cool.

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Saw 10min's of the QL and bought it.

FYI, it's 10% off this week to celebrate it's release (EURO 8.99) !

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Bought it before the quick look ended, game looks great.

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It's available now and 10% off too. $9

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Looks like hanging back with your dude is the wrong thing, use him to soak up the first shots since you seem to self-heal? (not half-way through, maybe they figure it out... haha)

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its INXS


I laught when he did that.

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Now that would be an interesting multiplayer mechanic. One player places the towers, the other controls the bad guys going down the alley.

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@Renegadegd said:
" I'm British, and I endorse Ryan Davis English accent. "
I concur with my fellow countryman! :P

Game definitely looks like an interesting twist on tower defence.
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At first I thought this was some new type of Quick Look that they had named Quick Look Anomaly. :o

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@eloj said:
" Looks like hanging back with your dude is the wrong thing, use him to soak up the first shots since you seem to self-heal? (not half-way through, maybe they figure it out... haha) "
Yep, you definitely should tank the first 1-2 shots with your guy. The self-heal is so quick.
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Tower Defense was the key to defeating the aliens.

Looks like a cool game. I wonder if they'll ever give your guy any attacks like an airstrike or something.