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yep apples

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Helen Keller always wins.

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@FriskyBat said:


Nicely done.

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@FriskyBat: I actually went for the first time comment for the first time and I know I had it but by the time I found the comment button I knew I was screwed lol you would think I'd know where that is or checked it first lol I fail :(

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Patrick: I got it.

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@Mr_Skeleton said:

@FriskyBat said:


Nicely done.

I thought so :)

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Either I can't find it on the new dashboard, or this isn't available in the UK.

It's like Trenched Iron Brigade all over again.

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Indie Cliffy B in the house!

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How long have they been sitting on this QL =o

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5 minutes in and its fucking hilarious already.

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assholes to assholes

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Brad Muir have my babies!

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Brad Muir is terrific!

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awesome million dollar pyramid callback. it was an awesome quick look if anyone here hasn't seen it.

Edit: Also, this is one of the funniest quick looks i've seen in a while.

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Double Fine won't pay for poor Brad to get back home. :(

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I'm waiting for the Black Eyes Peas version, apl.de.aplz

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Might be my QL of the year.

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They had a lot of fun recording this =)

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@Ares42: Considering the game came out on Tuesday, and they say its out in the video, not long at all.

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Glad Brad is here, that guy is awesome.

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Assholes to Assholes

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Oh man, this QL deserves to be in the all-time greats. Apples To Apples TNT, please!

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Lmao... hilarious quick look

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Love Brad Muir. Also, whatever they were planning for TNT tonight, scrap that idea. We need two hours of XBL Apples to Apples!

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Did this video stop for anyone else around the 30 minute mark?

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Brad Muir is one of my favorite people. Great QL.

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LoL, awesome QL =D

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Going to buy apples to apples right now.

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can we please get a live stream of them playing apples to apples?

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YEAH!! BRAD MUIR!!!! I love you too maker of shoes. He should just get a side job working at giantbomb please. 

"Oh god there are some people from the south listening to this. I'm sorry guys" A joke or sincerity? Can't tell, great either way.
God I keep editing this but I really REALLY hate you giantbomb. You're getting paid to do this. ARrrrghhhh. "What? Oh yeah I'll spend 45 minutes laughing my ass off and having fun with friends, sure thing, thanks for the check!" Lucky.

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This needs to get a TNT dedicated to it in the near future.

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This quick look is fucking extreeeeeme, one of my favorites!

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Hilarious. I wonder what Brad is doing in the office, maybe promoting the new Trenched update? Well, I'm not complaining either way :D

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Awesome! Brad Muir is a fantastic guest; I love whenever he shows up!

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@Pudge: heh, ye.. the start just sounded like they recorded it back when they did Trenched.. figured it out eventually though :P
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Numagad it's Brad Muir. Great stuff.

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Calling the American South exotic is not offensive, Brad. Relax.

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How drunk were they when they did this video? I felt left out by inside jokes :/.

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Brad Muir is the best.

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What the fuck did I just watch?

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Man. This was fantastic.

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Yeah Brad Muir! Love that guy!

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Lol K4N4GE