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I'm a timetraveller, now! Truly, this is the age of ARMA.

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Sweet.  A new Quick Look!

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I have no idea what this is but i have never missed a quick look

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Yess, i wish i had that head movement system

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Jeff's mentioning "Silent Service" brought back fond memories of my days with the Amiga 500.

Posted by Death_Burnout

I hope this QL touches upon how this series has hardly moved on in 8 years. (operation flashpoint included)

Posted by kerikxi

Taken down? :(

Posted by plumeria

I remember Operation Flash Point - and based on that recollection alone I am not going anywhere near this one.

Posted by eternaLightness

lmao horrible voice acting xD

Posted by myghart
@MarvelAssassin said:
" lmao horrible voice acting xD "
What "acting"? This sounds like text-to-speech, dude.
Posted by CitizenKane

Wait, so was this video taken down?  I accidentally closed my browser and came back to an empty space.

Posted by Agent47CSim2

Why has it been taken down within 5 minutes of me going on? I was just watching it, changed to be on a more private computer so I could turn it up and it was gone, what happened?

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Hey guys, the framerate issues you see are not with ArmA II, but with our capture setup.  ArmA II was running pretty smoothly while we were recording.  We will have this issue fixed by the next time we do PC capture so this doesn't happen again.

Posted by myghart
@drewbert: I thought it was the game's framerate at first, wondered why the guys never mentioned that.
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Aha! yes Jeff, i do, think, that, dedicated, audience, deserves, better.

This game is depressing.

Posted by CitizenKane

Alright.  Thanks Drew!

Posted by TheTemplar

I played the demo for a few hours, quite enjoyed it. However it was enough, I'm not buying the game.

Posted by skywing

keep the dave looks coming

Posted by phlegms

I wish my poor little laptop could run this..

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I think ArmA and Flashpoint are too complicated. So complicated that they become not realistic anymore. I think it would be EASIER to do all these things in real life than if you tried it out in ArmA. Simplicity is more my style like Red Orchestra.

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I just love text to speech. It is just to funny for me to take it seriously.

Posted by zyn

This. Game. Does. Not. Suit. Me.

Posted by Azteck

That looks way too complicated for me. I won't even try and play it.

It was fun seeing Dave in a QL though, I like that man.

Posted by Dante_the_Jedi

Oh I love this game and hate this game, it is so damn crazy.

Posted by Azteck
@IgneusMaeror said:
" @drewbert: I thought it was the game's framerate at first, wondered why the guys never mentioned that. "
I thought it was my computer not being able to play the video well.
Posted by BenderUnit22

Hilarious, but not a game for me.

Posted by Rain_1

Oh dear god, what is up with the framerate? :D

Posted by CitizenKane

Another great Quick Look.  Dave needs to be in these more often.

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This game looks scary.

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I wish I could play this without dying, I got my shit wrecked in the tutorial. D:

The helicopter part especially. "Okay, I'm moving, that's great, now how do I hover? Wait, that's not it- OH GOD WHY AM I UPSIDE-DOWN THIS IS NOT WHERE I WANT TO BE AT ALL"

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I have played a good many hours of Arma 2 and I took this from it:

  • The fun of this game is in multiplayer, I cared not for the singleplayer
  • Jets are not easy to fly, flying helis in multiplayer when you're not pro at it angers people
  • Everyone can see me before I can see everyone
  • I both love it, and hate it. The game seems to feel the same way.
Posted by Qorious

Yes! Nice to hear Dave once in awhile!!!

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Where's all the scantily clad women for that Benny Hill tune hmmm?

Posted by JeffGoldblum

Watching this game make me want to punch kittens.

Posted by Hairydutchman

Holy crap at the button commands. I think you need to have a degree to play this.

Posted by Metal_Mills

It's a good game but filled with a shit ton of performance and bug problems.

Posted by WEGGLES

This looks boring and awful. I can't fathom enjoying something like this.

Posted by MeatSim

I like deep and complex games but this is just crazy.

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Not Like this.

Posted by Walreese55
@JeffGoldblum: I thought you were dead...
Posted by kratos187

sorry pc fans but this game looks so boring 

Posted by Stephen_Von_Cloud

I am loving this game, gotta go pick it up soon.

"Did we get him"

*muzzle flash, screen red*

haha, good shit.

Posted by linfosoma

Not my cup of tea really, but I enjoy the video.
Will wait for OP Flashpoint 2.

Posted by atomic_dumpling

Something is wrong with the commentary, at least on the "low" version. Sounds like you overdrove the microphone quite a bit, making it sound all muffled.

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I always thought ARMA looked too sim-y for me when I would look at gameplay videos of it, and I wouldn't be surprised if I felt the same way about ARMA 2 if I gave it a try.  But it's evident to me Dave was just playing this really poorly.  He was half running and gunning, in a map where you're obviously intended to use discretion.  He could have picked any one of those guys off from afar, sneaking around in the woods and plunking guys in the head, or paid attention to where each one was patrolling and hid somewhere among the buildings until he had a shot at them.  But he was mostly just going from point A to point B and not really paying attention to how he could best approach the enemies.  I'm sure there are more complex elements to this game than this quick look showed, but what was shown here really wasn't that complicated.  I've done more complicated things in BF2 even.  :/

I don't know how much I'd like this game overall, but I think I could actually have a good time playing the map they showcased here if killing guys stealthily and rescuing a hostage is the extent of it.  I'll have to look into this game sometime.

Oh yeah, and the button commands don't look all that intimidating, really.  I've seen much worse.  That list looked comparable to Vietcong's or something, nothing too crazy.