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American Retail Merchandise Association.... 3!!!!

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I thought I was gonna die from laughter

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I thought I was gonna die from laughter

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You're my favorite, Vinny!

(Also my favorite Vinny!)

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I wish they had left Ryan out of this QL. His constant dismissive whining is always annoying to listen to in QLs where he's not 100% interested in the game. Poking fun at the stupid placeholder alpha AI is all well and good but when it's just a constant stream of "mom I don't wanna be here anymore can we go home?" it starts to really grind my gears. Otherwise it was pretty fun.

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Arma 3 looks a lot like Arma 2.

I'll wait for the good survival horror mod. :)

Keep waiting buddy. There's enough people playing (read running around like retards team killing) random online matches that obviously came from DayZ/CoD and you're clearly one of those people. This game isn't for you, try WarZ or something.

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A friend hooked me up with the "Lite" version, whatever that means. This could be fun though I'll probably be confused as all hell considering I have not played any of the OF and ARMA games.

That means "torrented".

It means his friend bought Arma 3 alpha and got three Arma 3 lite invites to give to his friends like everyone who bought Arma 3. Arma 3 Lite is what Patrick is trying to describe at the start when he says there some kind of free version of it. Pretty stupid and ignorant of you to just assume he pirated it.

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And actually, you look like you have the makings of a good combat chopper pilot. Sticking low, etc.

You gotta be shitting me? Is something like this what you actually except of your pilots in Arma multiplayer? You'd think that Drew would at least know that you're not supposed to constantly try and roll the helicopter. It really isn't how those things work.

@drstrangepork: That's a great fucking nickname. Really fits Vinny.

I didn't get the sense that Ryan was being dismissive of the game itself, but more that he felt the need to keep the action going for the sake of the video. But I know what you mean, I get the same feeling when they don't take a QL of a game I like seriously.

I didn't go into this QL thinking they were gonna show off the game's strengths, but more like a fun Let's Play. It's much less aggravating to think of it that way.

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I loved how you could hear Vinny repeatedly dry-firing his weapon directly at Drew's face right after he fired in the air to "find everyone", then finally reloaded and actually shot him and Drew didn't know what had happened. So good.

As for the AI, it unquestionably has its highs and lows but in general I feel it can be remarkably good considering nothing else on the market has to work in anything like the environments and unscripted business ArmA requires. It does plenty of dumb stuff to be sure, but it'll also do really cool things like spontaneously suppressing you while a member of its team flanks around behind, and the continual bugbear of foliage line-of-sight notwithstanding it generally deals with LOS quite reasonably; ex. if you launch a grenade at a group of unaware guys from a decently hidden vantage point, they probably won't spot you because the sound of the launch is very quiet, but if you fire standard bullets at them they'll return fire quickly.

Anyway the point is the AI is generally not amazing, but at the same time it kind of is when you consider what it's dealing with compared to pretty much any other game. Still, plenty of room for improvement to be certain.

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Vinny's point blank execution of that civilian was one of the funniest things I've ever seen on this site. Bravo guys, bravo.

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For anyone who hasn't tried the Op Flash/Arma series, it may have a steep learning curve but there's a lot of fun to be had and great dev support in terms of expansions and modding. The series has a fantastic modding community which has given rise to some terrific stuff including dayZ and wasteland and countless missions, campaigns, maps and models.

The multiplayer game is very much coop focused and there really isn't anything else like it, it might be unforgiving but it's so damn rewarding when you get it right.

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You guys are amazing. I have a good understanding how Arma II Alpha plays and I've spit water all over my keyboard. Thank you.

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God bless you, Vinny.

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This seems like an awful game to play with people you don't know, and if you're friends with assholes then the game is not to blame.

Decent entertainment, fucking awful journalism.

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" I'm gonna show what its like for a normal person to jump into Arma." Drew aint normal. hes a witch.

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Always be track IRing.

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Yes Arma 3 is a lot of fun. Been playing 40 man co op servers the last week and its been a blast!

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I still say it would've been better with the help of GBPCGH but oh well

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@das9000: Oh I dunno, seems like you got what you needed to know from watching. Besides, I doubt any of the GB crew would try to tell you that Quick Looks are "journalism."

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I thought you guys would've learned after flubbing the DayZ video that you might figure out the controls to give a decent overview before diving in head first.

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Vinny as a bird is AMAZING

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Amazing quick look. Best one in a while. Vinny shooting a guy point blank, Vinny blowing things up by accident, Vinny shooting at Drew from a lighthouse, bird Vinny, etc.

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This video captures, without error, a newcomer's first experiences with the game--even down to that one friend that, for no apparent reason, decides to shoot everything. For being an alpha, the game's actually in pretty good shape.

Awesome quicklook, guys!

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That bird mechanic is pretty genius for dead players, just need a poop abilitie.

The weirdest part was that it seemed like the birds were invincible to bullets, but could damage human players, at least it looked like Vinny was causing damage near the end.

No, the birds are completely separated from the rest of the world, they don't collide with anything and can go anywhere, but can't affect anything in the world in any way.

That isn't entirely true, they do collide with a few things, but can usually brute force their way through just about anything. They also tend to get stuck as a result if they run into the wrong thing.

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Pure entertainment - thx guys :D

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Arma 3 looks a lot like Arma 2.

I'll wait for the good survival horror mod. :)

It looks a lot better graphically, ARMA 2 looked and played like shit.

ARMA 3 is a huge upgrade in terms of movement and shooting as well, I can't stress how much the movement and stance changing has improved in ARMA 3. Just in walking around the world it feels like a normal FPS, whereas ARMA 2 felt clunky and almost like you were controlling a tank or something. The general soldier animations in ARMA 3 are also much better than ARMA 2's.

You are no longer limited by negative mouse acceleration either, so you can turn normally as you should be able to. On top of that you can change stances while moving, in ARMA 2 you had to stop completely just to crouch or stand up from crouch/prone. Not so in ARMA 3.

The weapon handling, gun sounds, and weapon animations in general are so much better. They actually, well, animate. In ARMA 2 the character just motioned around the gun and it reloaded, the weapon didn't actually animate at all and it looked baaaad. There is also a weapon attachment system now, where you can remove/attach optics, supressors, etc. at anytime through the streamlined inventory system.

Then you have the greatly improved Helicopter controls (which are easier than BF3's heli controls) and physics based (highly improved as well) driving, which is so much better than ARMA 2's clunky horrible feeling driving.

Anyways, unfortunately Day-Z won't be coming to the ARMA 3 engine, the Day-Z standalone is also still using the clunky ARMA 2 engine which makes me sad. Day-Z on the ARMA 3 engine would be amazing, it would get rid of so much of the clunkiness and frustration that came with the horrible-ness of the ARMA 2 engine. Even though this video doesn't really communicate it well, ARMA 3 is a giant upgrade that you really have to experience to feel the full extent of.

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I'm way into the dude on the quad bike slowly driving backwards.

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Big Vinny says drop 'em.

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I've really enjoyed the small amount of time I've put into Arma 3 Alpha. It definitely feels so much more smooth than Arma 2.

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I really liked the Quick Look because even if they were just fooling around, at the moment the shooting started, everyone went quiet and you could feel the intensity.

I am looking forward, my only problem is that now I live in a different time zone and all my potential friends who could play it are not available, well, it is more like they can play but I am not available :)

Maybe with a bit of luck you can find good people willing to go more tactical and less COD4.

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This seems like a game I would never, ever, want to play myself but at the same time I totally would watch more of others fumbling around with it.

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While Battlefield seemingly continues to chase that ultra-refined, polished CoD experience (in accordance with the demands of EA, maybe), I feel like the Arma dudes are doing a pretty great job carrying the torch of janky-ass hilarious multiplayer military shooters.

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Vinny for president!

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Oh dog this was hilarious! :D Vinny definitely needs to be in more QL's. And yes, the AI is atrocious in this game. Dumb as a bag of wet bricks.

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Vinny point blank execution... oh fuck, haha.

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@zero_ said:

Vinny point blank execution... oh fuck, haha.

That's Vinny for ya!


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@assinass: Oh my god that execution was brutal!

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Yeah track IR.

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Vinny is a LEGEND.

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Vinny is absolutely brilliant. This is the kind of content I love. Perfect balance of Drew and utter chaos

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i dunno, pretty disappointed by this quick look. Was kinda interested in this game, but thanks to Vinny, I'll probably never know... :(

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I love what Bohemia have done with the feel of the movement and shooting. It's the best feeling first person game I think I've played.

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I just realized that white pickup truck is driving so slow because it has NO tires, rims only. Courtesy of explosive expert Vinny's "handy work"! Also to the naysayers complaining about not taking the game seriously and neglecting to highlight it's features: weak sauce. I came away with this quick look with a good understanding of it's tactical mechanics and modes. However GB does it with great humor and style. That is preciously why I'm a paying subscriber and a loyal quick look viewer. They easily maintain a simultaneous balance of game critique and that award winning GB magic. You know chewing bubblegum and walking at the same time.

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Fist rule of ArmA: COVER. Man, I was just thinking "DON'T STAND IN THE OPEN!!!" for an hour.

What works in real life works in ArmA (for the most part), and what doesn't work in real life doesn't work all that well in ArmA either. Like.. You know.. Standig out of cover looking at a dude shooting at you. Anything you're doing that isn't shooting people in the face, do that while prone. Checking out the area, prone. Calling in artillery or airstrikes? Prone. All prone, all day. Even when shooting people in the face, prone. You want a head and sholders size target, not a leg, torso, arms head target.. Easy to hit.

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Drew should of boarded that rock. I think Nick "the cage" Cage was on that rock.

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man vinny's cold blooded. it's always the one you least suspect...

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Nah, if you watch previous QLs, you'll find that anytime Drew wants to show a simulation that requires some investment in time to learn to play, ADHD VInny's in there chirping away, trying to get Drew to do something ass-hattedly retarded. And Drew always complies. You're an enabler, Drew!

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You need to work on your interaction skills. You come off as a crazy person. :P

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It's not a Drew Scanlon quicklook without a vehicle crashing.

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I enjoyed this so much!