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Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

Executioner Vinny is my favorite Vinny.

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Love the Vinny & Drew quicklooks! This game looks fun.

Posted by Choo_Parr

"Vinny as a bird..."

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Vinny: "Ka-kaaah, you got it buddy!"


Drew: "I... uh... I would really like to learn how to play this game for real, and I think you have to do it with people"

Ryan: "Yeah, not with Vinny"

Drew: "Like with people you know, friends"

Ryan and Patrick: "Yeah, but not Vinny"

Thank you, Vinny. Thank you, Drew. Thank you, Ryan. Thank you, Patrick.

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Still funny as fuck, love it.. Will miss Ryans laughter. :) Lots of great memories on here. Thank you GiantBomb and thank you Ryan Davis!

Posted by AlexToast

Ryan you were amazing.

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Man Vinny you were great in this definitely need more of you in quick looks.