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Aw man, joining an RPG server and not realizing they were fucking with real people was the best.

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Bogie in sight.

No wait, it's Drew!

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i think there is bad guys here!

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drew is the best

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I love the lighting in this game.

Lol at the ending, so weird.

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Oh geez. That ArmaLife screenshot can only mean this will be good.

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I love the idea of ArmA, but I don't know that I'd ever play it. So this quick look is the next best thing.

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Clean up that scum Drew!

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Progressive doesn't seem to work. I'd rather not watch this in the terrible quality that comes with streaming.

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OOOOOOhhhhhh! I thought I was having a stroke but those ArmA menus have some film-grain type effects and... things.

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ArmA is one of those series of games I absolutely love seeing other people play, but I'm not interested at all in playing it myself. At this point, I think I've seen most of CHKilroy's and the other Shack Tactical videoes on Youtube.

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Is this worth watching like the Arma 2 comedy hour? Or is it a more standard Quick Look?

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I really wish I had the time to get deep into ARMA

Edit: Also I totally would have watched that whole mp match they loaded into play out. That was fun as hell to watch

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So many Quick Looks today!

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@amyggen said:

ArmA is one of those series of games I absolutely love seeing other people play, but I'm not interested at all in playing it myself. At this point, I think I've seen most of CHKilroy's and the other Shack Tactical videoes on Youtube.

Yeah, ArmA is really only fun if you have a bunch of other people to play with, being part of some kind of community is pretty much a requirement to have fun in ArmA multiplayer.

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The most interesting thing about ArmA to me was hearing the Idle Thumbs dudes describing the Day Z mod. Sounded way interesting and like something I'd never play.

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@mormonwarrior: you should see some of the videos they are bloody hilarious.

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ArmA is a game I'll never understand, ever - a lot like Twitter.

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RIP Krazee

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Does anyone else still remember the QL they did back when this was in Alpha(or was it beta)? I still remember fondly. Bird Vinny!

Real happy to get another Arma III QL. "Giantbomb is at it again"

I really want to see more of Altis Life now.

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LMAO at the lewd flight stick motions XD

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Been looking forward to this. Was kinda hoping the community could be involved but then again this game is all sorts of not finished yet so maybe in a year or two.

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"what's a ... what's a what's a ... scenario?" -- Vinny

Here we go, yo! Here we go, yo!

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Is there a GB clan for this yet?

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Stop playing with your joystick!

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Well done on the Quick Look Drew. I'm glad you showed off the multiplayer servers, showcases, and especially the community made stuff! If any folks want to try this out I know the GB PC gaming hub steam group plays this a lot.

...and the buildings do break, you just have to use the right amount of bang : )

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Critical damage!

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The player made helicopter convoy attack mission appeared to be an homage to a mission in the original Operation Flashpoint. That voice worked was somehow borrowed from the original game.

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FYI Drew, you can look up mission briefs/objectives/general info in game by hitting your map key.

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Worst drug deal EVER!

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How many bald cool dudes were killed in this QL? If there are none, then I might be disappointed.

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"Leave me alOOoone."

That was great.

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@kleinteetasse: the Giant Bomb PC gaming hub plays Arma regularly, you can find us on steam and chat with us at http://giantbombing.com/chat/ or on mumble mumble.giantbombing.com

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E to go faster.

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Oh man, Cop Game on UPF please!

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That was even more amazing than I thought it would be.

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That fucking RP server, lol. Jesus Christ, I lost my shit. I think Jeff would love Garry's Mod multiplayer. There's plenty of good RP servers to go and fuck shit up in. It's hilarious.

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Oh my god, the end of this QL is amazing.

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Never me alone, Giant!

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After all the time the alpha and beta were available on Steam, I'm surprised they still ended up shipping an incomplete product.

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This is incredible.

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I've never cringed for 10 straight minutes before. Giant Bomb Griefing Squad FTW.

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Vinny's impression of the Turing Test "Do you feel love? What is love?"

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1:20 minutes and didn't kill one enemy... It has potential, reminds me of Ranbow Six, but the maps are too big... It can be really cool like the original R6 games, but it seems so broken.