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That was a dumbass twist.

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Hopefully this picture can give some prospective buyers of this game some incite. It tells a lot about what can be expected from this game, along with how one might feel after actually buying it.

Coming in, this was my first Ao2 game. It shall be my last, even though it doesn't look like (thankfully) there will be anymore. I had expectations of a high level of customization, combined with some good co-op game mechanics, and decent graphics.

What I got was what felt like a big floppy pink dildo SLAP to the face. (literally). Yes, you could customize masks to look somewhat ridiculous using their cookie-cutterish stencil-o-gram mask creator. No, you can't use text, words, or more than 12 layers. This was a reoccurring theme for nearly EVERY aspect of this game. Things get very repetitive about 1/4 of the way through, and a lot of the cool widgets that might have made this game more interesting simply lacked delivery and polish. Overall, one could say this: "CLOSE, but definitely no cigar (albeit fucks?) given." 4/10 as far as the game itself goes. With some heavy drinking, a good friend, and expectations of nothing but killing some time and a SLEW of bad guys in a generic, ultra-violent blood-lust engorged fashion, you could stretch to say this game has a fun-factor of 7/10, even if it does only last as long as your buzz does.

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Look very average, bland.

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Ryan takes so much joy in being in on Jeff's "obscure" inside jokes.

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If HS/Link is really that unheard of then I feel old. Yay!