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I already have this quest.

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@groin said:
" I already have this quest. "
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@groin said:
" I already have this quest. "
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@groin said:
" I already have this quest. "
Damn you!
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dammit I want this now

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tons of video content!

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Finally a multiplayer game doing something different.

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Yay, assasins creed!

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Ryaaaaaaaaaaan, c'mon. That kill at 13:00?

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@groin said:
" I already have this quest. "
oO turn it into a daily!
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OK do you guys not have like classes, jobs, other things to do? I JUST WANT THAT DAMN QUEST :(

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That actually looks like a lot of fun.

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Looks great fun, shame it come out right by Fallout and Black Ops..

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I only have right sound channel in this video.

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I admit this looks fun but I still hate Assassin's Creed... Ubisoft really.

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It's a neat idea but the Assassin's Creed gameplay mechanics aren't good for multiplayer in my opinion.  In order to be good at this game and hiding yourself you need to pretend to be a stupid NPC.  I like the idea but man I just don't believe the gameplay will hold up.

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looks great, reminsd me of "The Ship" type mechanics, blend in with civilians, just a lot less like The-Sims than it, might get this game then, because the ship was a really great mulitplayer concept

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Looks pretty neat, actually.

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Multiplayer looks cool.

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@Izaak: Fallout comes out on October 19th. This comes out on November 16th.
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I'm surprised just how fun the multiplayer looks. They seem to have done a great job of blending the Assassin's Creed single player play-style into a multiplayer environment. I'm not usually a big multiplayer guy, but I might have to try this out.

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Seems interesting.

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Looks alright.


'ugh I hit circle, Bitch' :D

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That looks really bad ass.  Too bad I need to wait until 2011. 
PC Cry.

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I really want this game to be good/new/different/not-awful.

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This looks fun for 10 mins, but assassination chains and inevitable exploits will proabbly ruin it.

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I am sold on AC Brotherhood!

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Every time I saw a dude take off running I just wanted Ryan to gank 'em. Target be damned!

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So it's like The Ship, but in ye olde Italy.
Okay, cool!

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Looks like a lot of fun. Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on a beta invite somehow :-)

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Yeah, this looks surprisingly cool

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Oh man, this looks way more fun than the stab dudes indiscriminately gameplay I imagined this would have.

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Looks nice. 
Not finishing Assassin or playing Assassin 2?  Shocking Brad..;p

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I will listen to this song while playing. 

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looks awesome. 

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Oh man, I could watch a lot more of this! That was really entertaining! I can already see how it could be much more strategic than I ever imagined, too. I noticed you're told exactly how many people are chasing you at any given time. I think one valid approach would be to do what one does in a racing game that has heavy rubberbanding; Stay behind the leaders with a trick up your sleeve until you know you're safe and go all-in on the last straightaway.
Those perks would be affecting much of it, too, of course. Sprint boost seems more useful on the offense, when the dude knows you're there and you have to catch him before he finds a hiding spot. Costume change is a definite defensive ability, more useful if you get into trouble a lot. Or perhaps if you're already so good on the offense that you constantly have three or four other dudes on your ass...
So, the currently available ones are disguise, sprint boost, smoke bomb, hidden gun, morph and poison? Looks to me like they come in pairs of defensive and offensive. Smoke bomb, I assume might work like a mobile hiding spot. The gun's obviously for ranged kills when your target runs away. I guess morph might be like a permanent or longer lasting disguise... And poison? Perhaps a quick, invisible stab that doesn't kill the victim until you're already far enough away that no one can see who did it?
Man, that game sounds like a load of fun, indeed. You can tell that's what I think because I'm already trying to disassemble it like that!
[edit] Aha. I think I figured out the morph. One of the earlier videos of the game used it, but it didn't make it apparent how it's different from disguise. I believe those glowy white lines on the ground mark places where you can morph to blend into that crowd. I think it would be the equivalent of sitting down on a bench next to two NPCs who look the same as you, except you don't have to find such a bench, you can just use the ability in one of those spots. More hiding in plain sight. That means the smoke bomb is more likely an area-of-effect stun thing. Probably useful for when you have multiple pursuers close to you.
Ooh, and I just realized... If you morph to blend into a crowd and you see someone mysteriously stop next to the crowd and pace back and forth a bit, that would be your sign to step out and give him some of that circle button business. He's obviously either trying to figure out who you are while he has time, or waiting for your morph to run out so he can safely shank you. That means he's fair game for a stun, and doing that gets you 100 points! I want this game now. [/edit]

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nachoboss, huh?

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I played it for a week on and off...I don't know if they've changed the gameplay much, but tbh it wasn't much fun. Literally all you do is ran around on the rooftops, stab a dude, wait for the animation to finish and get stabbed while you wait. Rinse and repeat.  Stealth is little to no use. I was seriously disappointed, but its only a Beta. Hopefully they'll work on those problems before release.

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So it's "The Ship" with Assassin's Creed gameplay. Not that that's a bad thing.

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Looks okay, but I really have no desire to play more Assassin's Creed.

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I'm in the beta and I really like it.

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It's a great mode and will be even better once the sprinters realise you can't win just by sprinting at people.

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A multiplayer quick look that doesn't have a single person with a cannabis reference in their username? This is a first.

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@SuperfluousMoniker said:
" A multiplayer quick look that doesn't have a single person with a cannabis reference in their username? This is a first. "
What he said.
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looks great. This is one of those quicklooks that had me shouting at the screen. sometimes Ryan misses very obvious things.
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I think this multiplayer looks great. Like Uncharted and Bioshock, the gaming press who exclaimed "Assassin's Creed doesn't NEED multiplayer! Waaaah" were completely wrong. This stuff looks incredibly fresh and interesting.  
I do have one suggestion/hope though: I think every person should have a counter move. However, I don't think it's something you should be able to spam, nor do I think you should be able to use it right before the moment of your death. It should be something you need to activate say 3 seconds before someone tries to assassinate you, so that you need to see it coming and not just react. If you use it and then no one tries to kill you, then it has a very long recharge time. Say 60 seconds. 
Also, I'm worried that the game will not involve anyone trying to blend in with the NPCs and will just be running around all the time. I mean, why wouldn't you? If you're a good player, and everyone moves at the same speed, no one's going to be able to catch you. I think if you're spotted and someone has targeted you (by getting within a certain distance, having the contract in their "crosshairs," and then pressing a button) you move at 75 - 90% the speed of everyone else. Until you break the line of sight for say 3 seconds: hiding in some hay, using a smoke bomb, breaking the chase by using those gates, putting on a disguise, etc. 
So two suggestions. Damn I'm long-winded.