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Nice to see a quick look of this. :)

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This contract stuff sounds pretty similar to some of the stuff in Peace Walker.  
Also, "They make a sandwich out of historical accuracy" (or whatever it was Vinny said) is now one of my favorite phrases. 

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well this came outta nowhere

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 uh uh uh uh uh

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Yay for extended looks!

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I've been waiting all day for a quick look. :P

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50 minutes well spent.

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This should be good. 50min!!

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Why post this near midnight!? Damnit!

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Want to look, but I don't want to spoil anything... dammit. Yousonsofbitches giantbomb.

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I wasnt going to buy this because I dont really care about the mulitplayer but I totally am now. I loved AssCreed II but they didn't tell me this was anything I cared about till now.

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That is all.

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I'll wait until this is discounted in a couple weeks. 
Not saying it will be a bad game, but i bought AC2 for $39 at Best Buy like a month after release. And AC2 was a excellent game, so i think the same will happen to this game.

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I've been waiting for some multiplayer Uh uh uh uh uh  action. Too bad I'm broke!

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How charmingly garrulous.

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I love Ryan's giddy excitement for this game.

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Sick Nasty. Hopefully getting this after I beat AC II, and after buying Rock Band 3.

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I dont know whether to watch this or not. GAH!

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God damn I want this game! 
I love how Vinny's mind is constantly blown during this.

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Ezio is back bro!
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I had no idea this game had single player until today, now there's another game I have to get!

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I've only watched the last 3 minutes as I'm trying to make myself surprised by all the stuff that's new. But, man, there is a lot of technical issues going on. Things are popping in, there's frequent tearing, the framerate is just barely managing to not fall apart. That stuff seems disappointing.

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@Aeterna said:
" Why post this near midnight!? Damnit! "
because it's 3pm
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50 minutes oh god

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I hear that this game features face-and-neck stabbing. This certainly does look very good. 
I guess we could just say Ryan gives it five Uh's.

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Watching this quick look while the game installs and eatin' a McRib. Tonight's gonna be a good night.

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OH FUCK! seeing desmond in modern times in the villa is fucking awesome!

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the sending assassins to other parts of the world reminds me of committing acts of infamy in Evil Genius.

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@onimonkii said:
" @Aeterna said:
" Why post this near midnight!? Damnit! "
because it's 3pm "
because it's 6pm (over here)
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AWESOME. SAW Eurogamer game THIS GAME a fucking 10. VERY SURPISED by that score and NOW VERY pumped TO PROCURE this game! HELL YEAH.

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This game seems to take the Fallout: New Vegas approach to sequel design. More of the same, but good, thing. I didn't really care for AC:II but I can still see it had genuinely good things about it. 

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@RobotHamster said:
" @onimonkii said:
" @Aeterna said:
" Why post this near midnight!? Damnit! "
because it's 3pm "
because it's 6pm (over here) "
sorry, i mean 3pm giantbomb time. what's weird to me is when they post stuff at like 5am and nobody says anything
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This game has single player? Wow, bad marketing indeed. The only thing keeping me away from this is the fact that I can't get on XBL while at uni.

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I'm looking forward to more time in old Italy:D
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They really did a terrible job promoting this between talking up the MP and releasing the MP beta only.  The MP looked cool, but not something I have to get.  Having a full single player mode as well that's basically AC2+?  That I can get behind.

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So Desmond is going to crash a plane piloted by Chief O'Brian from Star Trek DS9?

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I would like to buy this sadly until ubisoft stops thier retarded always connected DRM for PC games I wont buy a fucking thing from them. 
But the game does look really good.
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no multiplayer demo? :( looks fantastic so far though!

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Can someone tell me the point of the shaved line on Ezios lip? Did someone just forget to put hair on that part and decided that's his look? What's up with that?

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It feels like he spends 5 minutes looking at the map ZZZ...

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Nice. Ninja Quicklook! Came out of nowhere and BAM it was awesome. 
I really like how stoked Ryan is for this game. You dont see that often. Its refreshing. =)
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Dude you get to go to your villa in the present? Hell yes.

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when Ryan is this stoked about a game while he's playing it, you know its good! Ahhh paycheck come already! i need to buy this game!

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Had no clue about this game. Now I'm buying it.

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@PresidentOfJellybeans said:
" I had no idea this game had single player until today, now there's another game I have to get! "
Yeah, poor advertising. The campaign looks so good, too.
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Damn it. I was just heading to bed and then this shows up. I was just playing the first minute to see who's in it and sure enough it's Vinny and (of course) Ryan. Fuck! Now I have to watch the whole thing. Damn it.

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I think my favorite part of this Quick Look (and the gameplay shown) is how discreet your Assassin posse is when you call them in. Once they kill their targets, they're out. They don't waste time sitting around. Do some dirt and get scarce. That's pretty awesome.