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Posted by Mikl

what is going on with this video
Posted by ArchV1le

I finally got to a page where the video wasn't up yet! I always wondered how that worked :P

Posted by Trexoton

So, what's the over/under on Axel being able to hug Pixel, and Vinny saying "aaaw!"?

Posted by TheGremp

Hello from the future.

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Drew is probably fiddling with it to get it working as we speak.
Edited by Xymox

Don't worry. As long as Drew hits that wire with the connecting hook at precisely 88mph the instant the lightning strikes the tower... everything will be fine.     

Posted by scarace360

were is it

Posted by scarace360

its still not up really !!!!

Posted by Erik

Sweet Pixel of Mine.

Posted by scarace360

dude how long has it been drew is sucking the iife out of me. I need to get back to brutal legend to get some more metal than ill be back!!!

Posted by mikecardii

Looking forward to this quick look.

Posted by DanielJW

I'll leave this so I have something to look forward to after school.

Posted by TheGTAvaccine

Awww, they deleted all the old comments. :(

Posted by Blair

Well, I'm glad it's back!

Posted by Meltac

This game is so fantastic! Looking forward to see what they think of it =P

Posted by Hamst3r
Posted by mracoon
Posted by stafax

this game looks so boring

Posted by Steve_C

Yeah, you guys need to give some props to Amanita Design.

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@Hamst3r said:

" You guys need to play Machinarium!

Indeed, this game doesn't even compare to Machinarium
Posted by Computerplayer1

Bought this the other night for me and my girlfriend to play together. The game is pretty sweet, and as you can see, reeeeeeally relaxed.
I'd recommend it to anyone who isn't a cold hearted fool.

Posted by TheTerrifyer

Looks cool. Do Machinarium next. kthxbi!

Posted by MattQ

This game looks fucking boring. Also the art style is ass.

Posted by FlappyHands

I really do like the look of this game.

Posted by lolgreg

This game needs a hug button.

Posted by Scooper
@MattQ said:
" This game looks fucking boring. Also the art style is ass. "
Go play Halo 3 then.
Posted by Rasgueado

So... it's like Gobliiins?

Posted by Kohe321

Looks cool

Posted by spiceninja
@MattQ said:
" This game looks fucking boring. Also the art style is ass. "
It's a shame that people can't enjoy a good adventure games these days.
Posted by Scooper

How long is this game? I was thinking of buying it for my sister. She likes these sort of mellow games that are just inocent fun.

Posted by MattQ
@PlasmaBeam44 said:
" @MattQ said:
" This game looks fucking boring. Also the art style is ass. "
It's a shame that people can't enjoy a good adventure games these days. "
Indeed. People can't enjoy a good adventure game.
I'm just getting really sick of seeing adventure games with muddy art styles where you slowly explore a hand-painted background while some piano music plays. This is like the third one in a week and so far both "A Boy and his Blob" and "Lucidity" look better and more fun.
Posted by piderman

Laaadidadidadida.. ho Hullo! Hmmm Hehe

Posted by Milkman

The game is from the Czech Republic, not France, by the way.

Posted by Sarumarine

"Hey dog! Get on the boat!" 
This game has some nice style. But yeah, I totally got a Courage the Cowardly Dog vibe at least from the rat dude. But I don't think he's got anything on Doc Gerbil. Heh.

Posted by MattQ
@Milkman said:

" The game is from the Czech Republic, not France, by the way. "

Well that explains why it looks like the eastern european version of Itchy and Scratchy.
Posted by WinterSnowblind
@PlasmaBeam44 said:
It's a shame that people can't enjoy a good adventure games these days. "

As a huge fan of adventure games, I have to say there's no appeal here what-so-ever.
The art style is rather unique, and I will say I actually quite enjoyed the way the game looked.  But the fact none of the characters speak seemed like a cheap way out the witty or clever writting that is usually associated with adventure/point & click games.
The gameplay itself is just very boring, instead of solving puzzles, you do nothing but click on the background and watch a little animation of the main character solving everything for you.  There was one point inparticular where he breaks off some sticks and gathers up some leaves to create a make shift hand glider, this just seemed really jarring to me.. Any other adventure game would have you work this out and make the hand glider yourself, not just click on a tree and watch the computer solve the puzzle itself.  It's a step away from playing itself.
Instead, I'd highly recommend Sam & Max Season 2, which went up on XBLA at the same time as this.  It's a little more expensive, but well worth the price.  It's much longer, very amusing and challenging.  Every bit as good as the adventure games of old.
Posted by Xeiphyer
@lolgreg said:
" This game needs a hug button. "
Posted by InFamous91
@Hamst3r said:
" You guys need to play Machinarium!
just finish playing the demo...i love the art style and music. Its very unique and relaxing. Also nice puzzles, I may buy Machinarium.
Posted by mrsmiley

Seems extremely easy. Quicktime events are totally unnecessary.

Posted by MKHavoc

I thought of Courage too when I saw that rat thing.

Posted by Mikl

needs a hug button 
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what is gooooooooooing on in there
and it isn't french lol

Posted by Almeida69

A lot of wierd looking games lately....I like it!

Posted by Pezzer123

Samorost > This

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... Late.
Posted by Serker

Wish you guys had quick lookd Machinarium instead

Posted by Dethfish

The Rat does look like he's straight out of Courage the Cowardly Dog. 
That tunnel sequence reminded me of Aladdin for the SNES. There needed to be lava behind you though.

Posted by FlamingHobo

I love this game, it's just something to kick back and relax too, and it helps that I want to actually look at the game and admire its visual style.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Courage the Cowardly Dog was awesome!

Posted by Kohe321

Yeah it's really relaxing to watch! :p

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