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Posted by Renegade

Love the weekend content, keep up the great vids =)

Posted by Skillface


Posted by Venatio

LOL, a quick look on a weekend, nice

Was not expecting this

Posted by DarkHomer

This will only be good.

Posted by RoboRobb

haha :) good old crappy break dancing games

Posted by lukusluke

I didn't know yao ming was a b-boy.

Posted by mrfluke
i wonder if this means we ill get a weekend endurance run powered by beer
Posted by dum41

One of my b-boy friends plays this all the time. But I think he's retarded, I played it and it was terrible.

Edited by Grillbar

ahhh a helicopter is where you move your hips so that your junk is swinging in a circle
so that would be an awsome breakdance move
mayb its only known like that over where im from

Posted by Wright

windmills all day

Posted by RedSox8933

don't be that guy, jay leno. lol

Posted by TMiggs

This game looks really bad.....

Posted by Kohe321

Weekend content is awesome!

Posted by MassiveDuck

quick looks of games I never heard of are by far the best.

Posted by AllanIceman


Posted by Haethos

lol how awful is this game

Posted by sfighter21

haha, I found myself laughing too much during this...


Posted by Kazona

You guys are totally "gettin' jiggy with it"

Posted by Kraznor

Yay, weekend update! Game looks terrible but it was somewhat enjoyable.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Not the best quick look, but I'll cut slack since it was shawn's first time lol.

Edited by McQuinn

SWEET! I just started getting into bboying.  But, bboying is about about doing, kinda defeating the purpose of this game.

Posted by spiceninja

This looks like the worst game ever.

Posted by Razor

I'm at a lost for words, quite literally.

Edited by Death_Burnout


Clearly intoxicated, 'cus Ryan would not shut the F up. Ryan you are one hell of an annoying drunk!

Posted by Weltal

Quite frankly I wasn't feeling it. It needed more windmill. I just gotta have more windmill.

Posted by LifeByDegrees

That actually looks kind of fun.
Hit the blue beat!

Edited by John

Those 28 minutes whent surprisingly fast.

Posted by thegoldencat7

Who Shaun?

Posted by EmillKim

Ugh. You guys suck (at quick look)

Posted by Kajaah117

So... it's Playstation Home? Dancing, dancing, some dancing, and also.... dancing.

Posted by Depth

More baby freeze... yo.

Edited by Whizzol

ohh man i played this game for psp and it looked the exact same...when you learn what you need to do it actually gets fun. may i suggest QUICK LOOK:B-BOY- THE THROWDOWN 2

Posted by TeflonBilly

Awesome Quick Look.

The graph paper part killed me!

Posted by Asurastrike

Another amazing Quick Look.

Posted by Gunner612


Posted by Seedofpower

ba boy.

Posted by creamclouds

I was screaming inside to see some different moves.... time for breakfast
always a pleasure to watch none-the-less

Posted by twm

I chuckled couple of times.

Posted by Geno

Rofl 30 minutes, this is longer than most real games you do >.>

Posted by MachoFantastico

''I don't want to do this again''

hehe, brilliant line. 

Posted by Reverseface


Posted by Eric_Buck

Pure... crap.

Posted by ieatlions

best quick look everest

Posted by Osiris

Hahahaha, you guys make every quick look worth watching.. I remember I first heard about a breakdance game... but this is just haha. Great :D

Posted by Carlos1408

Wow this game is terrible,
still enjoyed watching the quick look though!
lol B-BOY DUDE!!!

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

yess, they picked the Asian guy, becaue they know Asians rulezz.

Posted by mussbus999

haha I remember when I had my first beer....

Posted by FLStyle

That was ... different.

Edited by MeatSim

Oh boy they started talking about the golden girls.

Posted by CleverLoginName

Black Obi-wan knows how to throw down.

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