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Pretty sure playing this game can be considered a form of torture

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Since you quick looked this, would you guys please consider to take a look at "Wipeout: Create & Crash", "Wii party U", "the dark eye: demicon, Carnivores HD: Dinosaur hunter, and Takedown :Red Sabre as a few suggestions.

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Giantbomb, you alert me to only the finest of video games. Thank you.

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What kind of shitty make-up lessons are those?! The eyes OR the lips! If you highlight both you just look like a clown.

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Even the comedy stylings of Jeff and Brad couldn't save this abysmal game. Swing and a miss.

Yuh huh. This game actually exceeded my expectations for how truly awful this abomination would be.

Also, review by @alex incoming I hope... ;)

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this quick look made me sad

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What the fuck did I just watch.

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Alex, being fat isn't healthy. The same as being underweight.

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There is a level of misogyny in this game I didn't even believe possible

1/10, Polygon's worst game of the decade

Wow, I wanted to retort in some way, but then I went over to Polygon and found an article called "No girls allowed" right at the top. Well played.

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Max Temkin you goddamn asshole.

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I'm glad they pointed out that if they had daughters they wouldn't let them anywhere near a game like this. I thought that almost immediately. No young girl should be growing up around media which portrays life in this way...At least not with a hard dose of reality on the side to teach them there are 2 sides to life.

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@cb1115 said:

@mildmolasses said:

There is a level of misogyny in this game I didn't even believe possible

1/10, Polygon's worst game of the decade

Wow, I wanted to retort in some way, but then I went over to Polygon and found an article called "No girls allowed" right at the top. Well played.

Of course.

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Pack it up guys, it's over. Video games are done.

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I loves me the good stuff.

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This is the quick look I 've been waiting ll my life for

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Annnnnnd it's December....

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A strong 60 frames per second.

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What a season, what a season

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What, women are too stupid to do the laundry? Nice going, guys.

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All this pink and purple made me wonder about color blind people and vaginas, what color is a vagina to a color blind person?

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@assinass: Wait... It is? I got the beta thing for Steam and haven't even played it yet. Jeez.

edit: looked at steam, yup! I look forward to my Big Box O Shit I pledged for in the KS. And the continuing adventures of George and Nico.

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Do any girls who play games even play these or are they just sold to dads who play games and are looking for a way to force their hobby on their daughters?

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Great quick look!

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" Your life is my nightmare!" - Jeff

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That cupcake pedestal looks like penis.

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Ok, so the guy that "demanded" you play this, BOOOOOO to you sir. This might be slightly more funny with Vinny, but I'm not sure that would save it. There was nothing particularly interesting or funny about that Barbie game. That was really hard to watch. I feel for you guys.

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this quick look sure was #problematic,

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Slow week, huh...

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somewhere......Klepek is losing his shit over this game and is writing a 100page article on how this is sexist and we are horrible people with horrible tastes

(i kid, i kid, klepeks fans are the most sensitive, so i gotta throw this disclaimer out there)

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Dammit! this quicklook needs some vinny in it!

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Approaching this thing barely awake and ready for just about anything is my plan of attack.

Edit: Barbie, you're such a wiener.

Just like me.

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Shut it down, video games are over now. Can't get better than this

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"Time to put an end to the whole loud, annoying mess. What part turns off the 'gamey' stuff?"

So Rickelle is trying to destroy video games and now as Barbie you need to save video games by playing games in a video game. I don't know where I am right now.

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Well this is gonna be something else !

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Best Quick Look yet!

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This game isn't even interesting enough to give birth to a funny quick look.

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But will this game be better than Brothers?!?

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I'd just like to point out that this game consisting entirely of competitive multi-player mini-games has absolutely no multi-player support. Jeff's e-sports dream will sadly have to go on hold until the release of Barbie's Dream House Party World Online.

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This game needs microtransactions

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This game looks like a hate crime.

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So it's come to this.

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Back of the box quote. "Fuck videogames."

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I’m a little put off by the fact that this game’s “insidiousness” is being determined by a group of individuals who, for the most part, clearly don’t have or understand children – and not just little girls but little boys too.

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@chose: Plaid, in my experience.

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The facial expressions alone look like they're straight out of a Dreamworks movie.