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very cool stuff, also yay

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In other news, I downloaded the demo and really.. really didn't like this game that much, however a QL is goooooood.

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Hooray for quick looks

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This game is awesome and addicting.  Tried out the demo on Steam and was sad when I reached the 10 track limit.

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This looks sick...  Quick looks aren't very quick are they?  Hehe...

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Playing Beat Hazard with a gamepad? Why...?

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B.O.B is insane on Audiosurf too.

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I really dislike Uffie.

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This game is definitely worth the 10 bucks.
EDIT: Man, wish Jeff would've showed the global leaderboards for survival score and survival time. I was in the top 10 for both earlier this week.

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I never saw this as much fun.

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Seems very, seizure inducing.  To an extreme level.  I can handle flashing lights and most vibrant shooters bud damn, I almost wouldn't feel safe playing this.

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My eyes started to hurt after a few minutes of this quick look :P
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My eyes are killing me from watching that but it looks cool

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pretty cool game. Crimewave is great

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Given the prolific use of the font, it's ironic that the actual game play lacks impact.

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When I'm playing it, I'm totally fine, but watching it being played gave me a horrible headache.

Great game.

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The flashing is incredibly distracting for a game like this.

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wow. Japanese seizure robots.

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Im with Brad, I dont know how long I could look at this, let alone play it. It looks cool tho

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I enjoyed the demo i played, but it didn't make me want to buy it, but i might now. all the songs i chose had the same visuals, except for one, that's my fault. Plus i couldn't handle normal and above that early on...and i hated dying like 40% in because then i would have to hear the beginning of that song again, which would ruin it for me, so i like to chill on easy, but i hope to get as raw dog as Jeff clearly is.
I hope it's continually supported. Audiosurf is fun 'n all, but i still feel it doesn't do enough with your songs.

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Bombcast fed into Beat Hazard... wow that would be crazy.

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@TMThomsen said:
" Playing Beat Hazard with a gamepad? Why...? "
It's a dual joystick shooter.
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They do allow for custom soundtracks on the XBL version. I highly recommend it :) sooooo much fun, especially if you have music on your hdd that you feel guilty not using. The only thing I find questionable is the art deign on the menus n stuff. But also, amazing fun :)

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I've had this game on XBL since it came out as an indie game. It's not perfect by any means (it has really awful hit detection and you often die from projectiles that aren't near you, or sometimes seemingly nothing at all), but I do love this game and play it pretty regularly. I've got enough albums on my Xbox to last me awhile longer. I just started playing again after they added the new boss and Insane mode, which is all I play on now. It can get extremely frustrating but I can't stand having less than 4 or 5 million points per song anymore.

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To answer Brad's question, the custom soundtracks are available in the Xbox version. This game is awesome with Mr. Oizo.

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Looks fun, but I wouldn't mind some more weapon sounds with the music louder to compensate

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@august said:
" @TMThomsen said:
" Playing Beat Hazard with a gamepad? Why...? "
It's a dual joystick shooter. "
Or you could just call it a top-down shooter and use a mouse. There is absolutely nothing to gain by using a gamepad over a mouse.
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If this QL doesnt feature hamst3r-style screaming then i'll be dissappointed.

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That was seizure inducing @_@

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I missed this one on XBL. I'm going back to download it now. Looks cool!

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If I wasn't epileptic before, I am now.

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I... I don't think I could play this. Haha.

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Perfect game for Sleigh Bell'Crown On The Ground

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i had a seziure

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GO JEFF with the crystal castles.......i love crimewave great song

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Oh god I am now blind

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This Quick Look made my eyes hurt.

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@TMThomsen said:
" @august said:
" @TMThomsen said:
" Playing Beat Hazard with a gamepad? Why...? "
It's a dual joystick shooter. "
Or you could just call it a top-down shooter and use a mouse. There is absolutely nothing to gain by using a gamepad over a mouse. "
Having analogue sticks for both movement and aiming is better in this instance. It's the same reason having a stick of some kind is better for driving portions of games that the digital yes/no input of WASD.
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Wow there was times i couldn't  look at it as it got bit to much so god knows how I could play it for any length of time, like Brad and Jeff said it could so with more sound effects.
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That.  Was. Fucking. Crazy.

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Wow. Crimewave is the first thing Jeff highlights. You are awesome Jeff.

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I tried this with the bombcast 2 weeks ago and didn't make it past the intro.  Brad talking was a godsend, but there wasn't enough to make my pew pew go boom.

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My innerself just had a seizure 

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I swallowed my tongue while watching this video, thanks Jeff!

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I just got eye cancer..