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I am commenting.

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Finally the quest is done!

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Not as quick as I used to be :(. 
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closest ive ever been

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lol @ people trying to get the first comment :D

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@shanedeutsch@gmail.com said:
"  Finally the quest is done!  Edit... NOOOOOOOOOOOOO "
Here you go.
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if i had kids, this is what i would give them to play, not MW2

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Looking at youtube videos from other folks i don't think its supposed to be that blurry.

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Whiskey media's dark torture basement / quick look room.
P.S. Sweet British S.A.S t-shirt Jeff.

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Ryan's 'get closer to daddy' made me laugh out loud something fierce.

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jeff is jamming the fuck out at these sick beats

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God forbid they stand to play this ;)

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Stand up and play you lazy Americans.

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the camera thing is clearly an effect just for the game...

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Halp! Whats the song at 10:56?

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@Nadafinga said:

" God forbid they stand to play this ;) "

in my book that's why Move beats Kinect, i like being fat hahaha
But yeah Ryan should do some tests (TESTED GUYS WHERE ARE YOU!?) before claiming anything about the camera or the PS3. I have used my Eye for years as my microphone in multiplayer and it is awesome and is better than a headset by far IMO. And my camera is pretty clear, and you can see videos where Eyepet the room is crisp and clear in the background. its probably a lighting thing. (they look like they are in a dark room). but also I would blame the game before the ps3 - i doubt the developer focused on the background image of you since its about the foreground more than the background. Its why some Kinect games blow, its not the Kinect as much as who is developing for it.
Also Ryan there is a focus adjuster on the camera itself, look at the red and blue dot, did you try to adjust it?? Its like a digital camera, micro and macro... you might be too far away and need to twist the focus!
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Nice view of the Kill Room there. Definitely seems like an interesting Move title.
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This QL was fun as hell.

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SKULLOMANIA demands a spot in MvC3.Shame on CAPCOM for forbidding one of their most popular characters, but you thought it would be cool to bring back T-Hawk eh?

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poor dolphin

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This game was made for stoners.

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the songs sound better when you mess up tracing the line a little

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this game would be much less fun without Jeff and ryan

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Best. Quicklook. Ever.

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get closer to daddy XD!

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So... this is just Osu! ? Okay.

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that's cool

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skelaton beats prisoner
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I actually dozed off during this QL....
Anyway, the PS Move looks like it has a lot of potential, even if I didn't like this particular game. It kinda acts very much as a mouse and that's always a good thing :)

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I gotta say, the challenge mode looks fun as hell. 
Not enough to make me get a move, but..still, fun.

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think i'll stick with photoshop :)

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Smoke 'em if you've got 'em!

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Lawl at their total synchronization while singing. They's on the same brainwave.

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Concept is interesting, but for a rhythm game the beats are decidedly un-fat.  It's too like, elevator music, or J. C. Penny's.

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Their sketch song sounds like Ethiopian music... really cool guys, thanks.

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The still image before pressing play makes me think Ryan and Jeff sextape. Oh god.

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Draw a penis.

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Love the Sharks appreciation!

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@jd3shaw said:

" the camera thing is clearly an effect just for the game... "

Yup. But the camera is also bad. Also, it isn't really an effect, it's just not focusing on the guys. Look at all the grain.
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Yeah, i thought he'd be a little smarter than to just say, "...cuz it sux."  

Also, the dolphin song rocks.

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10. Jeff really dig the beats

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This game looks kinda ill.  I like the sounds this game makes.

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I bet standing makes this game about 10 times easier.

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@HibikiRush:  I'm pretty sure that's not exactly what Ryan was referring to. It appears that most developers choose to use a low quality capture in game in order to conserve resources. And when Ryan refers to PS3, what he is really referring to is the poor implementation of the camera. I suspect that this particular game is using a really low res stream and using blur to cover that fact. I would also guess that the camera is not physically unfocused since that would probably impact the accuracy of the move. 
Anyway, that's just my guess from what I have heard here, and on the bombcast.
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Sitting the the dark doesn't help the graininess either. : / 
How many cheap low light cameras produce a good quality image in the dark? 
On another note, even I felt a tad uncomfortable, and I wasn't sitting on that couch.

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Proof that jeff is black. By the color of his neck. 

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Sketch Them Beats! Son.

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so its a party game meant to be played when youre drunk! gotcha!