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Hooray, another generic fighting game

EDIT: Hooray, finally got that quest.

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Who is this guy? Why does he get his own game?  *kinda looks like Trojan man* 
Or at least one with his name in it. *I dont watch MMA* 

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Looking forward to what EA and the UFC have coming.

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its a me, punchina guys in the-a face

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This looks embarrassing.

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Man... Stand-up looks like Street Fighter and the ground game looks like a hyper-speed version that would be impossible to control without just mashing buttons.

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somebody spent money on this.

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So, Game of the Year than.

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Is MMA Onslaught over the counter or prescribed?

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On the off chance that anybody actually cares, I can confirm that the Pitbulls are brothers, and Bellator isn't Canadian, but does do shows in Canada (I know, because they do most of those shows about five minutes from my house).

Also, yes, those boosts absolutely work online. I've faced someone with them equipped.

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Bella-tor? #teamjacob !!!

... also, making "Pitbull" fight against HIMSELF - that was DEEP, Jeff. But these kind of fighting games are so sweaty and homoerotic - I cannot handle this.

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Holding out for the Fellator game.

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In this corner Patricky "Pitbull" Klepeck!

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These developers worked on Mortal Kombat, actually. Vinny was right on!

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I'm sad that you actually spent money on this

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Man this games looks rough. I was sick of seeing ads for this game during the breaks in GT's E3 2012 coverage so glad that the game is awful

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Yep, this is definitely summer release material.

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Bellator: MMA Crap

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It's like the TNA compared to UFC's WWE

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This game looks terrible. Seems like a lot of MMA games are broken when it comes to submissions. Even the UFC games make it hard to get out of submissions sometimes. Also Bellator airs on Spike guys lol.

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I missed the part where the guy bit the other guy's nipple to cause "hemolactation". Also, Jeff is missing something for submissions, right? It can't be that bad.

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"I got an A...he got an A+..."

Wasn't there a Twizzler's ad back in the 90s with almost that EXACT exchange?

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I am gonna take a wild guess that this game is garbage.

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At least the loading screen music is pretty good.

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Not gonna lie, all this grappling looks like a bad porno.

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UFC 2009 is $11 new, and 2010 is $20 new. I'm going to say that either of those would probably be a better investment...

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@The_Laughing_Man said:

Who is this guy? Why does he get his own game? *kinda looks like Trojan man* Or at least one with his name in it. *I dont watch MMA*

bellator is a league not a person. They said it in the video

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@Pop said:

@The_Laughing_Man said:

Who is this guy? Why does he get his own game? *kinda looks like Trojan man* Or at least one with his name in it. *I dont watch MMA*

bellator is a league not a person. They said it in the video

*Points at Trojan man joke* 
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I'm loving all these Jeff and Vinny quick looks :)

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Ah where were you when the Freire brothers fought? I tried to forget.

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The submissions seem to depend entirely on who has more stamina, because that decides how full your submission meter is at the start.

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Love the telemundo joke - the only time I've seen Bellator fights it was on mun2

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Jeff is Bellator Rex!

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This looks kinda bad, also looked up Bellator on wiki and apparently Bellator is "The second largest MMA promotion in the USA"... huh.


"But then I'm like flashing red, in the danger zone myself."

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The way the submissions work in this game almost seems like the developer's direct response towards Jeff's statements about the submission mechanics in the Supremacy: MMA Quick Look. Except they've taken it to a hilariously distorted extreme as a joke.

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Wow, that clock is fairly moving.

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The submission makes this game look unplayable.

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They never showed the Mall stage.

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This just looks terrible.

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Between the MK fight announcer & the announcer calling out the player names which sounds like Vinny somewhat, gives it a little charm to it but it's too bad the gameplay is less than average looking.

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Everyone knows that all real fighting gets done at outdoor malls.

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oh jeez its the supremecy mma guys... these goons took 60 bucks of my money once for a piece of shit game, I feel that this one would be no different. As I watch I see the submissions are still foolish and the flash KOs are still crap. So it's supremecy mma with less violence and crap fighters. booo. I'll pass

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A Bellator game could have been something I'd have been interested in but fucking hell, the Supremacy MMA guys? What a terrible idea

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Pitbull on Pitbull fighting - A

Telemundo Joke - A+

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@Winsord said:

UFC 2009 is $11 new, and 2010 is $20 new. I'm going to say that either of those would probably be a better investment...

I don't know, the submission system on them both was pretty terrible. I'd say you'd be better with EA MMA if you don't want to cough up for this years UFC game

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Goddamn I just love Jeff and Vinny QL.