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That is one sexy outfit you have on there Little Red Riding Hood.

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I'm hungry.

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These guys worked on NOLF and NOLF2 is one of the best games ever made, so this should be ok. Also it's black and white which is cool =)

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Black Metal Simulator 2014

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Interesting look, havent heard of this yet

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Shogo you say. You have my attention.

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Black Metal Simulator 2014

Will buy it on that alone.

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talk to the ghost

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"You feel like you can see things you could not before."

"You feel like you can hear things you could not before."

"You feel like you can speak to things you could not before."

That's pretty good horror storytelling. 80% of horror is controlling expectation and digging up corpse pieces to suddenly understand that there's more going on than the natural world is horror goodness.

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- Brad Shoemaker

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Game looks neat as hell.

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"They've brought a cave trowel..."

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What the fuck, man?! Vinny was even joking about it and that was almost what happened.

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This game looks like crap on the youtube version of the quicklook. The youtube compression really doesn't like this games' art style.

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Holy shit this is set in Canada, Fort Henry is near Kingston, Ontario

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This looks really interesting. I'm gonna stop watching, and start playing.

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Disappointed with the killing. Wouldn't mind another exploitation game besides Miasmata. Oh, well. I'm in the video game minority.

The color sliders left a bad taste in my mouth. Reminiscent of focus groups, and for a game that seems more unconcerned with that sort of thing.

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I love how this game looks.

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Time till brad's first death. 5 minutes, 38 seconds.

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At first I was wondering why the soldiers sounded like wolves, but then I heard the goofy ass frying pan noise and stopped questioning the sound effects altogether. Although there is some great sound design in other places like that bell, the shadow world and even the wind sounds good.

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Best sound effect 2014

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What? What! What!! WHAT!?!!

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"Put some more arrows into that dude..." *Katang!* I had tears in my eyes from laughing.

The style reminds me of M. Night Shyamalan's movie, The Village. Guess it's taking some visual cues from that, with the use of black & white and even the flourishes of red.

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I see colors everywhere...

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@corruptedevil: According to the Steam page it is set at the Fort Henry in Virginia. Which is weird, because I thought Fort Henry was in Tennessee. Guess that Henry dude got around.

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I seem to be in the minority in thinking that this game looks boring.

@sixpin said:

@corruptedevil: According to the Steam page it is set at the Fort Henry in Virginia. Which is weird, because I thought Fort Henry was in Tennessee. Guess that Henry dude got around.

Pretty sure the Fort Henry that was in Tennessee no longer exists, as that area is now a lake.

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I'm pretty sure I heard that sound effect a thousand times in Looney Tunes.

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Looks like Skyrim. And the coin picking up sound sounds like the coin tossing sound in Creed.

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@blackpuddytat: The Village isn't exactly the first to do that style (Schindler's List comes to mind with the red lady), and even some video games have been done in this style before. So I'm not sure if it's a direct influence or not.

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@village_guy said:

I see colors everywhere...

She like a rainbow.

I like this game. I'm sold. May quit here at the 1/2 mark.

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the end of video reveal.... so much spoilers!

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@theinnkeeper: Can't say I like the harsh monochromatic visuals and I think the color/contrast adjustment options are proof that I'm not alone here. They might have even come about from internal debate. However, as crazy as it might seem, I think giving players more options is always a good thing. Even if it means making some compromises, but remember that this is optional.

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A flute!

Seems nifty. I was expecting a more horror focused thing and less with the random RPG mechanics and shooting and killing stuff, but it does manage to stay pretty creepy.

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@sixpin: well that's dissapointing, so far the only good game set in Canada i've found is Scott Pilgrim

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Is Brad afraid to narrate text dialogue, or something.

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Hot damn... that twist ending.

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oh god the final 6 minutes had me rolling

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And now imagine if Dark Souls II had this kind of shadow play...

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That sound effect at 41 mins, mein gott.

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Why would you not explore outside the fort in the 'other world' mode...

Also, I'm sure they just added the colour mode because people complained, but it's clearly not how you're supposed to play the game. I mean you can just crank up the gamma in most horror games to the point where everything is bright as day as well, but that's not how you'll actually want to play.

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I know I have heard Brads ringtone a million times, I know I have played the game, but I have no idea where it comes from. Can anybody help.

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@shtinky: Narrating text is more for solo playthroughs imo.

Anyways, crazy that they included that "color slider". I'm not a big fan of that.

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That sound effect and last 7 minutes had me laughing so hard, great looking game can't wait to get it myself!