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Also, probably pretentious as all get-out. Very excited.

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Les fantômes ne peuvent pas manger.

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vinny has the best french

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Ce jeu a l'air intéressant. Je suppose que je dois regarder cette vidéo pour voir de quoi il s'agit...

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Vous avez (248) nouveaux messages.

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Jéff DeGerstt

Edit: Vinny's French accent is amazing.

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Pantalon serpent.

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Great break in the Quick look from the Microsoft Narrator (which needs to have the text to speech from the mac where you can have a variety of voices/pitch settings). Good to get Thomas in on this brand of madness who probably wasn't prepared for Vinny's take on French.

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Jéff Gourstmond

Vincent Carvellé

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Finally some more high brow action

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zut alors! and other french things.

you need more swarthy european accents on the quicklooks

Posted by Oni

My body can't even muster up enough snark to deal with this. Pretentious doesn't even begin to cover it.

Posted by laxbro19

Giantbomb.com. Home to casually racist French accents.

Posted by Sanj

OMG!!! Je me demande combien de gens vont copier et coller ce texte dans un site de traduction pour voir pourquoi il ya tant de points d'exclamation!!!!!!!!!

Cette information est totalement inutile!!!!!

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Coolies, I've been interested in seeing what this "game's" deal is.

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This is the David Cage of video games.

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God, I love the way that French sounds.

My favorite French phrase is "Je m'en fous"

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This game is actually really interesting when you're familiar with the work of Marguerite Duras.

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Jeff's French accent was just as good as the French guy's French accent!

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So, how do you actually pronounce Vînny and Jéff?

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This is why I love Giant Bomb.

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Jeff's French accent was just as good as the French guy's French accent!

Strange how that works, eh?

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"We weren't dating, we were carbon-dating".

That was awful.

Thank you Vinny.

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That was amazing. I want to hear more from French Thomas at some point.

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@sanj: You sir, are a bastard!

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@mooseymcman said:

Les fantômes ne peuvent pas manger.

Is that an excerpt from the highly anticipated sequel to Les Problèmes Fantômes Plus?!

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Thomas did a fantastic job in this quick look.

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Vinny - 'Do you they have a lot of baguettes in France?'
Me - 'I'm out!'

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French sounds pretty cool, great job Thomas!

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@Sanj: T'es vraiment un français ?

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Les fantômes ne peuvent pas manger.

Les Lego devraient-ils parler ?

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Omlette du fromage.

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It's a game atmosphere like this where if something just pounced on me and killed about 10 minutes in it would scare the shit out of me.

Posted by Sanj

@Sanj: T'es vraiment un français ?

Non, haha. J'utilise une combinaison de google translate et certaines choses dont je me souviens de l'école secondaire.

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Thomas awesome!

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inb4 the 'i-don't-know-what-pretentious-means-but-i'm-gonna-use-it-anyway-even-though-it's-wrong' squad. Oh... I see I'm too late.

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Is Vinny playing Liv Ullmann or is Liv Ullmann playing Vinny?

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Ubi or not ubi, that is the question?

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Parlez-vous Francais?

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@sanj: Oh got ya! Your sentence construction was pretty convincing. Guess Google translate is more competent than a few years ago.

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Glad Jeff sat in on this one. This is totally his kind of game.

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Pretty great QL.

"Is this an accurate representation of the male/female dynamic in France?"