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Posted by buwchbach

I loved the first one.

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Good thing I already have that quest, otherwise I might have screamed "SO CLOSE"
The game looks great, really into it
Does the video frameskip for anyone else?

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Man, just Jeff saying that made me nostalgic. Love Bionic Commando. I even kind of enjoyed the crazy 08 one. Can't wait to play this. NO JUMPING.

Posted by TheKing

Wife rearmed.

Posted by SpaceDandie

I was promised a Brad and got a Vinny...what a pleasant surprise!

Posted by captainslender

Playing Bionic Commando on the NES as a child scared me because I literally had no idea what I was supposed to do.

Posted by Meltac

The first one is still one of my favorite downloadable games, so I hope this will be just as good, even though I have my doubts... and I'm totally going to disable the jumping feature!

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The music in this game is amazing, the same  goes for BCR 1 aswell as the retail game

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These games bring back so many memories.

Posted by gunstar

First thing I do when I turn on this game is disable jump

Posted by ZeForgotten

Brad sounds different

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Loving the swedish injokes. "Hagle breaker". Swenglish ftw. Also This quick look is powered by Simon Viklund.

Posted by BeachThunder

This actually looks pretty good :o
Also, the menu looks great.

Posted by MjHealy

You damn fools!
Bought the first game on sale, never really got into it. To be fair, I didn't really give it much of a go.

Posted by damswedon

Wait is that Fidel Castro?

Posted by buft

I was going to get this when I thought the coop was online, its a shame it isn't. I'm not sure if it will be worth it now

Posted by Jeffk38uk

Never played much of the first bionic commando rearmed, but loved the soundtrack, and it looks like I'll be looking for the music to this game too.
And play it when I get the chance.

Posted by Soap

This game looks cool, I tried the first Rearmed and just couldn't handle the lack of jumping (having never played the original) maybe this will be a bit better for me. 

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Posted by leejunfan83

now I want a Flashback remake

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

Not a real Bionic Commando fan, but I've been eagerly anticipating this QL, especially since the last Happy Hour. Hey Jeff, how are the challenge rooms doing for you? ;)

Posted by Rox360

This looks damn sweet. Also, hell yeah hagelbrakare!

Posted by wrecks
@ZeForgotten said:
" Brad sounds different "
Posted by kalmis

Awesome music. Will probably pick up this when its on sale one day.

Posted by Rockanomics

Waaaa IwantthisforPCsoBAAAD!

Posted by VierasTalo

I seriously loved the first on the PC. Can't wait to actually JUMP as well.

Posted by sergeantz

Spencer has the quintessential 80's face.
Posted by Duffyside

Have the HD videos been loading slowly for anyone else?

Posted by Khessed

lmao... "Club Explod". Wonder if they'll ever get sick of that joke.

Posted by JackSukeru

Is it weird that I got bothered by how much Jeff jumped while playing? Then again maybe the changes to the swinging encourages you to jump more? 
I dunno, will definetly pick this up and try to be as conservative in my jumping as possible, I think I'll enjoy it more that way.

Posted by Scribbly

Looks great, I may have to get it after I finish Rearmed 1 :P

Posted by gbrading

Looks quite solid. Certainly a whole different league to that other Bionic Commando game that came out a short while back. I agree with Jeff that they probably want to just forget about that.
Posted by Onigenko

I loved the first Rearmed, so I'm pretty hype for this.

Posted by Brackynews
@RockmanBionics said:
" Is it weird that I got bothered by how much Jeff jumped while playing?"
Is it weird that I got hot and bothered?
Posted by Agent47
@damswedon: No silly it's General Sabio.
Posted by JohnPaulVann

This game is not truly 2D

Posted by AuthenticM

Brad's voice seems different...

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I'm not feeling it. Wish I did. Absolutely adored the first one, perhaps too much... 
I really hope it sells to expectations though, it seems like a solid piece of software.

Posted by fox01313

Looks damn good & some better mechanics make it look quite fun.   
Hate to be the leader of that country though when he finds out that most of his army was defeated only because Rad was crouched down & shooting a gun.

Posted by Dexter345

Sometimes watching these is infuriating, because it's like, "Yeah, you probably could have done that thing that you said you couldn't," or "maybe you should have just shot that exploding barrel instead of trying to jump over it."  I guess I just play games differently than one would to record a Quick Look.

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Lol ....PsychX Nvidia support on the 360 ? Well no doubt their going to release this on the pc aswell then.

Posted by mrsmiley

"HHHNGGG my movie career!" 
aah i love vinnie.

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Looks fun! I like how the guys sort of just flop off the buildings when you whack them.

Posted by allenibrahim

Jeff seems REALLY into this game! Also, does anybody else think Brubaker looks exactly like Ed Harris? It's weird.

Posted by Aeterna
@Duffyside said:
" Have the HD videos been loading slowly for anyone else? "
They did last week though for me.
Posted by 234r2we232

Like the first game, I'm gonna end up buying this and never finishing it :(

Posted by Grissefar
@SQUIDS said:
" I'm not feeling it. Wish I did. Absolutely adored the first one, perhaps too much...  I really hope it sells to expectations though, it seems like a solid piece of software. "
Definately getting it, but I agree. The first one seemed to have shorter, more varied missions and more tricky enemy placemnts. This one still seems heck of fun though.