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Posted by brocool


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rofl, n1. video

this game is psycho

Posted by Jiquk

Looks good!

Posted by Osiris

lol, rad game :)

Posted by manicproblematic

ha crazy!

Posted by DrewBruschi

hell yeah

Posted by LifeByDegrees

This actually looks very good- a lot like the new Space Invader game- but with Pong.
Kind of wish it had more tracks/versions. Maybe they'll offer free DLC?

Posted by Dauragon

That intro music is Move to Intercept - Bit Shifter.

It's incredibly odd hearing that in a videogame since i've had it on my ipod for a while. haha

Posted by Depth

Woah awesome

Posted by Derios

Dude that game is mesmerizing.

Posted by Kalamoosess

Trippy...wow, at first I kinda thought what a crap game, jeeze. But now, I'm kinda thinkin the same....I dunno..
Just Looks repetitive and slow and almost got me fallin asleep.

Posted by Fastshot

This game look meh from the get go... nt atullay too bad

Posted by FlipperDesert

Damn, that looks hard. Interesting, though.

Posted by MasterSplinter

This game definitely causes seizures.

Posted by EvilDingo

That game look awesome... and trippy... it's trippy awesome!

Posted by Dalai

I only tried it out for a few minutes yesterday, but holy crap that looks like it gets hard.

Can't wait for the next one, Bit.Trip: Totally Beat: Totally Party.

Posted by Geno

The sad thing is this probably pushes the Wii to its graphical limits.

Posted by Krenor

this was a short quick look, still fun though

Posted by Zuul

signecuet asje adumen vestugi setj meh

Posted by erinfizz

I love pong...so this sure seems like something I must own. Ages ago, I even used to own a dedicated pong system, a Bentley, until some kids my mother was babysitting jumped up and down on it and broke it's fine simulated wood grain box and both controllers.

...off to see how many Wii points I have...

Posted by Kohe321

Hah this is awesome!

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Lets go Shadermodel 2 and some sweet music

Posted by CoolDrMoney

That looks awesome

Posted by albedos_shadow

Holy crap, that looks hard.

Posted by HT101

This is another game that you shouldn't play high as you would melt your brain.

Posted by JoelTGM

cool game.

Posted by Death_Unicorn


Posted by MCXCI

Dude! That game looks amazing! It makes me want to dig out my Wii!

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Posted by artofwar420

That actually looks fun.

Posted by Landmine

Game looks kinda cool. Ron Silver was a good actor, he will be missed.

Posted by Zatoichi_Sanjuro

I put in TFU : The Fuckest Uppest.

Posted by luvcraft

wow, this game looks terrible. :(

Posted by Meowayne

Bit.Trip Beat has gotten excellent reviews, btw.

Posted by RenegadeSaint

This actually looks kind of awesome.

Posted by FlappyHands

Haha this loosk pretty sweet, If I had a Wii I think I would have to buy it.

Posted by AllanIceman

Wow, cool game, might pick it up. Never would have seen it otherwise.

Posted by strangeling

Looks like you really need to use your 2D-shooter skills for this game.

I'm gonna go with what Jeff said.  Seems like a good game, but not terribly fun to play.
Posted by GeekDown

I think this would be better as an iPhone game...

Edited by Death_Burnout

Another 3 player quick look, awesome!

This actually looks awesome, some neat original ideas there too.

Posted by LordAndrew

It looks pretty cool, the explosions and flashiness hurts my eyes.
I prefer Pong mode.

Posted by Reverseface


Posted by Iruriyu

Is Gajin Games the same as Gajin Entertainment?

Posted by creamclouds

phsycodelic dduuudde

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fascinating how low tech games like this can make you completely transfixed!

Posted by killdave

Not sold

Posted by Dragonseer

You guys should do some kind of retro flashback every now and again

Posted by Kazona

what's with all the games that look like games we know, except on an acid trip?

Posted by zoozilla

Purty awesome.

I like this "old-school renaissance" thing going on.

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