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@Osaladin said:
" Maybe you can try to not hit the second speed boost, and then you won't be going so fast that you can't jump. "
They aren't actually speed boosts. They just add another layer to the music and the trail behind Commander Video.
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" Well, Ryan, you fuck up, and no one gives you shit.  You picking up what I'm putting down? "
I think Ryan's optimism prevents that.
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@Haze: Yes. Wolf Parade!
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@TigerDX: Yep sure is anamanaguchi. I saw them at PAX east and they were awesome! Their music goes great with retro style games.
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@Shibbles said:
" Ryan's Inferno 2.0 "
My thoughts exactly.
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I want to buy this game right now to do the stairs.

Posted by dvdwalker8

This game does not look fun but Vinny's inappropriate comments totally make it worth watching.
Posted by Shimastu

Nice. Lad Ass Hat.

Posted by BionicSheep

i love how quickly ryan can recite the alphabet backwards.  somebody has clearly been pulled over a few times. :P

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@Roomrunner said:
" I want to buy this game right now to do the stairs. "
It's really not as hard as they make it out to be. You just have to press jump again right as you land. Also, it helps to zone out and try to pay as much attention to the music as you do the visuals.
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Did he just wank off a little?
Posted by RTSlord

if it was brad doing this instead of ryan, people would be screaming on these comments. but when ryan dies a lot, THERES NOTHING. CUT BRAD SOME SLACK
Posted by DannyJ

Harmony Harmony

Posted by Dethfish

Hilarious quick look. Vinny proves, yet again, that he is the man.

Posted by Vykrel

lol when he punched in CNT i thought he was trying to make it look like the C-word.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

All these bit.trip games look really awesome. But also all look pretty hard.

Posted by freakin

It bears pointing out, that those jumps Ryan and Vinny are having trouble with... aren't even hard at all to do.

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@Vykrel said:
" lol when he punched in CNT i thought he was trying to make it look like the C-word. "
Well... he obviously was, but possibly not the C-word you're thinking of ;)
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I want to try again.

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CNT...Oh god I laughed. Ever since that one podcast

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I want these bit trip games on a dvd... i refuse the wii for dlc as its tied to your wii and not a profile. so if your wii breaks u loose all u bought.
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Holy bits, I can slide forever!

Posted by ThisCrab

Oh hello Anamanaguchi.  How are you today?

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LOL, "running through the Castro"

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Getting stuck at the stairs made me want to smash my non-existent controller.  

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Pahaha, "CNT".

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@DiGiTaL_SiN:  That has just put me off pepsi for life lol
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I'd play the fuck out of this if it came out on XBLA... pretty sure it'd end up costing me a controller though.
 Vinny said 'wanking'!?
That's the first time I've ever heard an american use that word and it not sound wrong.

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I wanna try again!

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Lol, you guys suck at this game.

Posted by Jeremy_x

"Did he just wank off a little bit?" - classic, Vin.
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This is game is super fun. Really addictive too.

Posted by Romination

I was hoping Anamanaguchi had made new songs for this...doesn't look like it.

Posted by Capum15

Pretty funny QL.

Posted by MrNood1e

hahahaha, "F me running." 
The game looks great. Seems very addictive.

Posted by golguin

Just saw the youtube trailer for this and it looks like it gets REALLY crazy.

Posted by Darkstar614

Game is a lot of fun, but can also be extremely frustrating in the later levels. There aren't any checkpoints, if you run into something you go back to the beginning of the level. But some of the later abilities(the ones past this quick look) are a lot of fun to use and listen to.

Posted by Korosive

Oh God. Anamanaguchi.... I'm a big fan.... Wish I had a wii...

Posted by GilbertMordinAndSullivan

It probably helped that I watched this first, but I just bought this and got past that step-jumping bit they were stuck on forever on my first try. 
Rhythm, gentlemen. Talking while playing probably makes that really hard to keep up with.

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Did anyone else notice that when they viewed the credits the second and third place spelled out ASS and HAT?

Posted by Meowayne

I can't believe they can't even hit (2) three times in the rhythm of the music. Did they even GET that this is a rhythm game?

Posted by Meowayne

Fuck, I watched it through to the end and I need this game now.

Posted by liako21

looks addicting. 

Posted by dbz1995

Ryan: Fuck me running

Posted by El_Derrico

When Vinny said "I'm pregnant" at the beginning of the video, I couldn't stop laughing. I had to restart it.

Posted by Subject2Change

Once I get a Wii i'll be sure to pick this up. Seems fun and frustrating, like an Atari 2600 version of Demon's Souls.

Posted by RLLink

Why does this remind me of that snow level on Megaman 8? 
"Jump jump" 
"Slide slide"

Posted by MacEG

Vinny should play more. Their would be less dying.