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Posted by ConVox

@wolfgame: It took all of 30 seconds to drop into Innsmouth, so yeah, they're wearing Lovecraft on the sleeve.

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@igniz12 said:

So wonderfully 90s. Like Loaded and Twisted Metal got into a 3some with Killing Time.

Ha, spot on.

I hafta admit that despite the jank and unintentionally surreal animations, I kinda like the look of this. I'm always up for a game that's this hellishly macabre and weird.

Posted by BenderUnit22

The horror part is that it costs 20 bucks. This seems like one of those games you'd have to pay me to play it to make it worth my time.

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Well, if nothing else, at least the teddie bear in the main menu was kind of cute...

Posted by GermanBomber

My biggest issue here is the price, 20 bucks is asking a bit much...for this. I'm also not a fan of the top down view, that just seems like a bad idea to me, for this kind of game. It's not TERRIBLE, I've seen worse horror adventure games, but I've also seen better horror games that were completely free.

Posted by huser

A horror game where you were some cartoonishly powerful and violent killer...that was still afraid of the true monsters out there seemed interesting.

Posted by JA050N

Dear Diary,

Today I started off the morning by looking at a monster's anus.

The end.

Posted by Corey1984

Where is the video?

Posted by Giganteus

I was eating at the beginning of this. Not wise.

Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

When did the moon from Majora's Mask get it's own game?

Posted by Dynamitekyle

Seems like whoever made this had a vision in mind and stuck to it, and I'm all for that.

Posted by AjayRaz

that is one of the best thumbnails ever

Posted by MachoFantastico

"that humongous of an anus" - Alex Navarro 2014.

Posted by heatDrive88

This quite possibly might be the worst video game I've ever seen.

Posted by LiK

Adventure game?! I would love a Vinny Premium stream where he plays through this.

Posted by RetroVirus

That is quite possibly the worst lantern in a game ever.


I can't speak to the quality of the Quick Look, but that has got to be thumbnail of the year. Christ

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Finally, a sequel to Arkham Asylum.

Edit: I'm getting some strong ILLBLEED vibes from this, aside from a few things the game actually seems pretty funny.

Posted by Elwoodan

Man, this isn't a good game by any stretch but I am enthralled by its janky-ass animation.

Posted by anbilow

happy birfday, dough

Posted by Rabidlamb

Probably not on the top 5 bays list...

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This game is something special. I'd watch Vinny play through the whole thing.

Posted by ShaggE

I... kind of want to play this. It looks terrible, and almost embarrassingly "90s XTREEEME" but... I think I kind of like that about it. It just looks so dumb.

Posted by Askherserenity

I don't usually hate games, no matter how bad they are...but I really hate this game and I haven't even played it. Oh god. Poor Vinny. Can't believe he played this for that long.

Posted by DeviTiffany

I'm with Vinny more on this. This doesn't looks like a good game, but I actually want to see the story through. It looks really interesting to me.

Posted by mjbrune

This actually doesn't seem half bad to me. I mean certainly not 20 dollars but like maybe 5. 10 if it's been a while and I still haven't picked it up and that's the lowest it's going to go. The game does some interesting things. The puzzles seem like stuff I wouldn't figure out right away but would eventually get. A good mid challenge. I'd say if you're a game designer a lot shown here is useful information. I love the perspective change which is a strong challenge to get right. They didn't do half bad on it either. The scenes like the teddy chase would have played and felt completely different.

Posted by teh_destroyer

"I am more terrified about you raising your voice." Lol Alex.

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For the record too, the Steam page actually does market this game as a comedy so I'm pretty sure a lot of this isn't meant to be taken seriously.

Posted by Tordah

I'm kind of impressed by how everything about this game makes it seem as if it was released in 1995.

Also, dat thumbnail.

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

.....Well I, for one, find this game really interesting.

Posted by Fuzzy_Dunlop

Why..... why does this look like it came out in '98?

Posted by Sweetz

It's very easy to say your not scared of something when sitting in a well lit room with one of the world's most jovial dudes at your side.

This game seems a lot more interesting than I would expect looking at its Steam page.

Posted by Reisz

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. .

Vinny, you need to stop working so hard.

Posted by Bombzinski

thoughs eyes

Posted by AMyggen

I agree that this at least looks...interesting, in a way. But no, there's no way I'm paying $20 for this.

Good QL though!

Posted by HassaniSabbah

This looks approximately one hundred thousand times more interesting than Pineview Drive, I'll give it that.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

I thought Drew and Dan were playing the PS1 games.

Posted by synthesis_landale

Soooo... This is what happens to the kid in Among the Sleep when he grows up?

Posted by Existence

I'm with Vinny- I kinda want to see how this game goes. Not for $20, though.

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@kumis said:

I can't be the only one who sees a similarity here, can I? Also, childhood ruined!

Fuck. That's what it reminds me of. Gordon especially, who happens to be my favourite D:

Posted by mrcraggle

Why..... why does this look like it came out in '98?

8 bit had its time.

Posted by Stimpack

You know what? It has personality.

Posted by PoisonJam7
Posted by OneKillWonder_

I haven't even watched this yet, but I was taking a drink when the thumbnail loaded and almost spit water all over the place.

Posted by bhlaab

The hardcore cynic in me believes that the first person horror-themed chapter is in there so pewdiepie etc will play/market it

Posted by Corwag

I appreciate Vinny pre-playing this game before doing the quick look instead of recording the first pass at it. Getting stuck on some of those obtuse puzzles would have made this quick look ultra hard to watch all the way through.

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Posted by wemibelec90

@krathoon said:

What was that other disturbing hospital game? It was on the DS. It was an example of a better executed version of something like this. I'll dig around.

Edit: Ah. I found it. It is this:


Or Sanitarium, an even better asylum-based adventure game from the 90s. That game actually pulls off this idea (minus the comedy) pretty damn well.

Posted by Luck702

A sane person would not make this game.

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