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Dear god, I am positively terrified!

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supposedly this game is a comedic adventure game with inspirations from Hp Lovecraft... let's find out

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Uhhhhhh... Genuinely terrified to click play.

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Happy Sunday morning everyone!

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That looks like Jeff after E3

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That thumbnail

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This game and Metro Last Light both have wall people. Where's the wall people concept page?! <jk>

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Whaaat even is any of this

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Vinny workin extra hours on weekends!

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Well, this is an "interesting" video of an "interesting" game.

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Oh... the colon...

I was eating :(

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no thanks

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Am I wrong in thinking that the horror genre is meant to be horrifying? It seems like people lump "scary" into horror a lot. Now, "spooky" is a genre name I could get behind.

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That dude's face... That is not the kind of "badass serial killer" face I'd expect.

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This is going to be a great start to my morning!

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@donuts said:

This is going to be a great start to my morning!

Yup, grab your oatmeal and enjoy!

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So wonderfully 90s. Like Loaded and Twisted Metal got into a 3some with Killing Time.

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The cut scenes seems like something that fell of out of the 90's early cd-rom era

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First person with a super wobbly camera... Man, this looks like such a good QL but I don't know if I can watch it without getting sick.

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This reminded me of the 90s and the PS1/PS2 era, and maybe first person view games on PC from that time. Favorable reviews on Steam. It may be worth trying.

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I can't be the only one who sees a similarity here, can I? Also, childhood ruined!

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I can't be the only one who sees a similarity here, can I? Also, childhood ruined!

Omg it really really does. Also I Love you Vinny your insane.

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Bizarre is all I can say. It strongly conveys the message that making games is not easy.

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"continue your throbbing"

Another great line from a GBeast quicklook.

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The mirrored number thing was too obvious.

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Those names in the credits are Swedish names, I bet that's where this game came from.

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Dammit Vinny! You should stop digging wherever you find these stuff!

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From the picture, I was totally expecting this to be a Quick Look Throwback of a PS1 game.

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@gkhan said:

Those names in the credits are Swedish names, I bet that's where this game came from.

Also, the developer name ends in AB, which is a company form in Sweden. So I bet you're right!

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This game is like flipping through some sad, smelly, emotionally unhealthy high school kid's sketchbook. It's overall unpleasant, and I just feel sad for the person who made it.

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Everyone, especially @alex needs to take a look at the creator's showreel:

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Honestly thought that face was a horror version of Tomas the Tank Engine...

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Going to side with Alex with this one... just not getting any of it.

If it's someones first game or whatever, good on them for doing it though, it's a learning experience to complete a project and as confusing as it is, at least one Vinny enjoyed something about it.

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What did I just watch? It was awesome

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god damn i love this website

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Yeah, this is totally bad but also some kind of satire?

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Scariest. Thumbnail. Ever.

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Guys, I think we found Frog Fractions 2.

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I was never one to like this kind of over the top hell horror, but like Vinny I oddly want to see this game through. Just not for 20 bucks...YouTube it is then.

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I love Vinny as much as everyone, but he needs to work on his memory.

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Oh god that opening scene.... fuck vinny I was eating

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These random games, man.

I'll give the BEAST this, they're certainly not predictable.

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@krathoon said:

What was that other disturbing hospital game? It was on the DS. It was an example of a better executed version of something like this. I'll dig around.

Edit: Ah. I found it. It is this:


Oh god young Patrick in the 1UP video review:

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I came here with a killer hangover, and I walked away a changed man, but still hungover.

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Yeah. That is only 7 years ago. Wow.

That was when 1UP was artsy.

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@krathoon: i think steam has an hd version of that one now

edit: is number 2 and i recommend that if you want it get now since it is only 1.99