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Posted by DerekDanahy

Ready for this!

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Here is an edited post that I could not have written in the seconds that it took to get this spot!

Posted by NJQ


Posted by GioVANNI

This looks pretty cool.  The lack of an iron sight is sort of shitty, though.

Posted by ProfessorEss

I've been waiting for this Quicklook.
...unfortunately I'm in a phone meeting right now so it'll have to wait :(
I've heard a lot about the "no iron sites" but as I play more L4D than anything I don't think it'll bother me.

Posted by AlwaysAngry
@GioVANNI said:
" This looks pretty cool.  The lack of an iron sight is sort of shitty, though. "
You can get red dot sites and stuff though, so iron sites won't be your primary anyway.
Posted by brodywb

I downloaded the demo to this, but I could never get into a game. After a while I just gave up.

Posted by bobstarz


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you can get cod4 goty for 18 dollars on amazon. jeff is right. but thats just for the 360. others are 20+ 
but this game still looks generic and i shall not be purchasing

Posted by thirteenyahs

Why is there an ODST in this game...
Posted by TheMasterDS

Eh, TF2 is 20 dollars. Any 15 dollar downloadable multiplayer game has to measure up to that far as I'm concerned.

Posted by PoppaKyle

Sweet quicklooks.
Posted by Crushed

It looks kinda like a mod. Like those dime-a-dozen sci-fi deathmatch HL2 mods.

Posted by JacDG

YES YES AND OH YES! Still not sure if I'll buy the game, but watching the guys play it should be just as entertaining.

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Something about the speed of the controls feels rather odd, a little to fast and at times a little to slow. 
Feels pretty generic, even with super cool digital grenades.  
Graphically, don't think it looks much worse then what Modern Warfare 2 looked. 

Posted by Hockeymask27

Been playing the demo. Its alright. I love the feeling of how long it takes to die. Its not to fast or to long.

Posted by nickux

Generally, I've been able to see the brighter side of in-game advertising so long as it works within the context of the game. But those Dr. Pepper ads are downright ridiculous. 

Posted by TheChaos

Bad textures are bad.

Posted by Ravenousrattler

in the future, your only choice will be Dr. Pepper

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I like them gun mods! i am relatively interested in this game. I'd rather have the PC version any day.

Posted by CornBREDX

seems alright. I might get this when it comes to steam.
Posted by m0nk3y80y

I played the demo and I have to say I'm not really digging this game. When are we going to great a really good futurist shooter?

Posted by get2sammyb

(Kinda want this.)

Posted by MagikGimp

You can totally hear the new office in these new office videos; gonna have to get used to the echo oh oh.

Posted by GioVANNI

I would rather 15 bucks for this than 5 maps for MW2.

Posted by Sjupp

Tango is a name for an enemy, not the name for an enemy of a specifik faction.

Posted by ESREVER
@m0nk3y80y said:
" I played the demo and I have to say I'm not really digging this game. When are we going to great a really good futurist shooter? "
I thought the Tribes series was a pretty good futuristic shooter. UT isn't bad. 
I might actually look into this game for PC. I need a new competitive FPS. Never cared for MW, and with the recent update to CSS killing the game for me, I may actually get this. I also like the look and the sound of the guns. And the trinkets are a nice touch. 
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Played the demo a couple hours and the shooting feels good. The controls are nice and I like the distorted, future robot clone vibe to it. It seems like pretty good value considering how deep the gun customisation is.
Also, you guys have to fix the technical issues in quicklooks. It was pretty obvious that your screen cut out a few times and you get a few seconds of noise in the backround of Vinny or Drew scrambling to plug stuff in. These aren't live, so why not just shoot it again or edit the mess out.

Posted by BlazeHedgehog

I like Left4Dead's solution to the red cross situation. It's a white cross inside of a red circle.

Posted by Moridin

Played the demo, really wasn't feeling it. The game is ugly, the interface is ugly, shooting felt funny. I don't know.

Posted by Damian

Goddamn .commies

Posted by beeryayghost

I want a three man job!

Posted by akeripper

kinda yes but nor really......ill just go back to mw... steamsales ftw

Posted by metalrader
@Ravenousrattler said:
" in the future, your only choice will be Dr. Pepper "
That is not a bad thing.
Posted by MetalGearSunny


Posted by BulletproofMonk

Looks very uninteresting.

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omg tell me they no about the special visor thing. Tell me they use know about the one "unique" thing in the game!
edit: oh good he just used it

Posted by Timing

Can't believe Jeff didn't notice or mention K4rn4ge was playing during that second game. That's the guy who's always one of the few people on Jeff's friend list with actual high scores for Game Room games, as evidenced by the Game Room Quick Looks.

Posted by ThePilgrums

Keychains changing your weapon's stats? Is this Kingdom Hearts: The FPS? That's an odd choice....

Posted by TheAdmin

Oh cool! A budget shooter... with in game ads... I hate when it's just ugly ad placement. Pass.

Edited by Olivaw

I don't know, I'm kind of feeling this game.
I like it's aesthetic, and the weapon customization looked a lot deeper than Modern Warfare 2's, although it looks like they're not using perks and are relying solely on customizing your weapons and such for your loadouts.
If this is fifteen bucks on PC, I think I'll get it!
EDIT: Hold the phone, it says on their website it's for Games for Windows Live. FUCK THAT NOISE.

Posted by GoodAssLettuce

You know who loves Digi-grenades and digi-snacks, Bobby Digital

Edited by Shimastu

Lol I do like the line "Looks good for the price." And  honestly I think the game is great. I mean right now it doesn't compare to big name titles, but it can still be a decent game even good diversion if you get tired of being Marathon/ Akimbo Shotgun all day. Also for the sights. From personal experience about level 15 is when you get a majority of the smg,sniper, and assault rifle sights so it's not like you have to wait that long from the beginning.
Ps I found out that the symbols do have meaning
From top to bottom it is Accuracy, Movement Speed, and Weapon Recoil.

Posted by Aeterna

fps's on consoles.. sigh. 
It's so painful to see.

Posted by yruluis

For professional video game reviewers, they're not very good at playing them. I found the health station in the first and only match. I expect more.

Posted by zaglis

Looks like a 15$ UT3 mod...OH.

Posted by Nickness534

This game had so much potential. Oh well. Back to Battlefield.

Posted by JayCee

Hey, a banner ad! Good job guys, way to get some cash coming in the door.

Posted by Bones8677

Doesn't look bad, but the game is just bland. I kinda got interested when the video started, but it just went down from there. meh.

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